Shyam: Shashtang Dandwat Pranam Maharai ji. Maharaj ji main yog asan pranayam seekhne ke liye aana chahata hun kyonki main New Year ke Yajyen me bhi apne wife aur son ke saath aana chahata hun. Kirpaya Maharaj ji mujhe new year ke Yajyen me bhi ane ki anumati pradan karen. Apka shishya
Swami Ram Swarup: Beta mera tumhe ashirwad. Sukhi Raho. Aap sab Yajyen mein sammilit hone ke liye khushi se aao.

Lalit: Maharaji Sadar Pranam
1. Would it be fine if in open (outside city, in a village land) lots of wood is burned with pouring of ghee and havan samagri without the mantras and other rituals (difficult to perform as prescribed because of the large scale)for environmental cleaning.
2. From the learning’s I have received through the website , vedmandir magazine/books and respected maharaji , I use that to debate and discuss on dharmic and spiritual matters . Is it fine to tell/inform people that if who ever they follow do not preach from the vedas , then that guru/swami/rishi is not authentic and they are on the wrong path.
Deepest Regards. Pranam and charan sparsh. Lalit . Lucknow
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son.
1.) Samved already states that Yajyen must be performed with ved mantras only. So, if we go against the Samved mantra then there will be no use of burning the woods and offering the ghee in it.

2.) Yes, my son. It has been cleared in Vedas about the pious deeds and sins that if we do deeds according to Vedas then we please the God and if we do deeds against the Vedas, then it will be a sin i.e., if a person does deeds which does not tally with ved mantras then being unauthentic he is doing mistakes/sins. Rigved states that without attaining the knowledge of Vedas, no one can realise God.

You see that in this connection, Rishi Patnajali in Yog Shastra sutra 1/7 brief four types of proof given in support of any views of anybody. The four types of proof are Pratyaksh, Anumaan, Aapta, Aagam. Agam means ved mantras’ proof or statement of a mantradrishta rishi. You may see the detail of sutra in Yog Shastra for your guidance and spread the Vedic knowledge to others also.