Gajraj: Swamiji Namaskar! Would you Pl., have a look on the Vedic Prarthana (Oum-Vandana ) that I had composed last year and I had mailed a copy to you also. The contents in it are true according to our Most sacred Vedas or is there any mistake? Please, let me know at the earliest.
Swami Ram Swarup: My dear, Gajraj Singh. My blessings to you. Sorry, I am not recollecting about your composed Vedic prarthna. So, I request you to please send the same at your earliest. I shall be grateful to you, if the CD of the same is sent which will save my time.

Omkara: Dear swamiji, pranams. What are beneficial effects of doing sandhya vandana? What is the sighnificance of doing it?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. Sandhya means sam+dhya i.e., a meditation in a good process. So, when we recite Sandhya mantra and offer aahuti in burning fire of havan kund then we do 1.) prayer of God 2.)Stuti i.e., praise of God and 3.) Upasana i.e., worship/meditation of God. When we do the same means we have been doing complete worship of God. The meaning of worship is to do respect of God. In the said process, we please the God who in turn protects us from all kinds of mishappenings and sorrows and gives long, happy life. We must know that every matter of the universe like sun, moon, air, water, earth, vegetables, food, milk, greeneries, all living bodies etc., have been created by Almighty, omnipresent God and all the unlimited said matters have been made for the benefit and to live upon by us. Therefore, if we the human-beings in return do not thank the God by doing his worship then definitely we will be thankless persons. The main motto of human-being is to worship God to destroy all sorrows and attain salvation by following Vedic path. Therefore, those who are failed to do worship of God they only face the result of their previous lives’ good and bad deeds in the shape of happiness and sorrows and the deeds done in the present life will have to be faced in the next birth. Every person therefore should be alert and while discharging their family duties, they should also follow the Vedic path to worship the God.