Balachandran: Please send me: Vedam, Vedas in Tamil.
Swami Ram Swarup: Book is being sent to you, please.

Rashmi: Guruji maharaaj, pranam n charan sparsh, Guruji maharaj please explain me the meaning of the following mantras:-
aum tvam no agne varunasya———Idamgney varune idm na mam.RV 4/1/4
aum sa tvam no agne avamo———Idamgney varune idm na mam. RV 4/1/5
Aum imama main vrun shrudi —-idam varunaay idam na mam. RV 1/25/19
Aum atva yami brahmana ——idam varunaay idam na mam. RV 1/24/11.
We pray to God to give you long and healthy life for the benefit of humanity.
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you all, my daughter.
Rigved mantra 4/1/4 :- Oh! (Agne) learned (Tvam) you (Vidwan) possess knowledge i.e., Oh! learned you are learned of Vedas. You are (Hedaha) dishonoured by those to whom you (Devasya Varunnasya) donate the most supreme knowledge.

Kindly (Yasi sishthaha) inspire us (Av) to overcome the said dishonour (shoshuchanaha) Oh! enlightened learned (Naha) for us , who (Yajishthaha) do the pious deeds and (Weh nitamah) perform the best Yajyen i.e., we always perform the best pious deeds and Yajyen (Pra Mumugdhi) remove/separate (Asmat) from us (Vishwa) all (Dveshansi) the deeds pertaining to hatred and jealousy. i.e., give us the vedic knowledge to adopt so that we become capable to remove hatred and jealousy.

Idea of the mantra :- it is observed that usually the learned are dishonoured by those to whom they give vedic knowledge. As far as present time is concerned several students do not give honour to the teachers, professors, principal etc. This mantra especially educates us to say that only an educated person cannot be considered as a learned.

Actually, he alone is learned who never dishonours the most supreme learned. Real vedic knowledge and present education educate us to be humble and to giver honour to the learned and elders.

Also, he is only the learned of Vedas and he only is teacher /professor in college/university who makes the student pious and destroys all his evils and ravages of hatred etc. Such learned of Vedas, teacher and professor etc., deserve to be respected.

Rigveda mantra 4/1/5 – Oh! (Agne) learned (saha) he, in Hindi weh (tvam) you, in hindi aap but in English meaning of ‘saha tvam’ will be ‘you’ i.e., Oh! learned kindly you (bhav) become (Avamaha) protector /saviour (naha) for us.

(Asya) in this (Ushsaha) dawn/early morning’s (Vayushtau) light (utau) through the deeds of protection (Nedishthaha) becoming nearest to us. You (Av yakshva) become available (Rarannaha) by giving us (varunnum) the best preacher. (Naha) for us (Suhavaha) who invite you in the best manner (veehi) be available every where (mreedeekum) the deeds which make us happy and (edhi) become available for us.

Idea :- the student must always get up early in the morning to obtain the knowledge from the learned. The dawn protects us from several illness and other difficulties. In this way, the mantra state that he is the best learned acharya who protects us like dawn by giving the best vedic knowledge and thus he separates us from bad conduct and makes us to follow the good conduct.
Rigved mantra 1/25/19:-

Oh! (Varunn) learned (adya) today, I (tvam aa chakey) praise you very well (avasyuhu) for desiring my protection. Kindly, (shrudhi) listen (may) my (hawam) acceptable praise (Mridaya) and give me happiness/divine pleasure by donating vedic knowledge.

Idea:- like Almighty God , Who blesses those devotee with divine pleasure, who praise Him with love and truth; similarly the learned acharya should give divine pleasure to his worthy devotees.
Left mantra will be sent in due course.