Aakash: Pranam Guruji Guruji with your blessings I am studying well. But Guruji I am busy from morning 7 to 9 in the evening. So usually I am able to find less time for meditation. GURUJI if a student is only doing meditation and no yogabhayas due to time constraints does that meditation becomes a sin or destructive.
2. You always say that prayers would be beneficial only if supported with hard work. So if God has empowered every one to do hard work. Basically I am asking this because I had a thought that if I am not able to do hard work as my dhayan is not coming on studies then it is God who does not want me to study. I know it is a stupid question but please clear this so that I could study again with full fervor.
3. Is it wrong to believe in one self that if I am preparing for an exam then I can clear it. I mean to ask having such confidence is necessary and I hope it is not ego. Pranam guru ji
Swami Ram Swarup: 1. My blessings to you. Good that you are busy in your study. To devote a less time in mediation at this juncture is not a sin.
2. To do hard work is not a matter of God. God has blessed us with human body and has given us freedom to do good or bad deeds or to follow laziness or alertness/hard work. God only awards the result of our deeds.
3. Yes to have a confidence in mind and to fix aim of life, to get success is not ego.

Aakash: Pranam Guruji I also want to ask that Guruji I at times find myself in a very confused situation. GURUJI I have found that I have become very confused to take any decisions because every time I want to take a decision I am always engulfed by the self doubts that it my be wrong according to Vedas or God will punish me for it. Like some times I am tired in the afternoon and want to sleep but I am not able to because you have always told not to sleep in the afternoons and thus my whole of the day goes a waste as I tired. Sometimes I want to motivate my self by reassuring that I can do what I am ought to like I can learn or crack the exam I am preparing for but then I have the doubt that it may be a sin to think like this as this is against Vedas to think of result and thus whole of my motivation again becomes zero and lay down as a lazy person.

I even am afraid to sit in meditation because I haven’t started yet with yoga along with it. Though I want to learn it from you only but after I have got my job that I aspire for. but I am afraid that without yoga only meditation would become a sin or detrimental to me.

Can I do meditation when ever I get time as I am in library for a long period of time and sit in meditation in between?

Is it wrong to be hopeful in life or to aspire for great Heights and achievement in life? GURUJI I have become so _________. Pranam guru ji.
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear son, I advised you a lot as before. So, please follow the advice everything will be okay and then your all doubts will be clear.