S: Swami ji Pranam Thanks 4 ur ans.Swamiji aap hi decide kar ke mujhe bataein ki jin cheezon ko karne ke baare mein aapne kaha wo meri life main kahan tak hain I am doing it with full honesty haan students slap karti hun unke parents ko unki true report dene ki puri try karti hun Many of times khud ko bachane ke liye lie karna padta hai par kam se kam lie karne ki try karti hun. I m studying also in M.A.Eng taking tution 4 my studies at 7:30 TO 8:30 PM.Life itni busy ho gai lagti hai ki kisi cheez ke liye time nahi milta par daily Gurudware jaana bhi main nahi bhulti aur yahi pray karti hun ki kuch bhi mujhe tera naam na bhule tere charno mein jagah mil jaaye Bus yahi hai meri daily ki life aur Krishna se pyar mere dil main hai. Swamiji meri life aaj aisi hai par mera past aisa tha ki ab uske baare mein soch kar ya baat karne mein bhi mujhe sharam aati hai aur maine Shayad un sins ki punishment as Physical illness From 8 years main feel karti hun un sab kiye sins ka realize hua to mujhe aur unko kare hue bhi main Asthmetic Patient ho gai thi par ab main bahut hud tak khud ko theek feel Karti hun Kya iska matlab yeh hai ki meri Punishment puri hone wali hai. Swamiji apni puri Gaatha lkhne ke liye main maafi chahti hun par AAP hi mujhe meri life ke baare mein jaan kar KUCH SAHI rasta bata sakte hain THANKS & SORRY
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. You are welcome , my daughter.
Dekho beta jab bachcha janam leita hai tub uska present jeevan kora kagaz hota hai. Uspe weh thoda badaa hokar shubh karma bhi likh sakta hai aur paap karma bhi likh sakta hai. Paap karma bhi buri society mein baith kar hi seekhta hai aur punnya karma bhi achchi society mein baith kar seekhta hai aur achcey –burey dono ke sanskar chitta par padte hain. Jo is jeevan mein nahin apitu agley janamon mein bhogne hote hain.

Kyunki is jeevan mein to pichcheley janamon ke kiye hue karmon ka phal sukh –dukh ke roop mein bhogna hota hai. Yeh sab upar kahe gyan Rigveda ke Mantra 10/135/1, 2, 3 mein kaha gaya hai.

Hum ko jab bhi chetna aa jaye aur hum paap karna turant band kar dein tatha Ishwar ki sharann lein ley tabhi hum is jeevan mein bhogne wale dukhon ke bhi nash kar sakte hain aur sadaa sukhi reh sakte hain.

Teaching line is the best line for girls or women. But your timings are not understood. I think in CBSE only six hours are required for teaching but you teach for nine hours. So, please check yourself. Honesty is the best policy and the God is pleased with an honest person. Try to avoid slapping students or being angry with them. Nowadays, you see, it has been banned. Even a single mistake is pointed then the honesty and the hardworking is forgotten by the higher authorities. So, please safe guard your self. Then, there will be no necessity of even talking lies.

Since, you have good idea to extend your education and you also try to appear in M.A. English examination. Busy life is the best life because such life does not permit to attend bad society, to harbour bad thoughts and to do bad deeds etc.

Kisi nein kaha hai-Peechchey ki Bisraye kea age ki sudh ley. Isliye, jo beet gaya so beet gaya present punnyavaan karma, pichchey kiye hue ashubh karmon ko bhi nash kar detey hain and jeev ko sukh deitey hain.

Punishment ke bare mein upar likh diya hai kea b ke kiye hue karma is janam mein nahin, agley janamon mein bhoge jaate hein.

My dear daughter now you should work hard to pass M.A. examination. To study spiritual books especially Vedas if possible and should chant Gayatri mantra both times with its meaning. You should also try to do daily hawan with Gayatri mantra. I do not know about your past but to make future bright you should also think about marriage if not done yet.

