M A Siddiqui: As Salam Alaikum, I thanks the Almighty God that he has guided me to read the answer given by you regarding One God. Please guide me why different group of religion has been created in the earth. When all of them are accepting one God. I will be thankful for guidence. Thanking you.
Swami Ram Swarup: Walekum Aslam, Bhaiji. I am also thankful to you to quote the pious references of Quran sharief. No doubt, that God is One, He is Almighty, omnipresent, omniscient, unchangeable and unchallengeable. He only creates the universe, nurses it and then destroys it. The reason of creating different groups of religion is only selfishness. You are welcome, please.

D M: Mai abhi c.d. music ki shop chalata hoon aur usme dino din kamayee kam ho rahi hai.ab mai doosra kaam chalu karne ka soch rah hoon .please mujhe kounasa kaam karna chahiye iske bare me jaankaari deejiye
Swami Ram Swarup: Aapko apne present kaarya mein bhi income badane ka source khojna chahiye kyunki is kaam ka aapko experience hai. Otherwsie, doosra kaam tabhi kholein jab uske bare mein aap pooree jaankari paakar santusht (satisfied) ho jayein.

Rane: How to perform sarp kriya?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sarp Kriya is not mentioned in Vedas or any Shastras, please. So, sorry, I also do not know about it.

J S B: Charan Sparsh Guru ji, I came to Ved mandir in January 2011 to ask my doubts and learn Ashtang Yoga philosophy. With you blessing, I am getting progress in spiritual path(by doing Ashtang yoga practice, Yajyen, Sawadhyay). One of my cousin is suffering from spinal cord injury. With our spiritual discussion he also come to the conclusion that the Vedas are the real source of knowledge. And started Vedas preached worship(i.e. Ashtang yoga practice, Yajyen and Sawadhyay). Very soon I have plan to come there for further knowledge, and he also want to come there. I don’t want to give trouble there as he need extra care. Is it right that I may come there along to learn and share knowledge with him as doing now? Or should take care of his willing? Pranam Guru ji.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. It would be better if you bring him along with you over here. There will be no problem for 2-3 days stay or 4-5 days stay here along with you. Again, my blessings to you.