Arpita Sudesh: Is Prophet Mohammed mentioned in Bhawat Gita?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please. His name is not mentioned in Bhagwad Geeta. Bhagwad Geeta has been written five thousands and about three hundred years ago, i.e., before Hazrat Mohammad sahib.

Rajeev Bhatnagar: Puja to pacify pitradosha.

Arpita Sudesh: Is Prophet Mohammed mentioned in Bhawat Gita?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please. His name is not mentioned in Bhagwad Geeta. Bhagwad Geeta has been written five thousands and about three hundred years ago, i.e., before Hazrat Mohammad sahib.

Rajeev Bhatnagar: Puja to pacify pitradosha.
Swami Ram Swarup: This subject is not mentioned in Vedas please. Yajurveda mantra 7/48 states that we are free to do pious deeds or sin but result is always awarded by god. And we have to face the result in the shape of happiness or sorrows respectively. However, pitr means alive, in Vedas there are five alive devs, i.e., mother, father, atithi, acharya and God. We have to serve the first four and must worship one formless god only, whose description exists in four Vedas. He is almighty, omnipresent, creates, nurses and destroys the universe.

N. S. Venkateshwaran: During chandra grahan/surya grahan time (lunar/solar eclipse) can we partake food or we should remain empty stomach? What do the Vedas say above eclipses?
Swami Ram Swarup: Better if we do not take food. Vedas clearly states about lunar/solar eclipse, that the same occur.

Vandana: According to Vedas when does the soul enter the foetus?
Swami Ram Swarup: The body of human being is non-alive like stone, iron, etc. So body is increased when soul is within it. Therefore the first very day, the soul enters.

T. Anandi: I know that Bhakti Saranam and Mounam (silence) are essential to lead life. But when I face a problem it is very difficult to follow. Please tell me how can develop.
Swami Ram Swarup: Bhakti means to serve the parents, elders, and Acharyas. So when we know our duties from Vedas/holy books and to discharge our duties faithfully for family, society and nation, it means we are doing bhakti. So first of all one should seek advices of a learned acharya for bhakti etc. then there will be no problem.

Kaustubh: I agree that we are souls and not body. But, still, there must be some ultimate purpose for us to achieve in life and not to just continue getting next birth/life everytime. There must be some destination. Is there?
Swami Ram Swarup: Human body is meant to know duties from eternal Vedas under advices of a learned Acharya. Then we follow path of progress in spiritualism as well as in education, science etc., simultaneously. The said path enables us to get salvation, which is the main motto of human life where rebirth ends. This path provides us with long happy life.

Preet: I have listened since childhood that Islam religion is just temporary religion. Its age is only 1400 years. Is it true?
Swami Ram Swarup: The above matter has not been listened by me

Preetam: Is there any body of God? I have listened that Hanuman is Amar. What does amar means here?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv are the names of God, who is ONE. So God is one but his names are several. Amar means salvation. Salvation is attained by soul and not body.

Vivek: I have a niece born few days back. I am looking for a name if you can please suggest one… rashi is dhanu (dh, bh, f)
Swami Ram Swarup: Dhriti (who has COURAGE), Bhamati (enlightened), are the two names amongst which you can select one,

Radha: Can I ask questions about my personal life and Guruji will answer them?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please.

Chetan Gossi: Is it always important for the havan to be finished before noon? Or does it depend on what occasion it is?
Swami Ram Swarup: Samveda Mantra 14 states to perform havan daily and both times i.e., in morning and in evening, please. It is performed just when Sun is to rise and in the evening, the havan must be finished before sunset. Air and rays of light of Sun spread the good effect of ghee, havan samgiri etc., in atmosphere. So, if sunlight will not be there then spreading of effect of the same will be over. However, the result of pious deed will remain.

Richa Kaushik: What is knowledge?
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear daughter, let us deeply consider the concept of ‘knowledge’ given by Almighty God Himself, in Atharvaveda Kand 4, Sukta 31:-
Mantra 1:- When an aspirant pursues hard study of Vedas under the guidance of the Acharya, who is learned of Vedas, then the aspirant also becomes learned/knowledgeable and through this supreme weapon of Vedic knowledge he annihilates his enemies like anger, lost, bad desires etc. Then through this Vedic knowledge, the aspirant “Upprayantu” permanently attaches himself to God, which has been beautifully explained in Geeta Shloka 7/17 by the word “Nitya yuktaha” i.e., permanently attached to God.

It shall not be out of place to mention that the knowledge imparted by true holy Granths including Bhagwad Geeta, has been taken from Vedas, which emanate direct from Almighty God.

Mantra 2:- Knowledge is our chief commander which annihilates the defects/vices like anger, bad desires, lest, irreligious deeds senses, perceptions etc. knowledge means to realize God, prakriti and soul(separate from each other) in Asampragyat Samadhi by virtue of study of Vedas and hard practice of Ashtang Yoga.

Mantra 3:- Knowledge obliterates vices like pride etc.

Mantra 4:- Aspirant who has knowledge of Vedas wields God’s power through the true worship of God as per Vedas i.e., Yajyen/Havan, Ashtang Yoga Practice, name jaap of God etc. Then aspirant alone acquires the capability to annihilate his enemies of anger, lust, bad desires etc. Mantra further explains addressing the knowledge symbolically that Oh knowledge! We may conquer illusion and continue chanting Ved mantras which enlighten us. So it also explains the fact that if a person lacks Vedic knowledge of Vedas then he will not be able to chant Ved Mantras. Then definitely he would misinterpret the meaning of Geeta and other granths and deliver speech against Vedas which the innocent public would accept. Since the public herself is innocent from Vedas knowledge.

Mantra 5, 6, 7:- Vedic knowledge protects the Yajyen of life. God is the ultimate source of knowledge. Attainment of Vedic knowledge is the true worship of God.

Hence when the aspirant follows the conduct in conformity with the preach given in Vedas and acquires Vedic knowledge then he attains Asampragyat Samadhi i.e., realizes God. This is the final/ultimate stage of knowledge.

So one should clearly understand through eternal knowledge of Vedas that mere bookish knowledge and its speech will not serve the purpose instead the same will promote illusion.

Ashish Verma: I wish to know about Sankalap and its relevance in spiritualism/religion. In English it is referred as Solemn Vow. In the puja of the Hindu system, sankalp is made. Please endow me with complete information.
Swami Ram Swarup: Sankalp mean only the good desires which come in mind. Please note again “Only the good desires” and not bad ones. Vikalp mean bad desires. So it is not well translated in English as “Solemn vow” because solemn vow may be used for bad thoughts also. It could be pious vow. Yes, in the worship of God/Pooja etc. Sankalp is made i.e., one should determine that he will think about pious desires only and not bad. In the worship/Pooja also there is a pious atmosphere all over and Pandit/Acharya etc., when say to do sankalp the Yajmaan/aspirant thinks about pious desires in ‘Sanskrit/Hindi , it is sankalp. So somebody makes sankalp to donate cow, somebody for money, somebody to leave bad habits etc., etc., etc. Yajurvaveda chapter 34, too states “Tat Mein Manaha Shiv Sankalpamastu” i.e., Oh God! My mind must be of pious thinking only.

C K Vatsa: I am sorry, I didn’t mean to inconvenience you. Please do not deviate from your routine. Dhanyawad for the reply.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you for a long, happy life and you are always welcome. The person like you is really lucky to think about Vedas. Yajurvaveda Mantra 23/9 puts question “Kaha Ekakki Charti”? i.e., “Who moves alone”? God Himself gives answer, “Suryaha Ekaki Charti” i.e., “Sun alone moves in the space.” So God has given knowledge that he who is learned of Vedas, He does hard working and gets good results alone. Yajurvaveda Mantra 17/68 too admits the same knowledge. “Swaryanto Na Apekshente Adyang Rohanti Rodsi” i.e., the aspirants who works hard, moves according to Vedas, gets progress to realize God, alone. He starts, gets quick and attains the target alone. He does not expect any help from anybody except God and learned Acharya. At last, then it is seen that huge crowd starts following him but not in the beginning or in between the stage. So I am proud of you that you have great love of Vedas.