Some spiritual books written by me and spiritual songs CDs sung by me can also be sent from here on receipt of your postal address, if you so desire. Future is always in our hands if do pious deeds etc., under guidance of true spiritual Guru. Then the sins of previous lives’ and present life are destroyed and we get a long, happy life.

Santosh: Swamiji once when I was sleeping .I saw a dream in which Shiv bhagwan came and he scolded me and told to keep NAV GRAH SHANTI VRAT and told that this will help to get rid from all the sorrows and bad lucks in future. Please swamiji explain me what does this means?
Swami Ram Swarup: Dreams are mostly false and are seen based on happenings, listening of the incidents of past and present life. So, either you’ve listened about Shivji in previous life or present life. As a result, you’ve seen the dream. As regards Nav Grah shanti vrat, it does not exist in Vedas, so learned do not accept it. I also paste one of my articles in this regard.


The dreams are mostly false. Dreams are based on the scenes, stories listened in previous life as well as in present life. Samveda is upasana kand and tells worship for one immortal formless God, who is almighty, omnipresent, omniscient. He creates, nurses and destroy the universe and again creates, Vedas say that no one was equal to God and neither no God took birth in the past at present and will never take birth in the future too. There was one God, is one and will ever remain one. He is only everlasting eternal and unchageable king/lord of the universe. So we all must worship him only. In this connection guidance from a learned acharya of Vedas is necessary.

It is true that dreams come on the basis of the scene which we have seen in present as well as previous lives’. For example- if a person has never seen a fountain and he sees fountain in dream, it means he had seen the fountain in his previous life, the effect of which was imprinted on his chitta (mind).

Secondly, dreams are false. Dreams may give some pleasure but become painful sometimes. If a business man observes that he was a king in the dream but when he will wake up, he remains business man only and not the king. Vedas state that one should try to do worship of God to remove the occurrence of dreams in sleep.

Future is always based on past birth’ deeds or is based on present pious deeds. future is therefore in own hand, he who discharges his moral duties faithfully does hard deeds, pious deeds with full concentration, devotion and dedication, his future is always bright. One should attend satsang making time available to learn truth and know pious deeds to make future bright.

Anoop: Namasthe Swami Ram Swarup Ji, I am regular visitor to your website and I read your question and answer section. I have two questions. 1) If a non manglik boy marry a manglik girl having mangal in 8th house, then the boy will die. Is it true?
2) Can a boy with No Dosha in Kundli can marry a girl with Dosha in kundli? Is there any evil effects in this marriage? Kindly reply. Thank you.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.
(i) No, please. This is not true that non-maglik boy if marries mangalik girl then boy would die or vice-versa. Death and birth are controlled by Almighty God based on sins and pious deeds and not mangalik etc. God has given the knowledge of Vedas to be followed by all human –beings. In Vedas, God does not tell about manglik etc., but He preaches that human-beings have been blessed with human body to always do pious deeds, worship of God according to Vedas. Vedas do not tell about mangalik etc., so no learned person accepts the same. Kundli etc., are also not mentioned in Vedas.

Kaal Sarp Yog & other such defects in astrology

Vedas are eternal and knowledge direct from God wherein such kaal sarp yog etc., are not mentioned, please. So you need not to worry. Please try to do havan daily even from gayatri mantra, which is a great worship of God and will give you benefit. The meaning of kaal is also time. So death comes according to time for which the God has given life to us. This is all based on our previous lives’ pious deeds and sins. So there is no effect of kaal sarp yog etc., in the life, but effect of deeds (karmas) only. So, one must do always pious deeds to be happy. Present pious deeds can burn our previous deeds also and life’s time can also be extended wide Yajurveda mantra 3/62.

About Mangalik

To know the truth our ancient Rishis have advised to tally the matter with Vedas. Since in Vedas there is no mention of word manglik so you need not to worry. The people who are not manglik are also suffering from the problems mentioned by normal married people. Shri Ram married Sita after breaking the bow. And nobody saw Shri Ram’s teva or Anything. In Mahabharat Yudhisthir married Draupadi by piercing arrow in the eye of a fish (the eye was pierced by Arjuna the younger brother of Yudhisthir) and there was no teva and manglik etc. Savitri married Satyavan at her own wish without any teva or manglik etc. Pandu married Kunti and Madri without teva or manglik etc. Teva means janam patri made by pandit i.e., horoscope.

