Amey Risbud: I would like to give you a compliment for such a facility. Swamiji as per the information mine, the PATAL mentioned in Vedas & Purans. Is it today’s South America? And the SWARG is TRIVISHTAPA i.e. today’s Tibet.What is your opinion? Did you find any link or proof in your studies?

Amey Risbud: I would like to give you a compliment for such a facility. Swamiji as per the information mine, the PATAL mentioned in Vedas & Purans. Is it today’s South America? And the SWARG is TRIVISHTAPA i.e. today’s Tibet.What is your opinion? Did you find any link or proof in your studies?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Yes, Patal is America, please. But, swarg is on the entire earth where a person/family members control their senses, perceptions and mind, always do pious deeds, do daily Yajyen/havan and meditation and have attained perfection in Arth (finance), Dharma(righteousness/moral obligations), Kaam (fulfillment of pious desires) and Moksha (final liberation).

K Guruprasad: Is there any significance of Rishi coming and giving darshan in sapna while sleeping or is it just like normal sapna? Some time back, I saw a Rishi in my sapna. He was teaching me about science, showing some towers of antenna or something like that and explaining me some details, which I don’t remember the next day morning. I was also crying as my papa didnt speak to him properly with whole heartedly and he said that one should not worry about such things and must proceed forward. He also said that, “I will not go out of your house untill you are able to correctly pronounce the Havan Mantras properly 100% correctly” Then I could not recollect what else happened. From next day onwards, I started doing Havan with the book in hand and reading mantras with correct pronounciation and I was surprised that I was saying many words in the mantras with wrong pronounciation earlier. Can you please comment on this sapna?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. In a number of cases, actually Rishis come in dreams. For example- King Harishchandra saw Rishi Vishwamitraji in dream asking for his kingdom. In the morning when Rishi Vishwamitraji entered his palace, king Harishchandra without listening to any word dedicated his kingdom to Rishi Vishwamitraji. However, now it is too difficult to know that who is true Rishi yet there is a definition of true Rishi that he is mantradrishta i.e., he sees Ved mantras and experiences the God within Himself.

K S Sivaraja: There is a vast gap of time between Ramayan & Mahabarat time. Only upto King Harichandra, Yayadhi etc evidences are there.Afterwards there is neither any strong historical nor puranic evidence about this middle period? Who are the kings, subjects, geographical areas, events of life Could your Holiness throw some light on this period? Since long I was requesting Your Holiness to translate your works into English. We are pleased to observe one by one such translations are taking place; I wish to know when the Havan sloghs will be translated into English. Prostrating on Your Lotus feet Shivraj.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessing to you. Whatever information has been given in Mahabhart by Vyas muniji may be studied only which actually throws light on the Vedic period right from non-sexual creation to Mahabhart time. History is to be known to follow the Vedic path which our elders, forefathers followed. So, Valmiki Ramayana well states about rajrishis, public as well as Mahabhart states about the same who followed the Vedic path. So history is meant to know the culture followed by our forefathers to follow the same in our lives otherwise what benefit will be gained to know about kings etc., who remained on earth between the period of Valmiki Ramayana and Mahabhart period. Ultimately we have to follow the Vedic path because mere historical events shall never give us peace. The pious Vedic deeds followed by our forefathers is actually our culture to be followed by us at present.

Sunil: I am blessed by baby girl. Now she is 50 days our family members are very very happy and they had decided that some holy Vedic name(with meaning) of a baby girl will come from your end. I have written to you a month back but I have not get any response. Still waiting for your blessings.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Sorry, I was out of station and could not reply earlier. Following are the baby names mentioned in Vedas, please. In addition my congratulations and heartiest blessings to your loving baby for a long, happy life.
Kavya (a learned daughter bearing divine qualities).
Divya (who has divine pious qualities).
Sumedha (who has brilliant, extra-ordinary mind).

Sagar: Does Vedas mention anything about lord Vishnu, Shiv, Brahma or anyone else like them?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, please. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv are the holy names of formless, Almighty, omnipresent God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe.