Lina: I am very glad to receive your reply to my question. Thank you for that. My question today is it a sin to love people of the same gender? If we are bramha not the body then what difference does it make if a girl loves a girl or boy loves a boy or boy loves a girl?
Swami Ram Swarup: Thanking you, please. You are most welcome. Yes, please. To go against the nature is a sin. However, if love with in same gender is not based on sexual requirement/matter. Then it is not a sin because that love will be with soul to soul and will be everlasting like love of Shri Ram, Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan like love of Acharya with all his disciples keeping aside genders, like love of female Acharya with her female disciples, like love of Sita and Urmila, both sisters etc., etc. This love requires no gender difference. This pious love may with same or different genders. We are not Brahma please. Soul can never be Brahma. Soul takes birth in body but God never takes body, soul faces result of his good or bad deeds but not God.

Anonymous: I hear constant noise in the background when doing my meditation or when I am in a quiet place. Is there some thing more to it?
Swami Ram Swarup: No doubt an aspirant listens some voices during meditation but the voices may be of mouse also. So please intimate what type of voice may be of mouse also. So please intimate what type of voice do you listen, then I shall be able to advice you about the voices.

Kaustubh: Why do human beings exist? What is there purpose in the world?
Swami Ram Swarup: We are souls and not body. Soul cannot do anything without the assistance of eyes, nose, ear tongue, skins, legs, hands, mouth etc. so the Human body is blessed by God face the result of the previous life’s deeds and whatever we will do now we will face in next births. This process is eternal and unchangeable please. Suppose, one man do nothing and sits idle then people will naturally say what is the use of life of such an idle/lazy man? So, is the case of soul. If soul will not be provided with bodies then soul will also remain idle just like in coma. Then, what will be the use of soul when it remains idle. Does anybody want to remain idle? Human beings are free to do pious deeds or sins but result is awarded by God. So, to face sorrows or happiness both are result of our own deeds. Whatever we are experiencing in present life, therefore, are the results of our own deeds and is called luck. However, luck is changed by doing present pious deeds.

Shridhar: How many times should gayatri mantra be repeatedly chanted while performing gayatri yadna? When and how the “purna ahuti” is perfomed or given. How to pacify or calm the holy yadna fire after “purna ahuti”?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is up to the capability and time factor that for how long an aspirant can continue chanting the Gayatri mantra. However, Gayatri mantra must be chanted both times minimum 21 times and maximum 101 time. Gayatri Yajyen is a worship of God in which an aspirant praises, pray and worship God. Human life is meant for worship when anyone do worship it means he does his pious duty and worship to God. Human life is meant for worship it means he does his pious duty and God is pleased. In return God gives every pleasure. However Yajyen is actually done from other mantras also. Therefore, you are advised to study my book named “YAJ KARMA SARVASHERESTH ISHWAR PUJA” in which process to perform yajyen is mentioned with all Ved mantras along with benefits of Yajyen. After doing
complete Yajyen either from Gayatri mantra or along with other Mantra purn aahuti is offered. After performing yajyen the pious fire must automatically be cooled.

Sriram: I am not getting peace in worldly events. I want the guru who should touch my heart and enlightens the real truth, I’m very happy if
you gives me the way I should practice to get peace to realise who am I and for what am I here?
Swami Ram Swarup: Relationship are always made between two matters which are always separate from each other. For example, if anyone says that this is my son. It means he is separate and his son is separate. This is my table. So table is separate and he is separate. This is my house, so the house is separate and he is separate. Similarly when a person says that this is his head, eye or nose. It means the person is separate and person’s head, eye or nose are separate. When the person says that this is his body, it means that he is separate from his body. It reveals that the person is neither body nor eyes etc., so who is he? All Vedas and shastras state that in human body soul resides and within soul there is God. Soul takes body according to deeds— karmas. Soul is alive whereas human body is non-alive and made of prakriti. Soul is immortal and body is destroyed one day. When an aspirant goes to his spiritual Guru who is learned of Vedas, shastras then the guru gives knowledge to the aspirant to worship God, to realize himself. So every human being requires guidance of a spiritual true guru. The main motto of human life is to use human body for pious deeds/worship etc., to realize himself (soul). You’re always welcome to come here.

Arvind: I have learnt Veda from my Guruji. My irony is that I chant Veda but don’t understand its meaning. I have read that it is a waste to chant without knowing the meaning. Which is the complete book i should read to know what is the duty of an individual and the pathway to attain Moksha?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is a matter of pleasure that you have learnt Vedas from your Guruji. Yes, you are right that mere chanting of Vedas will do nothing. So you should know word-meanings sandhi-vichched etc. of the mantras. It is not a difficult task. As all Vedas state everybody must perform daily havan with Ved mantras which is the best worship of God too. So I’ll advise you to study books written by me, named “Yajyen Karma-Sarvashreshth Ishwar Pooja.” In the book the process of Yajyen, Ved mantras and meaning of each word of every Ved mantra has been described. The path to attain Moksh begins from listening of Vedas and performing of havan/Yajyen daily. Then aspirants must do pious deeds according to Vedas, as the ancient Rishis, Shri Rama, Shri Krishna and their public did. Please refer to Vedas Philosophy article for your reference. Then to control the senses, perceptions and mind one should learn Ashtang Yoga philosophy from an experienced yogi and must do hard practice thereof.

Arvind: How will I know how long I have to go in this journey and where do I stand as of today? To achieve this vision what should be my plan of action in the remaining days of my life?
Swami Ram Swarup: So Samveda mantra 1874 states the remaining life with immediate effect must be offered fully to God and Acharya to serve them in the shape of pious deeds mentioned above and are told time to time.

Arvind: I spoke to one of my friend last night and he asked me do you have any proof that “Surya” has been created by GOD. He asked this because he says if you give me the proof only then I believe. I have very little knowledge and hence I told him you should take the help of a Guru who can build this conviction in you. I have many questions to ask I will start my
interaction with you with your blessings.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, science too states that any shape of a structure is made by combination of atoms and too in some fixed ratio. Secondly, without making the same by anybody, the structure is itself not made. There must be somebody who creates the same. Now it is hundred percent correct given that if somebody sees from a far distance, smoke in the space, then there is sure burning fire behind the smoke. There is a great importance of such given in the spiritualism too. So everybody must think and guess after looking at sun, moon, sky, trees, sea etc. etc.
a. Who has created such a beautiful world like sun, moon etc. and too in fixed ratio of atoms.
b. Definitely, this is not a creation of human-being.
c. Creation is not created at its own.
d. Scientists can make formulae but not atoms and its fixed ratio to create any object.
e. So there must be somebody who is a creator.
f. Then a question arises who is the creator?
g. Vedas and all ancient spiritual Granths directly state that formless, Almighty, omnipresent God is the only creator.

In this connection Rigveda Mantra 10/191/3 and 4 states that God has created the sun, moon etc. exactly same as He created previous universe.

If somebody is provided with all the material to construct a house like cement, concrete, mortar, iron etc., etc., but if he will not be provided with creator i.e. mason/ labour etc. then the house will not be built. Even the wrong calculation or wrong ratio of the cement, concrete, sand etc. will create problem in construction. So as is this creation.

