S: Swamiji with your blessing I am wishing to do a Yagyen/havan at home in London. I have called a local purohit from a Arya Samaj in my area. Swamiji is there anything I need to know before doing this havan? The date is 02jan at 9.00am.plsease advice.
Swami Ram Swarup: I congratulate and even bless you for a long, happy life that you’ve obeyed the almighty God, The creator of the universe, because God only say in Vedas to perform daily hawan, which is a worship of God. So, please continue your own hawan daily in your house, i.e., you should yourself do hawan without any assistance of Purohit, etc.

Rashmi: I heard Methi dana can reduce body weight. One should eat powdered methi dana or as whole?
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually, green methi (fresh vegetable) is more useful. In the absence of which methis dana can be utilized.

Mrs. Shashi Jain: Swami ji parnaam bahut si jigyasayen to aapke question answer padke shaant ho jaati hain. main chahati hoon aap ka aashirwad mujhe aur meri family ko milta rahe. Ek sawal hai swami ji bhakti aur pooja main kya anter hai samjhaiye? Swamiji kya aap mujhe kuch kitaab bhijwayenge 1vedic satsang sangrah 1&11 2yajyen karam ek serveshreshtha pooja 3patanjal yogdarshan 1&11 bahut dhanyawad regards&respects shashi
Swami Ram Swarup: Requisite books are being sent to you, please.

Vedon mein bhakti mata, pita, atithi, guru and Parmeshwar ki sewa ko kehte hain. Aisa karna ek Yajyen kaha hai.


Yajyen means where the Brahma i.e. acharya who knows four Vedas, is seated therein and he in the end delivers preach on Ved mantras. Secondly, the meaning of Yajyen is – Dev Pooja, Sangatikarann, Daan. Dev Pooja means to serve mother, father, atithi, acharya and the Almighty God.

Sangatikarann means to satisfy the learned acharya of Vedas by services and in return, to gain Vedic knowledge and knowledge of Yoga Philosophy from him. Daneshu means to donate goods, money etc., in Yajyen to the acharya/purohit, etc. Yajyen is performed regularly for years together and aahuti of mantras of four Vedas is offered daily and the meaning of Ved mantras with ideas is listened from acharya. But simple agnihotra can be performed in homes daily without Brahma by uttering Sandhya mantras both times i.e., morning and evening.

Yajyen is the best pious deed as well as worship of God, say Vedas and ancient/present rishis. No matter of the world can be made useful for human beings until we know about it. Preach of Vedas enables us to know about all the matters of world i.e., right from straw to Brahma in holy Yajyen.

Isi prakaar, vedon mein pooja ka arth hai adar, maan, samman karna. Jab hum upar kahi vibhutiyon ki sewa kareinge to yah vedon mein pooja kahi gayi hai. Han ab yah dukh ki baat hai ki bhagwan ke banayee hue bhakti evam pooja sahbdon ke jo upar kahe arth hain unhein birla koi janta hai kyunki log aajkal ved nahin sunte aur yeh arth kewal vedon mein he hain.

Ishwar ki pooja tub hoti hai jab Ishwar ke banaye hue niyam ke anusaar Yajyen, agnihotra Yogabhyas , name jaap roz ghar mein bhee kareinge.

Tulsi, Tulsi Ramayan mein kehte hain-



Meaning:- Due to attachment and illusion, people do not follow the eternal path of Vedas, which leads to acquisition of ascetism and true knowledge. On the contrary, people have made their own parts as per their suitability and interest. The suitability and interest is actually called “Attachment”.

Isliye aaj bhakti aur pooja ke khud ke banaye arth hee prachlit hain.