God is formless

Being formless there is no need of statue or temple of God according to Vedas. As a matter of fact, you, I or every human being, lives in a body. Body is separate, we are called souls. Vedas say soul has no form even. Then also we know each other. For example even if you have not seen the photograph of King Akbar then, you can know Akbar by means of the study of his qualities. So is the case with the God. If an aspirant really goes to his Guru and listens Vedas like Shri Ram, and ancient kings and their public then he will be able to know hundred percent about formless God. Then comes realization for which Vedas (especially Samveda) says that he who performs Yajna, does jaap (according to Vedas) and practises Ashtang Yoga Philosophy while remaining in family like Shri Ram etc., he sure realizes ,being eternal law.

If we will meditate concentrating outside our body which is also against Vedas/Ashtang Yoga Philosophy, then our attention will always naturally remain outside i.e., attached with outer world i.e., decoration/music/dances etc. In that case subject matter of God will be over. It will be converted into spending fun, doing dances and singing attractive songs by ladies and gents, which is totally against Vedas. Thus the chapter of praising God, True Acharya, Rishi-Munis, performing Yajyen, practice of Ashtang Yoga, eternal knowledge of Vedas etc., will be over.

It is also baseless to say that study of Vedas and practice of yoga philosophy is difficult. It is self made story because Vedas are also called Shruti i.e., Vedas are to be listened first and not to be studied. So to listen to the Vedas, a learned Acharya is needed. The Acharya will explain the Ved mantras in the Yajna in your own language i.e., in English or Urdu etc., and for an aspirant to do asan, pranayaam, meditation etc., is also not difficult. It is all difficult for those human beings, including present false prophets, (who are against the Vedas), who are lazy, can’t awake early in the morning to listen Vedas and fail to do practice of yoga philosophy. Those people are always after money, materialistic articles and pomp and show etc.

Vedas are not written or spoken by God. This knowledge is emanated from God and is originated in the heart of four Rishis as stated above. God is Almighty i.e., He has all powers. So He needs no assistance to do universal deeds. In human body alive soul resides and soul is dependent, soul requires mouth to speak, eye to see, hand to write etc., etc. but not God. From His power God originates the knowledge of Vedas in the rishis without writing, or speaking etc. Vedas’ knowledge is divine. The fundamental of the Vedas is this that it was not written or spoken. The knowledge by the power of God was originated about one Arab 96 crore, 8 lakh and 53 000 years ago. Then first time the four rishis of unsexual creation started pronunciation of the mantras by the power of God. God wanted them to know word meanings and senses of the mantras and therefore the rishis knew all. Then first time the four rishis started pronunciation of the mantras. They taught the
mantras to other ignorant people. Then another rishis were produced who knew the Vedas by heart by listening only. There was no paper, ink or pen there. The Vedas were being learnt by mouth to mouth and traditionally this process is yet in force. But mostly not by heart but taking help of the printed book. So printed books are not called Vedas but these are called samhita.

Samhita means the collection of Ved mantras. Therefore Present printed books cannot be considered as Vedas and will never be in future, but samhita. Kapil Muni throws light on this point in his Sankhya Shastra 5/48 that when a rishi does tapsya in the shape of Yajyen, study of Vedas, practice of Ashtang Yoga then the Ved mantras still (now also) originate in heart of the Rishi and the rishi pronounces the mantras. Those mantras are called Vedas, which emanate from God. So Vedas must first be listened (study) from alive Acharya (Guru who knows Vedas). Then only Samhita (books of Vedas) can help.

There is only one God who is formless, creates, nurses and destroys the universe. He is Almighty and supreme, beyond description, beyond imagination and beyond calculation. He is omnipresent and omniscient. Divine qualities of Almighty God are described in eternal knowledge of Vedas. Vedas emanate direct from God. So all Hindus and others too believe in Vedas.

Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are the name of one said God. God has no wives please because He is Almighty and needs no assistance etc. No one is above God please. All religions tell to worship God.

Rashmi Sahu: Dear Swami ji, Charan sparsh & regards. What is the importance of sankalp in puja? I would like to know whether manusmriti was written in vaivaswat manvantar or begining of creation. Further what is the exact time(date) of writing of yagnavalakya smriti. What does it mean om adhya brahmino ahir dwitiya parardhe shri shwet varah kalpe vaivaswat manvantare? What does shwet varah kalpe denote?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. Sankalp means the pious thoughts and Vikalp means unpious/sinful thoughts. So pooja like name jaap/havan, yajyen, contact with learned acharya, practice of ashtang yoga philosophy, study of Vedas is performed so that in our mind always sankalp enter and not the vikalps. Secondly, the said pooja is continued with “Drida Nischaye”(firm resolution).