Masood Ul Hassan: I like Vedic Astrology and also studying Hinduism. I am a Pakistan resident who was formerly working in USA. I have been advised several different shlokas to chant to get rid of my problems by my astrologer. Please advise.
Swami Ram Swarup: Thanking you, my dear Hassan. Present astrology is not mentioned in Vedas, please. In Vedas astrology means to research, to invent, to seek the matters in earth like gas, iron, coal etc., etc., to use in daily human life and research on sun, moon, etc., etc. Please, again try to get the visa, mentioning all the true picture of your life. Pray to God to fulfill your pious desire, daily. However, the mantra which you’ve been chanting will do nothing and such names are also not there in Vedas because such provision is not mentioned in Vedas. Only the name of formless, Almighty, omnipresent God who is the creator of this world must be uttered always by human beings. Yes, Vedas state that Yajyen/ havan also fulfill the pious deeds. I pray to God for your early sanction of visa. By that time, you may do any jaap whatever it may be to earn money to live upon. If possible, you may chant Gayatri mantra twice both times daily. It is a Ved mantra and will do good for you. Once an individual is entangled in problems, he must gather more and more encouragement within him because this is a sign of good religion. So, please do not loose your confidence. At this juncture you need more friends and support from each member of your family. So don’t worry, everything will be okay.

Rajesh: Swamiji what is the difference between rishi and muni?
Swami Ram Swarup: Not much difference, please, as both choose the path of Vedas. Both study Vedas and obey the same. However, literal meaning of Rishi is he who has studied Vedas and done hard practice of Ashtang Yoga philosophy. With the result, he has seen Ved mantras within him. Muni means he who studies Vedas and does the deepest thinking/ reflection on the same.

Gaurav Mukherjee: You have a real in depth knowledge of the Vedas, so I wanted to clarify one thing. Recently, I found out in a mystical website that it is written in the Vedas that in our Earth the first male from other planet arrived called “Ori” and lived in a place under the Pole Star (i.e the Artic today) and lived there and the place was called “Oriyana” after his name. Is it also written in the Vedas that 40.000 other life sustaining planets are present in the Galaxy? Is it mentioned in the Vedas Swamiji Please let me Know if it is true then the Vedas can provide actual valid information about our Planet how Life started here, which is one of the Big Questions unanswered till this day!
Swami Ram Swarup: No, please. There is no mention of “ori” or “oriyane” etc. Rigveda mandal 10, sukta 129 and Yajurveda chapter 31 and other two Vedas i.e. Samveda mantra 617 and 621, Atharvaveda kand 19, sukta 6, clearly state that Almighty God creates the universe from non-alive prakriti, then first of all non-sexual, creation along with non-alive son, moon, trees, water, space etc., etc., are created by the power of the God. The said law is eternal and unchangeable.

Vedas state that there is life in all the planets, but counting has not been
mentioned. Yes, Vedas provide the actual valid information about life in our planet.

Vikram: Does any Hindu holy book anywhere mention about Jesus?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please, Vedas, 6 shastras, Upnishads, Mahabharat, (Geeta), Valmiki Ramayan were written before Christ.

Rekha; My daughter’s name is TANUSHREE. Could you tell me the meaning of this?
Swami Ram Swarup: Tanu means lean, thin, beautiful. Shree means

Nithin: I remember reading in the website that to treta yuga belongs Krishna, to dvapara belongs Rama, to krita belongs Manu. I have two questions: So who is meant for Kali Yuga? Manu revealed Manu-smriti, Krishna revealed Geeta, what has Rama revealed?
Swami Ram Swarup: Shri Ram was born in treta and Shri Krishna in dwapur. The creation is eternal and automatic. Therefore the yugas i.e., satyug, treat, dwapur and kaliyug are also eternal. Creator is God. So nobody has made any yug, but it is in eternal creation. I have written a lot about creation on this web site. Please see the web site also. Manu wrote Manusmriti but neither Shri Ram nor Shri Krishna have written any spiritual books, etc. Bhagwat Geeta has been by Vyas Muni jee wherein there is a chapter Bheesham Parv. 18 chapters of Bhagwat Geeta have been taken from Bheesham Parv.

Lina: I am very glad to find a site where our questions are answered. My question is, if one person is devoted to God means does all bhajan, dharma, but doesn’t respect other human being and have greed, jealousy of others then what happens to such person? Does his bad karma is neutralized by bhakti? If yes then, which is important …to have a good, caring heart or to have a heart that sings bhajan all day but treat others like
Swami Ram Swarup: Thanking you please. The real meaning of devotion to God is to obey the preach of God mentioned in Vedas. Therefore to listen Vedas, to perform Yajyen, to do name jaap of God and do asan, prannayam, meditation etc, is a devotion which makes man able to be polite to co-operate to do pious deeds, to leave the hatred, to do hard work, to be an honest, not to do jealousy, etc., etc., etc. God is everywhere, He sees our all deeds. He who has good behave means he is a God fearing person. Then only the sins are burnt. One must do daily havan with Ved mantras. One thing more mere bhajan will do nothing. That is only a source of enjoyment of sweet hearing/wording/music. Hard tapsya is required under guidance of an Acharya who knows Vedas and ashtang yoga philosophy.

K. K. Banerjee: Kindly let me know the address of Vedmandir in Calcutta preferably in North Calcutta. Otherwise, let me know if there is any
Purohit can arrange my boy’s Uponayan
Swami Ram Swarup: I have got no any branch of Ved mandir anywhere. Because I do not prefer several Ved mandir. Actually we have to worship for which loneliness is must. So I always avoid unnecessary crowds etc. I wish to spread knowledge of Vedas and spiritualism but I never wish to spread properties or my Ved mandirs etc. Moreover every house of a follower is itself a Ved mandir. So I advice you to contact there any Arya Samaj mandir who will do the needful, please. I only once came to Calcutta about 30 years back for a day or two. So I don’t know much about Arya Samaj temple there. However I have written about 16 spiritual books on Vedas and made spiritual song cassettes with preach. Amongst the books one book is named “Yaj karam Sarvshresth Ishwar Pooja”. From the book any pandit can perform Yajyen. And that also will serve the purpose. But first priority must be given to Arya Samaj temple. The book is in Hindi with Ved mantras in Sanskrit along with detailed description in Hindi.

Swarnadeep Bandyopadhyay: Earlier when there was a gurukul system, students used to have their heads shaved. Is it true?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please, the students did not shave till finishing the education.

Swarnadeep Bandyopadhyay: What is the difference between bija mantras and Ved mantras?
Swami Ram Swarup: Ved mantra is a knowledge direct from God and has the power in full according to its subject. In Vedas there is no mention about beej mantra so need not to worry. One should learn Ved mantras with its word’s meaning, idea etc., etc. , must perform havan daily and should do practice of yoga philosophy which is mentioned in Vedas. we must always neglect the worship and yoga philosophy which has been made by men themselves.

Swarnadeep Bandyopadhyay: What is purush charana and what is its effect on the disciple who is pursuing it? Also I have read somewhere that chanting the gayatri mantra for 125000 times results in significant benefits on the chanter. Please guide.
Swami Ram Swarup: Purush charna description is not there in Vedas, shastras etc. Yajurveda mantra 31/1 states about word Purush and not purush charna. In the said mantra the meaning of Purush is Almighty God. So no effect of disciple of any purush charna. Yajurveda mantra 7/48, states that human beings are free to do pious deeds or sins but result is awarded by God in the shape of pleasure and sorrows etc., respectively. So the effect of pious deeds and sins are always on human beings. So one must always discharge his duties well. He must listen Vedas and holy books, do worship, and asan, pranayaam, meditation etc. One must always be alert from false prophets. Gayatri mantra is in Vedas and must be chanted daily both times and even havan must be performed with Gayatri mantra. However, the mantra must be listened carefully first from an Acharya with its meaning. Its meaning is also on this web site. I have written some spiritual books also in which the meaning also exists.

Raship: How do I pay for the books that I have received?
Swami Ram Swarup: No need to return the money, please. It is also my rule that I never take money from girl, widow, poors and students. The study of books and to obey the preach is really a return in turn.