According to Vedas these are not required and are self-made story. So please do not worry about manglik etc. Future is based on pious deeds, hard working towards a right path and God helps those who help themselves.


Vedas have science like electronics, electricity, agriculture, about earth i.e., what is within earth, etc., but not horoscope. All the science which is in vogue at present is already mentioned in Vedas.

N: I have worn Rudraksha (ek mukhi), but within the duration of 45 days, by fault i have eaten brownie(egg). I felt so bad for this, but what can I do now? What is the solution? As for duration of 45 days non veg was strictly prohibited. I have to go to temple, wash it with gangajal then water again. What should I do now?
Swami Ram Swarup: In reality, non-vegetarian and addiction is strictly prohibited by Almighty God keeping aside the matter of wearing Rudraksh etc. Our good and bad deeds make our life happy or sorrowful respectively. To remove bad deeds/sins, one has to worship God and follow the Vedic eternal path. So, under the guidance of learned acharya of Vedas and Ashtang Yoga Philosophy, we must-make our future bright. Vedas also do not tell to wear Rudraksh etc. I paste one of my articles in this regard.


Yajurveda mantra 7/48 and similar types of several mantras of Vedas state that we, the human beings are free to do pious deeds or sins. But result thereof is always awarded by Almighty God in the shape of happiness and sorrows respectively. Everybody knows that Almighty God is supreme judge, so how can a man, woman or a gem change the result of the deeds of a person. For example- God has given punishment to a person due to his sins of previous lives and person has to face sorrows, accident etc., then how can an astrologer or gem change the award of Almighty God. Actually, due to lack of the knowledge of Vedas, fundamental law of nature/God has now become unknown to the innocent public, with the result, several man made worships/rules etc., have been forced on the innocent public and in this way, the public is being divested of money and happiness. Our country has been a land of rishis and munis who have never deceived the people. Instead, they serve the people whole heartedly and maintain peace. Yes, somebody can claim that he has been benefited by wearing gem, present astrology and by following the path of false saints etc. But, it is not a reality, say Vedas. Actually, what happens is that the benefit achieved by such people is due to the result given by God to them based on their pious deeds of previous lives. Vedas –shastras further tell that even in the absence of adoption of the said false path, the benefit would have inevitably accrued to the person. Otherwise several people adopt the false path, which is against the Vedas, but only few get the said benefit. If the path had been true according to Vedas then everyone could receive the benefit. Our pious human body has been blessed by the God to achieve the true path stated in Vedas by which final liberation is attained.

Future is based on present pious deeds. If anyone wants to make his future bright, he is required to do hardworking, pious deeds to maintain honesty, firm decision and daily worship of God. Yajurveda mantra 7/48 states that human beings are free to do pious deeds or sins but result is awarded by God in the shape of pleasure, long, happy life and sorrows respectively. So why to worry about the future. In fact we should be concerned about our present pious deeds which will make our future bright. It is a fundamental law of Vedas that present pious deeds alongwith eternal worship of God based on Vedas destroys the result of previous lives’ sins which have to be borne in our future or present life.

So instead of wasting our energy in baseless thoughts or worries about future, we should channelize our energy in doing pious deeds in our present time.

Geeta: I have taken a vow to do hanuman Chalisa for 45 days. 3 times a day. Will this accomplish what I want. I am doing this to attain a specific purpose.
Swami Ram Swarup: I will have to give the answer of your good question based on the pure, eternal philosophy of Vedas. Vedas tell that pious desires are fulfilled by doing daily havan and organizing Yajyen time to time. In Yajyen a learned acharya of Vedas is placed on asan and under his guidance the Yajyen is performed. One should also do daily name jaap of almighty God. To do hanuman chalisa jaap as mentioned by you has not been preached by Almighty God in Vedas. Yet, you have your own decision and you may go ahead as you like.