Sunny: Pranaam,swamiji.. yajurveda 8-10 agne patnivansajurdevena twastha somam pib swaha ll prajapati vrishoshi retodi reto mayi dehi prajapathesthe vrishno retodasho retodhamasiya ll
Its the english transliteration of the actual sanskrit verse verse talks about married couple thats all it says is that oh husband and wife imbibe good qualities, appreciate the essence of god around you, be viruous- and u will be rewarded by children with good qualities ..par swamiji isme ladka ,ladki ko shaadi se pehle ek doosre kodildene ,sharirk sambandh sthapit karne se toh iswar ne nahi roka..
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Mantra, you have quoted is related only with married life and wife inspires her husband to increase family. No doubt, family life must be God fearing and there are several other mantras which preach humans to worship God but in this mantra the said preach does not exist. In the whole mantra, wife inspires her husband as told above. So, why you think about the previous life of your wife i.e., before marriage. You must excuse her as Manusmriti preaches about eleven divine qualities of the dharma, out of which one is kshma i.e., forgiveness.

Sunny: Yajurved clearly states that a girl or a boy must never give her or his heart to opposite sex and must never even touch each other before marriage i.e., when marriage is fixed and performed completely thereafter only they can meet. So sins create sorrows..yeh swamiji yajurved k kis mantra mein likha hai..8/10 ka jo mere pass translation hai usmetohkuch aur hi likha hai..sahi authentic english swamiji kahan se mil saktey hai?aapka mere sawaalon k jawaab dena ka bohat bohat dhanya waad..pranaamswamiji.sadar charan sparsh
Swami Ram Swarup: You are again talking about unmarried life which is of no use at this juncture. Aapka sawaal lengthy hai aur yahaan answer nahi diya ja sakta, isliye main aapko advise karta hooon ki aap meri book “ Brahmacharay Dukh Nivarak Divya Manni” manga ke padein ya Swami Dayanandji kee Yajurved mein likhe mantra 8/10 kee vyakhya padein.