Rajni Ranjan Jha: How can I activate my kundalini?
Swami Ram Swarup: Mere study of Vedas and other holy Granths does not correct the purpose until we put into practice the preach given therein, in daily life. And realization is only possible after tapsya like Yajyen, daily worship, brahmcharya and daily hard yoga practice etc. according to four Vedas and Patanjal yog Darshan is based on my personal experiences, it is not an easy task to awaken the kundalni. I cannot give brief here, being secret one but I can only tell here that kundalni is a part of body and it reaches at murdha to open the path of brahmrandra, where a yogi realizes God. Murdha is a point at forehead, between two eyebrows , where ida and pingla nadi meet. Kundalni is awakened after long Ashtang yoga practice. Some say that it is a matter of three months. See that God is called Atithi in Vedas. Atithi means He who has no date of His visit i.e., you can not fix date for appointment. If we say for three months or so, it means we have ordered God to be present before us within three months where as Atharvaveda mantra 4/30/3 states that after seeing the good quality and tapsya etc., of an aspirant God Himself makes the aspirant able to realize Him at any date which is fix by God and not by man.

Hence time bound Kundalni Jagran is not possible as no one can give order to God. Geeta book says, “BAHUNAAM JANAMNA ANTE” means after so many births aspirants realizes God. So yoga should be learnt and practised faithfully. It is up to God and Guru jee when kundalini is awakened. Because awakened means realization of God.

Rashmi: Tell what is the importance of TULSI PUJA in Hindu dharma?
Swami Ram Swarup: All above is not mentioned in Vedas, please. Pooja means to give respect, obey the elders, acharya etc. so we must respect the Tulsi and must nurse it by watering etc., because the Tulsi is very much beneficial to make medicine etc., and to make the air free from germs etc. but as regards worship of God, we have to worship only ONE FORMLESS, OMNIPRSENT, ALMIGHTY GOD, who creates, nurses and destroy the universe.

Raship: How do I prepare a havan kund?
Swami Ram Swarup: Small Havan kund is available in market made of iron sheet. It is also available in the nearest Arya samaj temple. That havan kund is movable and may be placed anywhere where suits.

Alvin Lal: Whilst I have not read the Vedas, Shiv Mahapuran or Vishnupuran. I have watched them on TV as a serial. These days nobody has time to catch up and read, we try and to the best we can, whatever method we can to gain religious knowledge. TV being one of them. Sat sangat, bhajans being another. Kripa kar mere jigyasa ko duur kare.
Swami Ram Swarup: I think when anyone looks TV then he changes the channel also and baseless scenes also attracts. Secondly the knowledge is gained from an acharya first in person. The knowledge of Vedas emanates from God and must be listened carefully first. If it is not possible then books on Vedas, shastras and other holy books etc., must be studied. Some books can be sent from here in hindi if you so desire. It will solve your so many problems about spiritualism.

Alvin Lal: Why is it that the two Puran’s, when presented on TV, who have also taken their research from the Vedas, present different views of the same events? For example, in the OM Namah Shivay series, this presents OMKAR as bodiless, as a form of light in darkness, existing when nothing else existed AND most importantly as roop of SHIVA? Vishnupuran has no such material. (TV)
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedas are eternal knowledge direct from God. Please refer to my articles on Vedas, here. Learned person of Vedas never accepts 18 puranns. Because mostly the puranns are against the Vedas. No more I can say, please. Vedas always preach worship about one formless God who is unchangeable, unchallengeable, omnipresent and almighty. Yajurveda mantra 32/3 states, “na tasya pratima asti”, i.e., God can not be measured, i.e., there may be no any statue of God. Yajurveda mantra 40/8 states that God is “akayaa & asnaviram”, i.e., God is formless and has no nervous system etc. So what is truth. Truth was in the past, is at present and will ever remain in future unchanged. God is also a truth. So God is unchangeable. This law is ever maintained by Vedas right from beginning till end. In the Vedas there is no any misunderstanding about any matter. That is why rishi patanjali in his yog shastra sutra 1/7 states that Vedas are our self proof, i.e., whatever there is Vedas that all is true and in any holy book or any statement of any saint etc., the statement if is according to that one is true and which is against the Vedas that all is false. So please try to study Vedas. But first of all books on Vedas must be studied.

Alvin Lal: Once again the different views: Shiv puran says lord Vishnu originated from Shiva and Bramha originated from Lord Vishnu navel cord. The Main creator being (half shakti and half shiva) ardnareshwar. Whislt Vishnupuran says Shiva originated from Lord Vishnu and Bramha from Lord Vishnu’s navel. Why are there inconsistent views of the same event in
Swami Ram Swarup:The above all is against the Vedas. Rigveda mandal 10 sukta 129 and all Vedas too, state that there are three matters which are immortal. Those are almighty God, souls and prakriti. God creates universe from prakriti as a potter makes pots from clay. And the said law of Vedas is ever unchangeable and eternal. Vedas tell that formless and almighty God creates, nurses and destroys the universe. Rigveda mandal 10 sukta 191 too states that the creation is eternal and unchangeable.

Alvin Lal: If OMKAR was the first thing in the world, i.e. number 0 or before anything existed, why did it decide to create earth and the sanatan religion? Why was it that Indians were created first? Why was mankind created what was the need?
Swami Ram Swarup: Creation is eternal. Shwetashwaropnishad 6/8 too states that Ved knowledge, power and deeds of God are eternal and automatic. Automatic means need not to do but creation, nursing and destruction and other deeds of the universe will take place at a fixed time automatically. Therefore to say that why God has created etc., are all in vain.

Alvin Lal: What is the truth, it is so hard to get to religion and religious texts, then we actually start to learn something we find that they are inconsistent? If all Gods were the same and were one form, i.e. Bramha Vishnu Mahesh, would they not at the least present the same consistent view in all texts that describe what they did and how they did it?

Swami Ram Swarup: Actually holy granth Vedas are required to be studied under guidance of an achrya then to realize truth is very easy. Otherwise too hard to say. Please try to study my two or three books on Vedas to clear my doubts and put another question etc. This human body is meant to realize truth and not to say that truth is hard to reach at. God is one. And not more. Aap dhanay hei swamiji, aasha hei ki aap mere man ki asmangas, athwa jigyasa duur karenge.

Rashmi Sahu: I and my husband want to learn sanskrit. It was sheer our luck we have studied sanskrit so we can read. Please guide us how to go about it. I keep checking people who do wrong things and tell them it is wrong. At times when people don’t listen I inform higher authorities that this wrong thing is happening. Am I correct? Please guide me. Further I feel we all go to temples and places of worship but do not follow those words which will change us internally. Neither pay respect to our nation, do duties to nation or our own people. Example, we spit on roads, throw dirt on roads rivers, cut trees, do not walk on footpaths and countless other things which will improve our nation and society a lot. Recently my husband has gone to Germany he narrated me a incident that a plastic bag was lying on the road, then a lady came picked it up and had put in the dustbin. Why don’t we learn all these good things I think and improve our nation? One thing is required I feel good teachers and good schools and educated mothers which will change our country. How can we achieve this?
Swami Ram Swarup: To learn Sanskrit is a pious thought. You may contact nearest Arya Samaj mandir. The representative of the mandir will advise you suitably.

It is good to inform higher authorities about the wrong deeds but now a days one should be alert about the mischievous persons, because they will try to harm.

Yes, you are correct, mostly the people do not obey the preaching’s’ because mostly the preach is based on bookish knowledge only duly indulged in illusion. That is why, Vedas like Yajurveda mantra 40/10 state that preach must only be listened from the Acharya who knows Vedas as well as is perfect in Ashtang Yoga Practice.

I have been in U.S.A and other countries and have realized that they follow the government rules and regulations. They always try to keep the roads and public places as well as their residences quite neat and clean. There are laws and government makes the people to comply with the laws strictly. Now, the people have become habitual to comply with the law. Whereas in India, the people have become habitual to spread litter etc., on the road and other public places.