Manusmriti is more ancient than Valmiki Ramayan and Mahabharat. Manusmriti was not written in the present Vaivaswat manvantar but was written in the beginning of creation.

Yagyavalkya Rishi was the disciple of Vaishenpayan. Therefore, Yagyavalkya smriti was written during Mahabhart time. Kalpa means the time of 14 manvantars. So shwet varah kalpa is the indication of time. “SHWET VARAH KALPA MEIN”.

Rajat: How to Check real friend, How to check he is enemy or really real friend?How to check friends, people and relatives?
Swami Ram Swarup: He, who does not go away in the most difficult times of the life of a friend and is God fearing, he is called a real friend otherwise mostly people are selfish. They do not follow whatever they say. They usually butters the friends and can never be honest. For example:- Sita was the best friend of her husband Sri Ram and similarly Sugreev was the best friend of Sri Ram. Nowadays friendship is based on false promises and selfishness. In such friendship usually we smell the friendship between Prithivi Raj Chauhan and Jaychand.

Alvin Lal: Pranaam Guruji, As per your books, a person must donate to thr right donee oterwise spiritual bliss is not attained, similarly one must donate to an acharya, who does hawan with Ved mantras. However the question, who or what is the “right donee” ? How do we know who to donate to ? Who has the right to ask for donations? Is it true Brahmans only who can ask for dikhsa?
Swami Ram Swarup: Idea of Yajurveda mantra 18/56 is that donation is given to the learned acharya (he is the right Brahmin to donate, donee) who has attained the complete knowledge of four Vedas wherein three educations i.e., Gyan Kand (knowledge of universal matters) , Karma Kand (knowledge of pious deeds /moral duties) and Upasana Kand (knowledge of eternal and true worship) have been preached. Such learned person is a philosopher of ashtang yoga mentioned in Vedas. He always preaches and does practice of the knowledge of Vedas and Ashtang Yoga Philosophy and performance of daily Yagya/hawan which is an eternal Vedas’ philosophy. Next mantra 18/57 states that the public must serve the said learned acharya and must provide him with all food materials and essential necessities because he by preaching and practicing the daily Yagya , Yoga Philosophy and other Vedas’ knowledge makes the people healthy, wealthy and wise. Similarly all four Vedas state that without serving such learned acharyas, nobody will be happy in the life. Rigveda states “SHASTRANNI CH RATNANI VRIKT PADESHU” i.e., several valuable assets must be donated to such learned acharya. In addition please also study page number 34 (donation) of my book named – Vedas A divine Light.

One must donate the food etc., to those who is needy for the same and to those who has come to our door with a thin/weak body and he is hungry, say Rigveda mantra 10/117/3. The donee then gets everything i.e., pious things when he needs. One must give food and other essential commodities to the person who serve him and he must also help a honest, true friend, Says Rigveda mantra 10/117/4.

He who is capable to donate, he must satisfy the needy with food, money etc. One must have a deep thinking that the wealth gained by any person is not his permanent property. It rotates like a wheel i.e., it keeps or moving from the hand to another automatically. So donation must be there, says Rigveda mantra 10/117/5.

According to Yajurveda mantra 19/30 Deeksha means to by maintaining Brahmcharya, to study and gain the knowledge of four Vedas and to practise Ashtang Yoga Philosophy and to control five perceptions, five senses and mind. Such learned acharya i.e., Brahmin is really authentic dignitary to serve and to donate by all people. Because he preaches the public well and makes a nation strong . Also says Atharvaveda mantra 19/43/1.

