H: Respected Guruji, What is the karmic consequences of abortion? Is there anyway to ask forgiveness from the aborted soul or forgiveness from god to remove karmic consequences? What kind of results could be faced due to the evil act in future /present life? With regards, H.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Karma phal (result of our deeds) is awarded by God. So, God only knows about karmic consequences of abortion.

Actually, fundamental law of God is this that He never forgives any body but another law has also been framed by God that if a person learn Vedas and starts daily yajyen/agnihotra, name jaap and practice of Ashtang yog under guidance of learned acharya then God destroy the sins.

Result of deeds is awarded by God, as quoted above.

Dharmaraj: Please tell me my rashiphal.
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas, teva, mangalik, kaal sarp dosh, present astrology, navgrah pooja etc., do not exist. Therefore learned of Vedas, Rishis, munis, yogis do not accept it. Vedas tell that if a person worships God according to Vedas then he becomes able to destroy effect of bad deeds and thus enjoy good, healthy, happy life.

Raushan: Shudra log kaise aaye…aur kya shudra me se kbhi koi raja bna aur bna to kitne log aur kaun. Shudhra me se koi mahrshi ya vhut gayani sadhu jinko ijjt mila…ya jinhe aj bhi yad kiya jata h.

Swami Ram Swarup: Brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya , shudra , yeh char varnna hain jo kahin se nahin aatey. Inka nirnnaya pracheenkaal se karmon ke adhar par hota aaya hai. Is Vishay mein Yajurved mantra 31/11 kehta hai ki janam lene ke baad jo balak bachpan se vedic shiksha lekar vedon ka gyata hota hai usey Brahmin kul mein gintey hain. Jiske bajuyon mein takat hai aur jo desh evam nyay kee raksha karta hai usey kshatriya, jo desh mein aan-dhann aur sab samaan ko nyay porvak vitrann karta hai, weh vaishya aur jo agyanvash vidya grahann nahin kar paata, usey shudra kaha jata hai. Shudra ke ghar mein utpann balak apnee mehhnat se ved vidya grahann evam acharann karke vidwaan banta hai, weh Brahmin kehlayega aur issee tarah anya varnna karmon ke adhaar par nishchit hotey aaye hain lekin ved vidya ka gyan na prapt karne ke karann aaj varnna vyavastha karmon ke adhaar par nahin apitu janam ke adhar par maanney lagey hain. Phir bhi main is Vishay mein apna article paste kar raha hoon.

Vedas: Caste System by deeds

Chapter 31 of the Yajurved preaches about divine education of creation. Mantra states that God creates the universe from prakriti then in a sequence He at last gives
the knowledge of the four Vedas, as I have told earlier and its brief exists in 7th mantra stating that the knowledge of four Vedas emanates direct from Almighty God. Then in 10th mantra there are some questions as follows—-
1. In this creation of God who is exalted/praise-able like mouth?
2. Who possesses strength/power like arms?
3. Who has the power in thigh to do the work of business?
4. Who is low like the feet, i.e., ignorant/foolish/unwise?

The answer is given in the next 11th mantra—

O! aspirant (ASYA) in this creation of God (BRAHAMANNAH) knower of the Vedas and God (ASEET) is (MUKHAM) the supreme like a mouth in the body (BAHOO) warrior/ powerful like arms (KRITAH) is made (RAJNAYAH) Kshatriya (YAT) and he who (UROO) is able to do hard deeds of business etc., like thigh (TAD) he (ASYA) in this creation (ASEET) is (VAISHYAH) Vaishya i.e., business man (PADBHAYAAM) he who serves (AJAYAT) he take birth as (SHUDRAH) i.e., being indulged in illusion/ignorance etc. So from the above it is clear that in this creation of God, man and woman takes birth and are defined as BRAHMANN, KSHATRIYA, VAISHYA and SHUDRA, according to their qualities as briefed above.

So the God has not made the caste system by birth but based on present life’s deeds. The caste system has led to the degradation of the country. God has made only one human race duly clasified into four parts, viz., —- brahmin, kshatriya, vaishyas, and shudra as per present life’s deeds. However, this classification has been made for efficient working of society while keeping the nation strong and united.

As per Yajurved mantra 22/22 nation requires education in both fields—
i) worldly like science, mathematics etc., and
ii) spiritual from eternal knowledge of Vedas, which is given by a brahmin having his qualities. Nation requires protection from enemies for which army and police is required, which is kept in command by kshatriya according to qualities of kshatriya.

Nation requires proper distribution of all needed items to the country like food, clothing, shelter. Essential commodities, etc., which is distributed by Vaishya/Mahajan (business-man) based on his qualities of vaishya.

Nation requires services of home, country and public which is kept in command by shudra i.e., those persons who do not acquire qualities of brahmin, kshatriya and vaishya due to lack of their studies etc. So, human race is one which has to discharge its duties in four parts stated above. And these duties have been entrusted to them by God in Vedas.

So the spreading of real knowledge of Vedas on this subject will only promote the brotherhood, love, co-operation and progress together. The said knowledge also ends the ravages of hatred among the communities.

Anadikaal se isee parampara ke dwara shudra kshatriya bhi hue aur Raja bane lekin unka koi record nahin hai kyunki woh to giney hee kshatriya jaate thei unhein yeh nahin kaha jaata tha ki weh shudra se kshtriya baney hain. Isee prakar kai Brahmin bhi aur Rishis bhi baney. Usmein ek example to Upnishad mein aata hai- jub ek vaishya Jabala ka putra satyakaam gurukul mein acharya se shiksha lene gaya to uske gunn dekhkar acharya ne usey kaha ki tu Brahmin kul mein hai aur weh ek din Mahan Rishi banaa.

Yes, at present the Vedic culture declines due to present education system as there is no period kept to educate students about Vedas, to educate them to perform hawan and to know about Ashtang Yoga. During Yudhishthir’s time-period, the tradition of getting knowledge from gurukul had not declined. So children used to seek education in gurukul. At that time, Sanskrit language was used in daily routine right from the birth of the children. Yes in the ancient times there was a prostitute Jabala and his son got the knowledge from his acharya and as a result he became famous Rishi. When God has blessed us with this human body then everyone is entitled to change his sanskars. No, it was not difficult for shudra to get admission in gurukul because by law, every varnna was entitled for the same.

Ved Mandir