Mandajit: Respected Swamijee, Please describe the Daily Pooja Method as per Vedas.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Vedas tell to awake early in the morning i.e., up to 4:00 a.m. After going to bathroom and doing hygiene tasks, one should sit on any asan to do the jaap of holy name of God –OM. Thereafter, one should do Ashtang Yoga practice which includes meditation and prannayam. After finishing this worship when the sun rises and spreads its rays on the earth, one should do daily hawan. The said worship is always done under the guidance of learned acharya of Vedas. One should also listen to Vedas from a learned acharya. The said worship should be practised daily while discharging all family duties. So, one should immediately make contact with learned of Vedas to know and to do the said worship so as to attain peace and salvation.

Guruprasad: Crores of Pranams Maharajji. With your blessings and divine presence with us, Bangalore book festival is going very nice. Lots of people showed interest in your books and appreciated the books and efforts. Even some Christian schools took the books having understanding the fact that Vedas does not speak about Hindu religion nor any other religion. There are lot of Muslim book shops near our stall and one of the stall distributes the Holy Quran free of cost to all non-Muslims. One gentleman from Ahmedia community came and spoke to us regarding Vedas and understood some facts like Vedas speaks about one God and no reference of any stories or Avatar are mentioned in Vedas. They also purchased Vedas Divine light – 1 book. Many people
did not purchase the book, however, came to our stall and understood about you and your life and Gurukul system of Vedic studies and as well promised to see the website and order books later on from website. It was a real miracle that our stall which was allocated the last stall in the room was shifted to the entrance without any efforts of us. We were just silent and the director of the book fare himself came to us and changed the stall to the entrance. All with your blessings Maharajji. We cannot express any thanks to you and the Almighty for giving us such rare opportunity to spread the holy message of Vedas. We always pray that our mind should be pure and should not get any pride that we are spreading the message of Vedas. We are trying to register for the Chennai book event as well and understood that Chennai book fair will have more people visiting than Bangalore.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my dear son. My son and dear daughter, I appreciate your views and heartily bless you for your hard working in the book fair which has given an extraordinary good result. As I’ve been telling everybody that this is your seva towards Almighty God and Guruji. You will surely get the blessings of God also in return. Please go ahead for Chennai book fair as well. Your E-mail has been received here only 2-3 days back. I think there is some delay in correspondence due to heavy task on son Kapil. I’ve been telling him to do the needful. My heartiest blessings to you all.

Aman: What is the soul made of?
Swami Ram Swarup: Soul is eternal and everlasting matter. Eternal and everlasting matters are not made of anything. You see, the matter which is made gets definitely destroyed one day but soul is immortal and therefore is not made of any matter i.e., there is no date of birth of soul.