Otherwise Rigveda mantra 10/117/6 states “KEVAL AGAHA BHAVATI KEVAL AADI” i.e., he who uses his food , comforts and assets alone , he consumes sins. Now , people mostly are not aware of words and meanings of Ved mantras and hence problems

Alvin Lal: As per rigveda 1/164/20 (explained by yourself) Soul bears the results of karma(deeds), whilst god watches. However is it a case of God only watching, or more specifically is it god who punishes for bad deed ? Or is the consciousness and soul who punish for bad deed ? And similarly for good deed, is it god just watching or rewarding as well, or is it actually soul/consciousness that rewards?
Swami Ram Swarup: Rigveda mantra 10/135/1-4 states that soul gets living body to face his previous lives’ deeds good or bad and God gives the result of deeds in the shape of pleasure and sorrows, respectively. Therefore human body is also meant to face the result of deeds but in human body we are also blessed by God to pious deeds according to Vedas to kill the bad deeds of all previous lives’ and to get salvation. To kill the bad deeds and to attain salvation one has to make contact with a learned acharya of Vedas to get the knowledge of Vedas, Yaj, name jaap and practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy, which is a motto of human life. So God only punishes for bad deeds.

Alvin Lal: What is the difference between religious teacher and guru ? Does true guru teach, religion or way of life ? What is the definition of religion?
Swami Ram Swarup: Difference between religious teacher and Guru (spiritual master) is that a teacher in school, colleges etc., gives the knowledge of worldly affairs (bookish knowledge). He gives the worldly knowledge based on the books written by man i.e., lecturer, professor, principal of the college, university etc., or from the books based on the subject like engineering, medical science etc., but learned acharya (spiritual master) gives the knowledge of four Vedas i.e., the knowledge which emanates direct from the Almighty God at the time of beginning of the earth. We must seriously know the fact that Vedas have not written by any Rishi –muni etc., and Vedas contains not only the worldly knowledge like science etc., but contains the spiritualism also. Vedas are the complete knowledge containing knowledge right from straw to brahma and whatever knowledge is being taught by teachers, lecturers, professors and philosophers etc., has already been preached in Vedas. Yet Vedas contain unlimited knowledge of science etc., which is still required to be researched by human beings. So there is a lot of difference between worldly teacher and a learned acharya of Vedas and Yoga Philosophy and he is a real Guru.

Alvin Lal: In English there are two sayings, If there is birth, then there will be death, and two things that are guaranteed in life, death and taxes. The question is however why is death guaranteed ? What does Vedas say about death being imminent and why does death have to be imminent if there is birth?
Swami Ram Swarup: In this connection, Rigveda mantra 10/124/2 states that soul fearing death desires to seek a secret place where he could save himself from death. When he seeks shelter of Almighty God, then leaving behind the fear of death, he gets salvation. In Rigveda mantra 10/124/4 soul states that I have occupied this body since a number of years, now I leave my body to attain Almighty God. The idea of the said two mantras is that it is a nature of soul to fear death, based on the experiences of numerous previous births. Secondly, the living body is to be left one day. This process is eternal.

Now see Rigveda mantra 10/136/6 wherein it is stated that soul is eternal i.e., soul neither takes birth nor meets with death. It is only human body which is made of five non-alive elements i.e., earth, water, space, air and fire. So, human-body gets destroyed and not the soul, who resides within body and therefore soul has no parents because it never takes birth.

Next mantra 7 states the human body is meant to meet with death. When we see the respiratory system in any body then only do we state that the person is alive. Based on the eternal, fundamental knowledge yog shastra sutra 4/33 states that all the matters made of Prakriti are competitors of Kshann (the smallest fraction of time).

I mean to say, just after the passing away of one Kshann, the next Kshann comes and the matter being the competitor of Kshann attains his next stage i.e., it gets changed. The matter changes itself while competiting with Kshann. Kshann gets changed and so does the matter and the matter attains its next stage.

For example- A pot made of clay gets changed day by day and one day it gets destroyed automatically. It is not necessary that pot needs to be destroyed by any person. But being the nature of Prakriti, from which clay and then pot is made, the pot is liable to get destroyed one day automatically. So is the case of human body made of Prakriti. Human body is changing itself day by day and one day it shall be destroyed automatically but soul residing in it is unchangeable and immortal. So the death of human as well as every living body is guaranteed to meet with the death. In this connection, you may also refer Bhagwad Geeta shloka 2/23 wherein Sri Krishna Maharaj states that human body gets destroyed and not the soul.