It is government duty to make the people understand and comply with the laws. Yes, the social workers should also come forward to educate the people. In the beginning, right from the school, the duties towards the nation must be taught. One thing more, the foreigners are observing and love their nation because of the good teachings imparted to them right from the school, but in India, in addition, spiritualism must also be spread to achieve the best results. But here question arises “Who will bell the cat?” Now days most of the societies are involved in corruption etc. We need social workers but those who are able to reform the society. But first they must’ve reformed themselves.

Vikash: What is Darshan Shastra?
Swami Ram Swarup: There are six darshans in India-i.e., Yog Darshan(Shastra), Sankhya Darshan, Vedant Darshan, Vaishishik Darshan, Mimansa Darshan written by ancient Rishis who were learned of Vedas and Ashtang Yoga Philosophy. Some people say that shastras are against each other or Sankhya Shastra spreads atheism which is totally false. Such people are those who never studied Vedas, the eternal/immortal knowledge which emanates direct from God, at the time of creation. All darshans i.e., shastras contain the knowledge of Vedas. However, each Darshan has its one main subject only, for e.g., Yog Shastra states about Yoga philosophy, Sankhya shastra states about Prakriti, Vedanta Shastra states about God etc., etc. But each shastra has little bit explanation of its own subject and full details still are in Vedas.

Rekha Nautiyal: I have an 8 years old daughter. We want only one child. Everybody says that we get moksh only when Beta gives agni and not Damad. If Damad does that one goes to Narak, it is true?
Swami Ram Swarup: No, the above statement is totally false being
against the Vedas. Bheesham Pitamah, Veer Hanumanji, Bal-brahmacharini Gargi, the Acharya of Janak were Brahmachari and got salvation(Moksh) . King Janak had only two daughters- Sita and Urmila and got salvation. Rishi Yagyavalkyaji had two wives and had no issue but got salvation. Sri Ram left home at the age of 86 years and went to jungle alone and left his pious body there in jungle alone. Mahabharat states that Sri Krishna and his brother Balram went to the jungle alone and left their bodies there in jungle alone
etc., etc. The false statements are told only by those who unluckily do not study Vedas, Valmiki Ramayana, Geeta, etc.

Prakash Lakhani: How many years before, Shri Ram was born? Whether any Samvat was in existance at that time? If so, what was that?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sri Ram ji was born before one crore, eighty one lakh, forty nine thousand and about eighty years. In sunder kand of Valmiki Ramayan, written by Valmikiji , in shlokas 11,12 it is mentioned that there were elephants each having white, four teeth. Such elephants were available from two and a half crore to fifteen lakh years ago in Africa. According to this shloka too, Sri Ram ji was born before nine lakhs years.

Prakash Lakhani: Were Dhruv Bhakt , Raja Bali, Raja Shivi ancestors (Poorvaj) of Shri Ram? If so, I have heard that Raja Bali was Danav how can he be poorvaj oh Shri Ram? Please tell me Vanshawli of Shri Ram from begining?
Swami Ram Swarup: Dhruv and Raja Bali were not the forefathers (poorvaj) of Shri Ram. The lineage of Shri Ram has been mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana right from Manu Bhagwan from Satyug but Dhruv and king Bali have not been included.

Lineage is like this- Shri Ram was born in Ikshwaku family. Manu was the first king of this earth. Then Ikshwaku was the son of Manu. Then Kukshi, Vikukshi, Bann, Anrannya, Prathu, Trishanku, Dhundhumar, Yuvnashva, Mandhata, Susandhi, Dhruvsandhi, Prasenjit, Bharat, Asit, Sagar, Asmanj, Anshuman, Dileep, Bhagirath, Kakutsth, Raghu, Pravridh, Kalmashpad, Shankhan, Sudarshan, Agnivarna, Sheeghrag, Maru, Prashushruk, Ambreesh, Nahush, Yayati, Nabhag, Aj, Dashrath and then Shri Ram, Laxman, Bharat, Shatrughan.

Prakash Lakhani: Is it true that King Dashrath and Kaushalya got
vardaan from Shri vishnu to be their son in all the yugs. Besides Treta yug as Shri Ram he was their son in Dwaper as Shri Krishan also?
Swami Ram Swarup: No, please it is not true. Kaushlya did not get
any vardaan (blessings) from Vishnu. There is only one formless, omnipresent, Almighty God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. Yajurveda mantra 32/1 and Rigveda mantra 1/164/46 states that there are
unlimited names of the God based on His divine qualities but God is one. Yajurveda mantra 27/36 states -“Na Jatah Na Janishyate” that equivalent to
the said one God, no other God was born and will never be born in future too. So we have to follow the Vedic path.

Prakash Lakhani: Did he promised Kekai also to be brought up by her in Dwaper yug?
Swami Ram Swarup: No, please. Ram did not make such promise to kekai, being impossible and against the Vedas and such statement is not available in true ancient holy books like Valmiki Ramayana, upnishads, Six Shastras, Shathpath Brahmin Granth etc., etc. However, I may mention here that learned of Vedas, shastras who are Rishi-Munis and perfect Yogi too, never consider Bhagwad Puraan etc., as a true Granth. Most of the statement mentioned therein, being against the Vedas, Yog shastra sutra 1/7 and Sankhya Shastra Sutra clearly state that Vedas are self-proof. So whatever is in Vedas, i.e., true and against the Vedas is false.

Prakash Lakhani: As the name suggest, Dwaper yug should have been before treta yug. Is there any specific reason for this reversal of yug?
Swami Ram Swarup: Shwetashvaropnishad shloka 6/8 states- (Swaabhaviki gyanbalkriya cha) i.e., knowledge, power and deeds of the Almighty God are natural i.e., automatic and take place at fixed time. So the periods Satyug etc., are eternal, unchangeable and natural and so is the creation. Where there is reason, that matter will be destroyed one day. So God, souls, Prakriti are without reason.

So Vishnu is also a name of formless, Almighty God based on quality. Quality is as under- “Vishnu” word is made from “Vishlari” Dhatu and the sense of “Vishlari” is omnipresent. So He who has the quality of being omnipresent at all times without a second’s break, He is Vishnu. So the name of Almighty God is Vishnu and no other Vishnu exists equivalent to this God. Similarly Brahma = “Vri Vridhau” i.e., the biggest amongst the universe. Naturally, He is Almighty God. So the name of Almighty God is also Brahma. Similarly,according to Yajurveda mantra 16/41. Shiv means He who is beneficial/causes welfare, is Shiv. The most beneficial, who creates and nurses the universe is Almighty God. So Shiv is also name of Almighty God. Similarly the said Ved mantra states the word “Shankar” which means He who gives peace to all who worship Him. The name of God is “Shankar” as well. Without reason means no body has made the said thirty-four matters. For example-parents are the reason of child to be born but the above said thirty-four matters are without reason. That is why, those are eternal and immortal. Creation being eternal. Therefore there is no reason for reversal of Yugas.

Prakash Lakhani: Do you believe in theory of SWARG and NARAK after death or these are here at earth itself? Please enlighten me whether Soul has to be tortured in its Suksham Deh for the bad deeds or sins committed or it takes re-birth in new body to pay for the sins committed.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you for a long, happy life. No, please. There is no Swarg or Narak after death. However, the meaning of Swarg is- Swa=merriment( Anand) Ga= Gaman i.e., realization. So Swarg means realize merriment by worshipping God. Atharvaveda mantra 6/122/2 too states that when a person along with family does daily Havan, always remains in contact with learned Acharya of Vedas and Ashtang Yoga Philosophy, does name jaap of holy name of Almighty God adopts religious path only, does pious deeds only, discharges moral duties towards family, society and nation, donate the money in Yajyen to the Acharya who is learned of Vedas and Yoga Philosophy he too donates to the needy then mantra says “Sah Swargaha Evaha” this is the Swarg i.e., his life enjoys Swarg i.e., merriment. He with his family, in return, experiences merriment.

Such family always remains happy with longlife. This is called Swarg and when anyone does sins and in return faces sorrows, tensions, long sickness, problems etc., etc. Then he is experiencing Narak (hell).

