Vijayalakshmi: In what ways is an enlightened person different from ordinary person? After enlightenment, does a person still feel limitations of the world? If yes, then how can he be happier than before? What is it that makes the world appear beautiful in-spite of all problems when enlightenment is achieved? Does an enlightened person know who is a good Swami and who is fake? If he knows, why does he not expose fake Swami’s so that other people are not fooled by them?
Swami Ram Swarup: Enlightened person has controlled his senses, perceptions, intellect and mind. He is always benevolent for others. He always does justice. He is learned of Vedas and has realized God by following Vedic path. He never tells lies. So, there are so many other divine qualities which exist in enlightened person which are not seen in ordinary person. After enlightenment the yogi does not feel himself separate from any living being. Enlightenment is itself the best achievement by which world appears beautiful. Yes, enlightened person knows about true saints. Actually to know the real saint enlightenment is not needed but knowledge of Vedas is required, based on which difference between true and false prophets appears clearly.

Actually, this has been a nature in the world that falsehood spreads quickly. On the contrary, the truth spreads slowly, slowly and slowly. So, nowadays you see that followers of falsehood are unlimited that of truth are on tips.

Secondly, to spread the truth support of king, political leaders is required but when the protector becomes the destructor then both goes in vain.

Neha: Guruji pranam. Aap ka interview dekha acha lga. Maine kaafi logo ko ye forward bhi kiya. Guruji aap se ek bte kheni thi mujhe aap ka mail mila cd wala . Abi mujhe mili ne cd. Aur me kl singapore ja re 7 jan tk ke liye. Abi tk mujhe cd aur bill mila ne jb tk ye pahuchega tb me yaha ne hongi isliye aapeke bill ke paise me aake dungi. Guruji agr hum hmesa ke liye india ke bhr settle ho jaye to useme koi butai to nhi? Guruji cow ko jaise ghr ke bachi roti sabzi daal dete hai kya asa krena chiye? Cow to equal hoti hai. Kya jhothadena galat ni.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. Thank you beti the money is no problem beti. Either you give the money or not. Actually, I will feel personal pleasure if you study books and Cd and preach is adhered in life. For whole of life India se bahar honey kee agya ved nahi deta parantu kuchh varsh dhan kamane ke liye prithivi ke kisi bhi part par jaane kee agya ved deta hai, aage sabki apnee marzi hai. Cow ko jhoota bhojan mat do par bacha hua suchcha (jo jhootha nahi kiya) bhojan dena punnya hai.