Alvin Lal: Given that the Sanskrit language is so precise, both divine and classic Sanskrit, how is it that man can spend years going deep into one single mantra? Why are there so many meanings? What is the precision of the language on i.e. what exactly is Sanskrit it precise on, if so many meaning can be extrapolated from it ?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Yes, the Sanskrit language is precise in its meaning but the ideas included therein are most secret, please. Vedas state that pious, sincere wife discloses her secret/parts only before her husband similarly secrets of ved mantras and holy granths written by rishi-Munis gets opened before a yogi only who has studied Vedas traditionally, practised Ashtang Yoga philosophy under guidance of learned acharya and thus has realised God. So there are number of meanings of a vedic word which are well understood by yogi only. That is why, all Vedas state that preach of Vedas and other holy granths written by Rishi-Munis or Yogis must be listened only from a present Rishi-Muni or Yogi. In this connection, Atharvaveda mantra 7/2/1, Yajurveda mantra 40/10, Yog shastra sutra 1/7 and Sankhya shastra sutra 1/66 refers wherein it is clearly stated that preach must be delivered by Rishi-Muni, Yogi as stated above. So to attain the real meaning of Vedic mantras, when a person will have to attain the stage of a yogi, as stated above, naturally he would require number of years for Tapasya. Now, it is bad luck of our country that the availability of Risi-Muni, tapasvi, True sadhu has been on tips only and the false saints are being adored. As a result, the illusion has spread over the entire nation. We all have to revert back to eternal knowledge of Vedas which emanates direct from God at the beginning of the earth.

K Guruprasad: Please request you to clarify the correct pronounciation of following mantra while doing havan “OM AGNE NAYA SUPATHA RAYE ASMAAN VISHWANI….” or “OM AGNE NAYA SUPATHA RAYA ASMAAN VISHWANI…” in your book “Yaj Karma Sarva Sreshta IShwar Pooja” it is written RAYE ASMAAN, however while doing havan, every one is house were telling RAYA ASMAAN.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Correct pronunciation is “RAYE” my son.

Pankaj/Sunil: Thanks for your advice for the name suggested by you of my lovely daughter. When ever we both(brother) got any answer/advice from your end we do feel very Strong /proud that we have also a blessings of a learned guru.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you and your family for a long, happy life. Your spiritual views are highly appreciated and I again pray to God to bless you to attain health, wealth and wisdom.

Bindiya Dulhani: What is super power that attracts for God in Dhyaan, Jap, meditation, etc.?
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually, super power means Almighty God who has none equivalent to Him. Therefore to attract Almighty God will be the super power which emanates direct from God, which are Vedas only. In Vedas, there are three educations- Gyan kand (i.e., science etc), karma Kand (form of pious deeds) and Upasana Kand (real worship of God). So when we study the Vedas following the Vedic path, we do practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy, do daily yajyen/havan under advise of acharya, do name jaap and always make contact with learned acharya who is philosopher of Ashtang yoga and Vedas, then only can we say that the said three education are super powers by following which everyone attracts God.

Bindiya Dulhani: We know God is there, but our mind again fall in this world. Why?
Swami Ram Swarup: We are immortal souls. Our body is made of Prakriti which contains Raj, Tam and satva gunn (qualities) wherein we reside. We have taken several births and the effect of good and bad deeds of our previous lives is printed on our chitta. We have to face the result of the deeds. We (souls) gets feelings etc., through five senses i.e., eye, ear etc. Due to the effect of previous bad deeds, as stated above and feelings being taken from senses etc. We get indulged in illusion, as the information collected by the soul from Prakriti made world is effected by Rajo, Tamo and satto gunnas i.e., Kaam, Krodh, Madh, Lobh, Ahankar, pomp and show and materialistic destructive articles of the world. The said attraction towards the illusion is due to absence of the advise of learned acharya of Vedas . So most of the people get attracted towards worldly affairs and not God. In this connection, please also refer my answer to your above question.

Sonu: Swamiji mere uncle ka bissnes din prtidin kam hotaja raha hai. kya kare?
Swami Ram Swarup: Firm desire to work hard to earn money and daily worship of God will sure finish the obstacles of your uncle please. So, I would also advise your uncle to chant Gayatri mantra both times with its meaning and do havan with Gayatri mantra both times, daily. This will sure help to get blessings of Almighty God to increase business.