So all Vedas state about Swarg which is here on the earth only. Please, see that earth, sun, moon, air, food grains, greeneries, vegetables, death and birth etc., etc. are occurring since the time of creation but Devi, devtas, swarg-narak always remain in puraan and are not being seen now. Secondly such happenings i.e., swarg, narak are in heaven etc., have not been mentioned by any Rishi-muni, so are unauthentic.

According to Rigveda mantra 10/135/1-4 soul faces result of bad karmas in the shape of sorrows, tension, illness etc., etc. by attaining the human body made of five matters (panch bhautik sharer and not suksham) please.

Rashi: I changed my name because I thought you are not paying attention to my name. I want to learn everything you can teach me through distance education. I am at present more focused on my career but I am sure I will come to you for learning Vedas, Yajnas etc etc. Dear swamiji I have full faith in you but since childhood I have been attached to Lord Krishna, Lord Ram and now Shivaji. I observe fasts every month for at least 7 days , I also observe navratras (not akhand though). I want to ask you that if I continue my puja and fasts and also if I acquire spiritual and vedic
knwledge and perform yajnas regularly will my prayers reach God? My feelings don’t allow me to stop worshipping lord’s statues. Lord krishna says” Bhagwan kan kan mein hain” toh kya statue ki her atom mein bhagwan ki puja galat hogi (I KNOW VEDAS PROHIBIT IDOL POOJA). I think I must tell you that I am not a very perfect person (as per Vedas) but I will SINCERELY try to change myself in your guidance.
Swami Ram Swarup: No, my daughter, change of name will make no difference. It is only good or bad qualities of a person which make effect to them or to the society. So one should always do pious deeds for which one must listen Vedas, must do name jaap of God-Yajyen and meditation etc.

Your views are appreciated to learn spiritualism. One must get progress in both ways simultaneously i.e., spiritual and worldly education- science etc. It is a fundamental law that knowledge is gained only when it is given by anybody. Vedas state that a learned Acharya of Vedas and Ashtang Yoga Philosophy give knowledge. Why must we accept the preach of Vedas? Because a deep discussion, study and invention reveals that the knowledge of four Vedas is originated in the heart of four Rishis at the time of every unsexual creation. The said knowledge of Vedas at that time emanates direct from God. Since the knowledge of Vedas emanates direct from God, so Vedas are self-proof and can never be denied. Please refer to the article on Vedas philosophy for your knowledge.

Vedas deny idol worship and fasts. However, controlled, balanced diet must be taken to do Tapasya, details of which are mentioned in my book on “Brahamcharya” which is being sent to you and we must all happily accept this fact as accepted by all our ancient dignitaries like Vyas muni, Guru Vashishth, King Janak, Dashrath, Harishchandra and their public. I am sending some spiritual books to you free of cost along with some cassettes.

Samveda mantra 275 states that he who studies Ved mantras deeply in Muni and mantra states “Indraha Muninaam Sakha” i.e., God is friend of Muni.

Samveda mantra 210 states that God is pleased when we perform Yajyen and Atharvaveda mantra 4/24/1 states that God listens our prayer while performing Yajyen and kills our sins of previous lives etc.

So one must observe the importance of doing Yajyen daily. Yes, first Sri Krishna studied Vedas from his Guru named Sandeepan Rishi and then he quoted the divine qualities of God that God is everywhere, which is related to Yajurveda mantra 40/1 wherein it is stated- Idam Eesha Vasyam,
God Himself states that He is omnipresent.

The ancient Rishi-Munis, Yogeshwer Sri Krishna, Sri Ram have stated the fact which they studied in Vedas i.e., their preach is hundred percent based on ancient, eternal and true knowledge of Vedas. This fact has also been mentioned by Sri Krishna in Bhagwad Geeta Shloka 13/4. The idea in the said Shloka is O Arjun! The ancient Rishis have already stated about the God, Prakriti and souls and same truth, I am preaching to you. So we must follow the eternal Ved path which is adopted by our ancient dignitaries too.

You or I, may think about God, Goddesses, Vishnu, Brahma, Shiv etc,. etc. but our thinking will totally go in vain if same does not tally with Vedas. This fact is according to Yog Shasta Sutra 1/7 .Our ideas/thinking must tally with God otherwise will be considered false. The said fundamental law has been made by God in the Vedas.

For example, God is omnipresent, therefore “Bhagwan Kann Kann Mein Hai” (i.e., God is present in each and every minutest particle or the largest one) But when the questions of worship arises then Vedas state that the God will be realized within the body of human beings. Vedas have stated about the path of worship which is to be followed. Vedas state that do not concentrate outside your body but go inside your body by means of name jaap, Yajyen, meditation etc. No doubt God is everywhere, He is also in snakes, lizards, spiders, cockroaches etc., but it does not mean we must worship the stated living beings or any other living beings.

We have to worship according to Vedas, which is preached by God Himself and not by any man, woman etc. However, those who perform idol worship etc., may go ahead at their own.

Rigveda Mandal 10, Sukta 129 states that only formless, omnipresent and Almighty God creates the universe from prakriti i.e., why in the beginning unsexual creation takes place. So, my daughter, your answer about creation, stating Shiv as the creator and his worship in such form representing his masculine power, does not tally with Vedas.

I am sending Bhagwad Geeta written by me (chapters 1& ½ only). Now, I have written six chapters of Bhagwad Geeta which is under print as a book and the book will be sent to you in due course. One shloka of Geeta written by me, is published weekly in a newspaper named “Punarvaas” from Shahdra, Delhi. Please convey my blessings to your guardians/parents.

Vikas L. Acharya: What is the difference between “MANTRA” and “PRAYER”? Is it necessary that all mantra has some meaning, or it may not have any meaning to create power in mantra in inarticulate or into notional sound.
Swami Ram Swarup: The true prayer is in Ved mantras or you can say that ved mantras contain prayers. So prayers are of two types- Man-made and God-made. All mantras have meanings. There is no Ved mantra which is meaningless.

Vikas L. Acharya: Is Gayatri Mantra also known as “Guru Mantra” and “Savitri Mantra”?
Swami Ram Swarup: Gayatri mantra is to be listened from an Acharya while taking Deeksha and therefore may be considered as a Guru mantra.

Vikas L. Acharya: Is it correct that language of Vedas is in old Sanskrit, which is difference from modern literary Sanskrit? Also the language compactness makes Vedas almost cryptic and hard to clarify the actual meaning of mantras without knowing Real Sanskrit language in its true sense.
Swami Ram Swarup: Not in old Sanskrit but in eternal/divine Sanskrit being direct from God. Real Sanskrit language is not necessary to be known but it is important that Vedas are to be listened first from a learned Acharya who will guide further.

Swarnadeep Bandyopadhyay: Is initiation to the gayatri mantra very important in realising its benefits? When I was 13 years old my thread ceremony took place and I was initiated to the gayatri mantra but I did not recite it for many years. Now I am 21. Is it right to start chanting the gayatri mantra straightaway or do I need to get initiated again?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, Gayatri mantra is must. It is your fault not to recite Gayatri mantra otherwise you could have gained several benefits in the life, now you can start reciting immediately. Yes, if possible, you must listen the Gayatri mantra from a learned Acharya.

Meera Agrawal: I have a son “Om” who is now 4 years old. I would like him to study modern education, yet learn and respect the traditional Vedas. When should this education start for him, and what is a good way to have him learn this?
Swami Ram Swarup: First of all you must please perform havan from Ved mantras daily. In this connection I have written a book in Hindi named- Yajya Karma- Sarvashreshth Ishwar Pooja which is worth Rs. 60/- excluding postal charges. The book contains several Ved mantras with detailed explanation in Hindi, Which will be beneficial for all concerned. This will make pious effect on your son too. Then you may admit him in any school for education. I have written books on Vedas also which must be first learnt by you and your husband and then from the age of six years of your son, you may brief him the Vedas’ Philosophy also.

