Nik: I am doing havan for last 6 months or so & trying to follow Vedas ! Like I said earlier , my wife is against it as she thinks cos of havan , the whole house is getting polluted and carbon is being emitted To make it worse now , my 2 yrs old daughter who I mentioned earlier who used to chant gayatri mantra , she had been coughing for last 2 weeks & when taken to the doctor , the doctor has prescribed a inhaler pump stating that it could be asthma! Now my wife is really upset with me & blames it on my havans carbon emissions ! As I am in London , I am not able to get right wood for havan! I just buy havan wood from a shop , which says havan wood on it! I am very sure it’s not because of havan, my little one is suffering from cough while sleeping for the last 2 weeks! But at the same time , my heart is breaking, as I am writing this email to you, as I am deciding to not do havan from tomorrow till I get an answer from you through God! Please convince my wife and please bless my little daughter! Please answer my question ASAP! Regards , Nik.
Swami Ram Swarup: Hawan does not cause harm. However, please ensure that in hawan ,mango twigs or peepal, beri or bargad or sheesham wood is used. Always avoid the wood which creates smoke like that of cheed tree. Secondly, please ensure that hawan is performed in open place. In case of rain or unavoidable circumstances hawan can be performed in balcony, verandah etc. to perform hawan/Yajyen or to listen to Vedas from learned acharya and to do yogabhyas is an order of Almighty God in Vedas and those who hate it or tell to stop it are totally against Vedas and Almighty God which is harmful to them. Now, we have to decide whether we obey God’s order to perfrom Yajyen or man’s order- to stop it.

Asthma is not because of performing hawan. Now, I would also like to advise you not to create anger, friction, quarrel or hate etc., in family but always advise them that hawan is performed as it is an order of Almighty God and all should do it sincerely.

You see, Ravanna, Duryodhan,Kkansa and Aurangzeb etc., were against the hawan/Yajyen, Vedas and Rishi-munis. As a result they destroyed their entire family and assets etc. Please convey my heartiest blessings to your little loving daughter to get early relief from the disease.

Vishal: Namaste Guruji, Why we do get haircut and shaving to Tuesday? Is it harmful to get haircut and shaving on Tuesday? Please explain.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji.

There is no harm to get shaving and haircut done on any day including Tuesday as all days are made by God and are pure. In Vedas, there is no restriction in this matter.

Chander: Swamiji Charan Vandana I wrote a question before got a email that swamiji replied my question but looking in the pages of answers of the question could not find mine. I want to do nursing but some how so many obstacles come in my way. my life is very struggle full, please give me aashirwad and suggestion so I can succeed in my life.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. You are again requested to see your papers now please because I remember that your question has been answered recently i.e., late because I was out of station, please.

Shailesh: Namaskar swami ji, I’m very thankful to you to giving the real knowledge of vedas, my question is, i always use the word ‘Hindu’, is it exists in Vedas? Thank you.
Swami Ram Swarup: You are welcome, please.

Hindu word does not exist in Vedas. In this connection, I paste my article below:-

About Hindus

The word Hindu was used for all the citizens who lived in India across Sindhu River. This word was used for the first time by Greeks and Unanis. Thereafter Arabians and Farsis used this word. So in reality Hindu means all the citizens, whether Sikh, Muslim, Christian or others, of India. Just like in America all type of citizens live there but are called citizens of USA i.e.,Americans.

Nowadays it is called that Vedas, shastras, Geeta, Ramayana and some other holy books of Sanskrit languages are related to Hindus. Vedas are the ancient holy knowledge of the world given direct from God always, at the time of creation. I have written a lot about this and would request you to please read

However, shunya (zero) is created but God is not made by anybody else instead Almighty God creates universe. Shunya is also space, which is also created by God. So God is above space, beyond calculation, beyond imagination and beyond description. Yet God has unlimited qualities for example, Yajurveda mantra 40/8 says that God is everywhere, He has no shape, no nervous system, nobody can make hole in Him, He is Almighty and does not require any assistance from anybody else. He is eternal, self sufficient, cannot be seen with eyes, beyond mind. He creates universe, nurses and destroys and again nurses and again creates. Just a small portion of His power creates universe and His great quality is also this that the whole universe which is seen by us is nothing because the Almighty God is greater than this creation. He gives birth according to our deeds (karmas) He is witness of all karmas being omnipresent and omniscient, etc., etc., that is the God has unlimited qualities and powers.