Vaid Yanathan Iyer: Swamiji, I want to know about the functioning of Surya and Chandra Naadis. What are the Puranas that gives me full details about Naadis. I am told that some details are available in Shiva Saroday Shastra. What is it and in which Puran it is mentioned. Kindly help me.
Swami Ram Swarup: Surya nadi is called Eeda and Chandra nadi is called Pingala. Both meet at a point of forehead which is called Agyachakra from where nadi called saraswati goes to place called ‘sahastra Dal kamal’, A Yogi when does prannayam, his prann flow in these nadis.

Baljit Singh: I watched on TV that a Swami claimed he got a special mantra. With that mantra all our papp bad karma are getting cleansed. Then they start music and some one speaking say this mantra is very gupt so they cannot disclose on TV. Please explain.
Swami Ram Swarup: According to Vedas, there is no mantra which destroys sins on its recitation. Actually, whatever is stated by mantra, that pious deed is also required to be done in the life. However, the sins are destroyed by listening Vedas, doing Yajyen, name jaap and practice of yoga philosophy. For example- Samveda mantra 735 states that by doing Yajyen, the illusion gets destroyed and just like a dirty horse who gets cleansed by taking bath in river. Samveda mantra 495 states that by performing single yajyen 810 sins get destroyed and so on.

Yuvaraj: Please explain me what is the meaning of word ‘SWAHA’ using in mantra’s?
Swami Ram Swarup: Meaning of swaha as under:
There are 7 meanings of Swaha. Swaha means a true deed. So when we study Vedas and offer aahuti in havan kund/bedi with ved mantras then we are doing true deed, the result of which will remain with us to save us from sorrows etc.
Swaha means whatever is in our heart, the same is in our speech.
Swaha means we must not use for our own purpose, any article or good entrusted in our custody by someone.
Swaha means the purest views of heart, etc.

So when the ancient or present Rishis/public do the holy Yajyen with Ved-mantras, the above quoted result is blessed by God to them and thus they get long, happy life by performing the best pious deed i.e., Yajyen. Now, most of the saints have been telling not to perform the Yajyen and thus we have been debarred from the above quoted divine good result with other several good qualities. So we must listen the Vedas from an acharya to know the fact.

Yuvaraj: What is the procedure of do the ‘ sangu pooja’ in home?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sorry, I don’t know about sangu pooja. However, eternal knowledge of Vedas which emanates direct from God states that we have to worship only one formless, omnipresent God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe.

Anandi: Swamaji Namaskaram. Please tell me how I should recite Aum (Pranava mantram) consciously with awareness daily. It will destroy all obstacles in the body. It will give strength. It will give happiness and bliss. It will destroy anger anxiety and sadness. Thanks.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Prannava means Om which is the best name of God, say four Vedas, please. So the method to recite ‘OM’ i.e., method to do jaap of Almighty God is briefed only personally, please. You are advised to seek an acharya locally who knows Vedas since I am away and can’t preach you from here. You may also contact local Arya Samaj Mandir as well.

G J: When will I get married?
Swami Ram Swarup: Your parents must seek a good match for you at their level best. Whole family must also do havan daily with Gayatri mantra at least so that God may give His blessings to fulfil your pious desires.

M Lal: Namaste Swami ji. I have read most of your answers, they are very great. One thing that puzzles me ‘ you have mentioned that four Vedas are the gods words/message and are the only true scripts of the kind and it is not written by man. How can I explain these to my friends with some evidences? Please I would like to know more about it?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Your views are appreciated, please. There are three matters in the universe which are eternal. First – Almighty God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe and again creates it. This process is eternal and everlasting as well.
Second- Soul who resides in living body based on karmas’ (deeds) philosophy. God is one but souls are innumerable. Both i.e., God and souls are alive. Third- Matter which is non-alive is Prakriti from which Almighty God creates universe.

