Shobhan: Swamiji, Greetings in the name of God,Christ Jesus proclaims for Himself that “I am the way, the truth and the life no one comes to the Father(God)except through me”. How do you react with that? You can not say it as false without verifying it. For verification you will need to go through His life/mission/teachings.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, I’ve studied holy book several times and in the holy Bible, it has been mentioned that Jesus is the way, the truth, the life and no one comes to God except through him. Similarly, all four Vedas are an eternal knowledge which emanates direct from God in the beginning of the earth, in which God Himself state that no body can realise Him in the absence of learned acharya of Vedas and Ashtang Yoga Philosophy. So, I think, you should obey holy Bible and let us obey the eternal knowledge of Almighty God and should have respect and love for each other because Vedas as well as Bible shower love to all. The fact of Vedas remains also unknown without listening the same from a learned acharya. Sri Ram, Sri Krishna Maharaj, King Harishchandra, Mata Sita etc., listened Vedas and got permanent peace.

Vikas: Namaste Swamiji, Charan sparsh. There are so many suktas like Purusha, Narayan, Sri, Saraswati etc.
1. Please tell how many suktas are there? how many of them are important? their relevance, time, day of chanting, procedure, etc.
2. It is not possible for the person in job or education to chant all of them. Which one is the most important sukta that is to be chanted daily?
3. Please give other relevant information about suktas… Thanks.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.
1. Suktas are mentioned in Vedas and every sukta is important because Vedas are knowledge which emanates direct from God in the beginning of the earth. So, Ved mantras are equally important like God. Mostly, Ved mantras are chanted in the morning and evening while performing Yajyen/hawan but still Vedas tell to chant Ved mantras anytime, which suits you. However, the counting of suktas is lengthy task please and due to shortage of time, it is not possible at present.

2. Sukta means Ved mantras. So, daily sandhya mantras to perform hawan are important which take only half an hour. A book named – “Yajyen karma- Sarvashreshth Ishwar Pooja” in this regard has been written here and can be sent if you desire. The book contains ved mantras, words-meanings with detailed ideas of mantras. Price of book is Rs. 65/- excluding postal charges.

3. As quoted above sukta means Ved mantras. Ved mantras emanates direct from God. God states in Vedas that Vedas’ knowledge have been given for the happiness of the mankind. The study and following the Vedas’ preach it makes a person able to attain long, happy life with Arth (money, residence etc.), Dharma (preaching of doing only pious deeds and form of pious deeds), Kaam (fulfill all pious desires) and Moksha (salvation). It is sad that after Mahabharat war, the knowledge of Vedas is diminishing and self made worship is in vogue. Hence, tensions, corruption, problems, diseases, early deaths, poverty, women dishonour, etc.

Kumar: Parnaam] it means all upnishad carry the wrong study. Kena, chanmdoyaha upnishad even the essence of Vedas clearly say that Brahm is God, He is the self of all. Only He prevail. Kena upnshid clearly says he enter the body as a soul. All vedanti says only Brahm is soul, atma, God, if no then why contradiction? Yourself says there are matters from Vedas i.e., God, souls and Prakriti. Why He need 3rd party to run this body? But the essence is there are only two things spirit and matter. Atma is described in different manners everywhere. If not so then why even in Hinduism there are so many theory of atma? We cant say it depend on teacher`s method since it is one then it should be displayed one. Atam is beyond anything even beyond birth and death then where is the question of taking our self beyond birth and death. One sided we says atma is beyond any work and it is true on the other hand we say it face result in the shape of sorrow. If so then why body is suffering? Bow it is said through body it is suffering. The essence of Upanishads is not to merge with God but to know and realize that atma or God. Please make me more clearly as Lord Krishan says make inquiry until we reached there.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.
Ken, Chchandogya never quote false statements, please. You are requested to send any shloka of the said Upnishad quoting your or other’s meaning.
“Brihi Bridhau Brahma”
i.e., from ‘Bri’ dhatu, the pious word Brahma is generated, the meaning of which is the biggest i.e., most supreme. You see, the most supreme power in the universe is Brahma. So, the name of Almighty, Omnipresent, Omniscient God is Brahma but soul has not been called Brahma. Secondly, in Vedas there are several meanings of a word but it is known by Yogi or Rishi which one is the suitable meaning regarding concerned mantras.

Actually, problem in this that very few study Upnishads or Vedas but listen to only self-made fixed so-called pravachan from anywhere and hence indulge in misunderstanding. As is clear from Bhagwad Geeta sure such misunderstanding must be put before any learned acharya of Vedas to clear the same.

Kenopnishhad never state that God enters the body as a soul but state that after creating the universe including soul within concerned body, in the end, God due to His nature of being Omnipresent enters the body. Then only body and every matter of the universe start its function.

Otherwise, please quote shloka of Kenopnishad. How a Rishi who is philosopher of Vedas, can quote false statement which contradicts the Vedas? Here, I may tell again that very few study the Vedas and the persons who do not study the Vedas, only they start saying against the Vedas. In this connection, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Sahib has already stated in Shri Guru Granth Sahib-

“Ved Katev Kaho Mat Jhoote,
Jhooota So Jo Na Vichare”
i.e., Vedas are not false but the person is false who does not listen/study Vedas.

All vedanti may say, being their own path but rest of the world never says that Brahma is soul. How God can transfer Himself in the form of soul while God is told to be unchangeable? Contradiction arises only when Vedas are not studied well under the guidance of learned acharya of Vedas.

Third party i.e., soul is itself immortal but forgets his form duly indulged in illusion. But God never indulges in illusion. That is why, He is stated to be God. So, the third party i.e., soul is given body to face the result of his previous lives’ deeds. Inspite of that, the creation is natural, eternal and everlasting. So, no question of need etc.

So, we cannot overcome the fundamental/natural law of Vedas and the pious views of ancient and present Rishis based on Vedas that there are three matters- God, souls and Prakriti.

I’ve written books to this effect in English- Vedanta and Eternal Vedas Philosophy – part I and II wherein detailed explanation has been given furnishing proof of Ved mantras about existence of three matters- i.e., God, Souls and Prakriti.

So many theories of atma, may be, against the Vedas and not based on eternal philosophy of Vedas and anybody’s theory cannot be commented. But only truth of Vedas can be explained. No doubt, Atma is beyond birth and death but not the body and body is awarded to soul to face the result of previous lives’ deeds- good and bad. Atma has forgotten its immortal form due to bindings in deeds/indulgence in illusion.

Atma is beyond any work but is awarded with human body, senses, mind and intellect to order the senses, organs to do the work.