K S: Respected Sir. Your books have helped me a lot. And Your blessings have made me a changed person. The illusions have now gone up to a great extent. The habit of begging from God has gone. I came to know that its only self efforts and hard-work that helps. Performing vedic activities for sake of benefits is useless. They should be performed with zero self interest. Did some sinful acts but they turned into my own good unknowingly. As one of the acts helped me to recognize my own potential to do things by my own and show zero dependency on God. However, I believe that universe is a supreme and divine energy and i am a part of it. So there is no question of getting things done by some one else but ourselves. Anger and frustration has gone. All I do is thought processing by picking up a question and getting its answer by myself. There is one thing which surprises me that I feel my self being monitored by myself and it started as I came in touch with your highness. for example if any thought arises in mind which is bad in any sense. I ask myself “who are you” and then the bad thought disappears. I also wanted to thank you sir that because of your help I some how completed my education. All I can say is Thank you. I was fooling myself by doing nonsense self centered spiritual things. But as time changed I too changed. Yet I do not qualify to get your blessing but I will try to change myself. Thank you Sir.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

Thanking you, please.

You are always welcome for any query and may God bless you to get more success in life. Your views based on your experiences to do hard work and leave the bad thinking and controlling on illusion to a great extent are highly appreciated. Please continue it, at your level best. Universe is a supreme creation by the Almighty God. It has been given to the human beings by God to get help to progress in worldly pious deeds and simultaneously in spiritualism. Without the help of matters of creation like air, food, sun, moon, earth and human body etc., nothing can be done. So, all the matters of creation including our human body are really surprising creation and donated by God to us as precious gems. Please, remember it that anger and frustration are gone by doing daily Yajyen, hawan and name jaap of God, study of vedic culture and hard practice of Yoga Philosophy. However, anger and frustration etc., are controlled to an extent but are hidden still in heart, for those who are aspirants and worship God like you. Please, be alert from the same because those require only the situation to arise. Always be away from bad society and continue your worship with strong/hard practice to control the said enemies as you are already doing.

I appreciate your practice, devotion about controlling bad thoughts. Please, continue it, my heartiest blessings are always with you.

I congratulate you on completion of your PhD.

If you know Hindi, I would like to send my audio Cds containing spiritual bhajans, if not possessed by you already.

Devendra: Can normal prayer such as ramayan recital and yag be done during Pitra Paksh time? Thanks.
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedas tell to do daily Hawan/Yajyen with ved mantras only.

Aakash: How to get revenge on someone who has hurt us very much?
Swami Ram Swarup: Idea regarding revenge is not fruitful. However, in case of injustice, you may seek the help of court of law or police.