Jaideep: I am fascinated by the concept of rebirth. I am not happy with my life the way it is, I want to bear my suffering first and die and hire a new body and want a desired birth. Please suggest.
Swami Ram Swarup: According to the religious path, even to think about suicide, is a sin. Human body is blessed by God to face the sorrows etc., according to the deeds done in previous lives. Suppose a person commits suicide, it means he has not faced his deeds of remaining life. It means the deeds which he did not face, will be counted to be faced in the following life, after taking rebirth. Moreover, rebirth is also awarded by God according to the past and present lives’ deeds. When a person has committed the sins in the present life, how can he say that he will take rebirth of human life? He may be a snake, rat, lizard, animal etc., etc. and has to face more sorrows than those faced in human life. So one should never be nervous but must do hard deeds, to get progress. You are advised to listen Vedas and learn how to perform Yajyen, name jaap of God, Asan, Prannayam, meditation etc. You may come here also for a week or so to get spiritual advices otherwise you may seek an Acharya locally. I have written some spiritual books according to Vedas, study of which will give you peace. The books can be sent on demand on receipt of your postal address. Please, do not be nervous. Be brave and go ahead for hard working and pious deeds i.e., worship etc. You may send E-mail at any time quoting your problem, to be solved.

Prashant Bhatia: Can I do Gayatri jap while traveling and working?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, you may recite Gayatri jaap with in heart while discharging duties or travelling etc. In addition, you must also do Havan with Gayatri mantra daily, which is worship of God.

Purushotham: Is it safe to chant the Kaamdev Gayatri mantra by any one?
Swami Ram Swarup: I think there is no Kamdev Gayatri mantra in
Vedas. Vedas tell about Gayatri mantra only which must be recited. One should also do Havan with Gayatri mantra daily which is worship of God.

Dhanesh Padhya: Why we are not using flowers in yagnya?
Swami Ram Swarup: Dried leaves of every flower can be mixed in Havan samagri which is offered in pious burning fire while performing Yajyen, please.

Dhanes Padhya: In Q & A section I read and your divine self also said to me that apart from gaytri mantra I can take god’s name. Can you tell me which name should I takes apart from and along with gaytri mantra off course!
Swami Ram Swarup: I mean to say that while performing holy Yajyen, everyone recites Ved mantra. Before reciting any mantra, “OM” the holy name of God is recited first. Secondly, mostly the Ved mantras have God’s name within them. For example, in Havan/Yajyen, we recite “Om Agnaye Swaha”. Here “OM” is God’s name as well as “Agni” is also the holy name of God. You may see their meanings in my book “Yajyen- Karma – Sarvashreshth Ishwar Pooja”. So mostly Ved mantras, while performing Yajyen, contain God’s names. That is why, I wrote that after reciting Gayatri Mantra Havan is started and while doing Havan, you can take i.e., you can recite God’s name in addition.

Dhanesh Padhya: Ved Vyasji was Muni ji. I came to know from you that was a writer but before that who was he? How he became rishi?
Swami Ram Swarup: Vyas muni ji was son of Prashar Rishi. His mother’s name was Satyawati. He was made to flow in running river, in a basket and was caught by a Rishi on the bank of the river. He was named by the Rishis as “Krishna Dwapayan”. He studied all the Vedas and did Ashtang yoga practice and realized God at any early age. At that time, Vedas used to be learnt by heart traditionally. There was no pen, pencil, paper etc., too and no printing press. When Krishna dwapayanji wrote Vedas on bhoj patra and he was then named as “Vyas Muni”. Muni is he who has studied Vedas deeply. He was also a complete Yogi and Rishi. In this connection I would advise you to read “Bhagwad Geeta- Ek Vedic Rahasya” written by me in Hindi.

Preetam: I am a medical student in Pakistan. The problem that i m facing is diverging of mind away from study when I sit to study. Tell me the simple way to concentrate my study and get more confident.
Swami Ram Swarup: Concentration is not made on mind, but mind has to be concentrated on particular point or subject etc. It requires practice of Yam, niyam ,asan, pranayaam, pratyahar, dharnna and dhayan then one attains Samadhi. In this path guidance of a spiritual master who knows Vedas and Ashtang yoga philosophy is needed. Holy name jaap of God helps a lot. I have written a book on yoga which can be sent on receipt of your postal address. However personal guidance as stated is essential. It is a moral duty of a student to concentrate on hard study and to look after his health. Avoid bad society always concentrate on your Brahmacharya. Awake early in the morning and after bath- brush etc., do holy name jaap of God at least for 15 minutes. Go for morning walk and light exercises daily. Take plenty of water i.e., at least 15 -to 20 glass in a day. Always respects your parents, elders and teachers. Must be soft spoken, avoid TV to see bad scenes, films etc. this all will help you to concentrate in your study. Whatever you study and learn, try to write on rough book a lot without seeing books etc. I have written a book on Brahmacharya in Hindi, WHICH CAN BE SENT, free of cost, TO YOU ON RECEIPT OF YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS IF YOU SO DESIRE, PLEASE. THE book is specially meant for students.

Sandeep: My financial health is not good and people fail to understand me. I believe in God but I also feel that justice delayed is justice denied. Please tell me a mantra to make things better
Swami Ram Swarup: Now a days, it has become very difficult to make anyone understand about the truth. There is a reason behind for the same. In the ancient times people used to attend Gurukul since childhood and before their marriage, they had been perfect, able to discharge their family duties etc., according to the knowledge Vedas. There are examples of kingdom of King Dashrath, Harishchandra, Shri Ram etc. and their public whose description by Rishis reveals that kings as well as their public were quite contended and had peace of mind. Now, the decision mostly is taken based on the present environments which mostly do not tally with Vedas, with the result there are injustice, unhappiness, or peace failure etc. have taken place, In your case too, you say about based on your own thought which may or may not tally with Vedas because it is clear that most of the people, do not know Vedas. I have full sympathy with my son and you have also a plus point that you believe on God. But what is God and how to worship is a unsolved question to solve. Because so many sects are here on the earth and everyone claims that they are right. Now the question arises that in spite of huge worship all-over, why the people or nation quarrels and the quarrels converted into war. Whereas the religion preaches that there is “ONE GOD AND WE ALL ARE ONE.” So I’ll advise you that first of all one should check himself that, whether he is right or wrong. One should never promotes hate. If somebody states wrong about you then try to oversight the same and check yourself that whether he said against you, was right or wrong. If right then try to overcome the fault, if he has said wrong then do not be angry and peacefully keep silence. Now I would like to tell you that actually the said preachings will never be taken in action in the life. Otherwise thousands of saints are preaching but peace is not being seen door to door. Why? Because mere preach/talking/prayer will do nothing. The aspirant will have to act according i.e., hard working, Tapsya, worship to fulfill the same and that hard working, tapsya etc., will have to be done according to Vedas. Example one has to Vedas as Tulsi said about Shri Ram in Uttrakand That –
i.e., Guru Vashishth jee used to preach the philosophy of Vedas to Shri Ram and Shri Ram in turn used to listen with full concentration, and devotion. In the end I would advice you to please recite Gayatri Mantra daily both times and do havan daily from Gayatri Mantra. Then the preaching will be I think adhered to one day. You must also learn Yoga-asan, Prannayam and meditation locally because I am away and can not teach you. You may send your problem again and again frequently.