At a fixed time, the universe is destroyed which is called Pralaya i.e., final destruction. All the learned acharyas also leave their human body along with destruction of universe. Now, the new creation again begins and Almighty God creates it from non-alive Prakriti. After creating the entire world including sun, moon, stars, air, fire, space(sky), vegetation, water, earth etc., living being’s bodies (including human being’s bodies) are also made. This process is very well mentioned in Rigveda mandal 10, Sukta 129. Mantras of the sukta can’t be described here, this being lengthy process and I have already described the said mantras several times. I have also written several books pertaining the same.

Now, Almighty God enters the awaiting immortal souls residing in the living being’s bodies based on karma’s philosophy. Some souls attain human body, others that of birds, mosquitoes, animals etc. Those who have been blessed by God with human body by which we (souls) studying Vedas, doing Yajyen, name jaap and practice of yoga philosophy while discharging our duties can attain salvation. But question arises how a man can do the said worship, who will give him the knowledge of Vedas, etc., because the learned acharyas of the world have left their bodies? In this new creation, the human bodies are made of Prakriti and are therefore called non-sexual creation. When after creating the universe, the God enters the universe and universe starts functioning, at this time human as well as other bodies, being non-sexual, are made of young age. The point should again be deeply reckoned that the said non-sexual creation of human-beings remains totally ignorant in the absence of knowledge.

The knowledge cannot be given in the absence of learned acharyas who have left their bodies with the destruction of previous universe. Fundamental law of nature should also be noted that knowledge is only attained when it is given by someone. That is why a child is made to be sent to school where the teacher educates him. So the knowledge of four Vedas at that time emanates direct from Almighty God, as stated in Rigveda mandal 10, sukta 129 and Yajurveda mantra 31/7 which is an eternal proof. The said proof can’t be challenged or oversighted.

Now question arises how does the knowledge emanates from God? You know, God is Almighty which means he has unlimited powers and does not need any assistance to control the universe. The said fact is mentioned in all four Vedas. So, God selects the four souls who take human body in the new non-sexual creation. God maintains His natural justice hence He selects the said four Rishis named- Agni, Vayu, Aditya and Angira, who were the best knowledgeable souls in the previous universe but could not attain salvation. Hence, God alone selects such said four souls to give knowledge of Vedas. As known already, God is Almighty so with His divine power the, first the Ved mantras of Rigveda start originating in the heart of Agni Rishi. Then Yajurveda mantras originate in Vayu rishi, Samveda mantras originate in Aditya Rishi and last of all Atharvaveda mantras originate in the heart of Angira rishi.

Since Almighty God wanted that the words as well as meanings, Sandhi-Vichched (grammatical breakup) and idea of each mantra should be originated in the heart of said Rishis, accordingly it happens and the Rishis of non-sexual creation become wise for the first time. In this connection, Patanjali Rishi states his experience after realising God, by studying Vedas and practicing ashtang yoga that “SA ESHAHA POORVESHAAMAPI GURUHU KALENANVACHEDAT”

Meaning: The Almighty God is the guru of (POORVESHAM) the ancient four rishis of non-sexual creation. A man whose name is ‘Brahma’ studies all four Vedas from four Rishis, says Rigveda mantra 10/181/1,2. Now, there may arise a doubt as to how the knowledge of four Vedas originates in the heart of four Rishis. Suppose, a man is sitting idle and several thoughts originate within him then what is the source of origination. The said thoughts which are listened by man originate automatically within his heart. Sometimes, if a man has to catch the train in the morning or anytime then a thought immediately originates in his heart that he has to work accordingly to catch the train. Similarly, with the divine power of God, ved mantras originate automatically in the heart of four Rishis. This is due to the fact that God is Almighty and does not need any assistance of mouth, pen, paper etc., to deliver the knowledge. Now, the four Rishis recite mantras and give knowledge to “Brahma” and traditionally this divine knowledge has been handed over to generations orally, as is also stated in Samveda mantra 744. The said procedure of origination of Vedas in heart of four said Rishis is eternal and everlasting.

Rahul: Which religion is good? Hinduism or Islam. and why?
Swami Ram Swarup: Every community likes its own religion. So preference of one religion over the other is irrelevant. So difference between any religion cannot be stated at this juncture. However, one thing is there that the sects have been originated by our prophets who took birth from their respected parents but the knowledge of four Vedas emanates direct from Almighty God in the beginning of the earth in non-sexual creation. In this connection, please read the answer to previous question.