Rajiv Ohri: Is it not true that this creation of GOD – The World – Universe could had been more beautiful, if the tradition of ‘choice of rewards’ been blessed to the ‘Tapasvis’ (Hardship Praying/Meditating) were with held by the Almighty itself, instead of being asked for ‘Vardaan’? As GOD being parent to the whole Universe should be prayed with just true devotion & dedication, to be well tuned-up to all HIS endeavours! Mostly the sufferings experienced by the humanity are due to ‘Imbalance’ caused by disruppting of the ‘motion of nature’ by making ‘Wishes’, then its fulfillment & finally using it – not in the manner as it was fulfilled for! – – – –
Swami Ram Swarup: Fundamental law of God is ever unchangeable. Shwetashetoropnishad, shloka 6/8, in this connection states “Swabhwiki Gyan bal Kriya Ch” i.e., knowledge, power and deeds in action of the Almighty God are natural/automatic i.e., take place automatically at fixed time and God has nothing to do with the same. Only God’s power acts. Rigveda mantra 10/191/3 states that the creation takes place automatically, by the grace of God and even the process of creation is unchangeable. In this connection, the said mantra clarifies- ” Surya Chandra Maasav Dhatu Yatha Poorvam Akalpayat”.
Meaning:- Dhatu= Who holds the universe i.e., Almighty God.
Surya Chandra Masav= Sun and moon.
Yatha Poorvam= same as created in the previous creation i.e. This creation takes place when previous creation meets with pralaya is destroyed completely. Akalpayat= creates.

Idea:- The Almighty God has created this universe similar to the previous one i.e., the construction of sun, moon, earth, water, air, bodies of living beings etc. etc. etc., are same as was it is forever. So the atmosphere death-birth, respiratory system i.e., the creation to the largest one like earth, sun, etc., will remain ever same.

Secondly, the most important knowledge of the Vedas is stated in Yajurveda mantra 13/4 “Bhootrya Jatah Patirek Aseet” i.e., the God, Who is the creator of five matters, is one, Was one and will ever remain me. And Yajurveda mantra 27/36 states- Na Jatah Na Janehyate” i.e., equivalent to the said God neither another God was born nor will be born in future In the Yog shastra sutra 3/45 Rishi Patanjali states that no one can be equivalent to God and thus no one can create even a single atom of the universe except God i.e., Why soul, prakriti and God are always separate from each other. Anyone who claims Him as God is totally against the Vedas, shastras, Bhagwad Geeta, Upnishad, mahabharat, Valmiki Ramayan, Shatpath Brahmin Granth, Nighantu etc. Reason behind is that no one is able to create any part of this world and no one can be omnipresent like God. Since fundamental law of nature of God is also, you can say indirectly, obeyed by God Himself. Then what to talk about a man, Yogi, Rishi, Muni etc. In this connection, Yajurveda Mantra 1/5 also refers in Yog Shastra Sutra 3/45 and Yajurveda Mantra 7/ 4 it is clarified that Yogi can never create any single part of universe. That is why, Yogi(soul) is separate and Almighty God is separate. Vedas state that though a Rishi, Muni, Yogi through Vedas and Ashtang Yoga practice can realize God, but they can not be even equivalent to God. And Fundamental law of universe made by God Himself, being unchangeable, God can never delegate His power of creation to Rishi-Muni and even Rishi-Muni do not have such broad mind that their minds be compared with God for creation etc., because God is formless and has no mind, body etc.

Your above thinking come under “Viparya Vritti” amongst five vrittis of chitta (mind) mentioned in Yog Shastra sutra 1/8. I would advise you to please also study detailed comments on every sutra of Yog Shastra Pt. I & II written by me.

Secondly, there is no comparison of creation of God.

Yes, God must be prayed but how? The answer of l how is only in Vedas, please. Vedas are originated in the heart of Four Rishis by the God Himself. In Vedas prayer, worship and knowledge i.e., three types of Mantras are there, duly made by God Himself for us. So why not we must pray God with those Ved Mantras and Samveda Mantra 210 too states that God listens prayer in Yajyen done through Ved Mantras. Samveda Mantra 255, 256, 257 state that worship God with Ved mantras. And next Samveda Mantra 258 claims that while reciting Ved mantras in Yajyen, the sins are burnt etc. Now it is up to anybody to pray God, adopting God-Made process or Man-Made one.

Nature (prakriti) is being disrupted by the human-beings. Vedas tell that if you will listen, adopt and observe Vedas preach and perform Yajyen through Ved mantras, then there will be no pollution/disturbance.

In the absence of listening of Vedas and performing Yajyen, we are not able to understand the law of nature(God) and even we fail to understand the unlimited qualities of God Who creates, nurses and destroys the universe and Who is one God only. According to Yajurveda Mantra 40/8, He never takes birth etc.

If we would be able to adopt the said path, adopted in ancient times by Shri Ram, Dashrath, Krishna Maharaj, Vyas Muni etc., then why will we utter unnecessary wish to God which can never be fulfilled.

C. K. Vatsa: Despite the fact, everybody, here in India, swears by the Vedas, which declare – na tasya pratima asti, idol worship is all persave; it is sickening. Has the Rishi’s mission failed?
Swami Ram Swarup: When a farmer cultivates his field and grows crops, fruits etc., and thereafter he leaves the field uncared, then crops will remain small and weeds, bushes, grasses will grow more than the crops. And thus the crops will get hidden under the tall grasses, bushes etc. Secondly, in day light too when black clouds cover the whole sun then the sun rays get hidden and due to black clouds, the darkness spreads. It does not mean that Sun is no more or is unable to throw light on earth. Actually What happens is that sun’s light is stopped by the clouds but sun has full power of the light within it. In the ancient times, the full knowledge (light) of Vedas (Rishi’s mind) was followed everywhere and no Rishi-saints etc., were there to obstruct the Vedas’ knowledge. After Mahabharata war, i.e., before 5,300 years the people did not make contact with the Rishis due to shocked and broken heart and thus the Rishis did not spread the Vedas’ knowledge. Vedas’ knowledge became like an uncared, cultivated field of farmer and sun duly covered with black clouds with the result, the arrogant started their own path as to said by Tulsidasji- in his Uttarakand chaupayee.



Now, the situation is uncontrolled. The eternal knowledge of Vedas which emanates direct from God, has now been covered by illusion. Therefore, Rishis have not failed. Those who are indulged in the path which is against Vedas, have failed to attain peace or realization of God inspite of non-made worship. To whom can the Rishi preach? Mostly the people are not ready to listen the eternal knowledge of Vedas only listening makes man perfect either in falsehood or in truth. So one should listen, obey and observe in action the truth only. God is truth and Vedas, the knowledge of God, are true.

kanisa: I have 2 daughters name Manisha and Karishma. Can you tell the meaning of their name?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Muni is he who studies Vedas and controls his senses, perceptions. Similarly, Manisha means she, who is learned of Ved mantras. Karishma is an urdu word which means “Miracle/Wonderful/supernatural power.”

C. K. Vatsa: In Life, we Jeev-atmas come closer to each other as husband-wife, as parents, as children, as friends and as other relations as well as social contacts. These can’t be taken as random relationships. His Nayae is perfect. If these contacts are only to settle scores from our past lives, there is no other bond between us except to settle the scores for the ills/good done to each other in our past encounters. In that case why do we feel so emotionally attached to such relationships? Due to “MOH” ?When ‘MOH’ causes “DUKH’, why not detach ourselves from this ‘MOH’ in this life itself and simply do our duty in a manner befitting each of these relationships? Then, again, if any of our near and dear ones suffer in this life, in front of our eyes, should it be taken as the outcome of his/her own actions and nothing beyond it. There is no need and scope for any undue ‘DUKH’/’SHOK’ about it.
And, if on the other hand, we get a raw deal from any of our own, it should rightly be considered as the consequence of our own past deeds and not blame any of them. As rightly said, ‘KARMAN KI GATI NAYARI, TARE NAHIN TARE’. So why blame any body for this. Swamiji, I am torn between these thoughts. At 81, my mind is in a state of flux. Apparently, there is no cause for this turmoil but still it haunts me. Please advise me. ‘TAMSO MA JYOTIR GAMAYA’
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaste, please. Mostly the relationships between each other are based on selfishness until a person/lady has deeply got Vedas knowledge, has meditated and with the result has controlled five senses, perceptions and mind.

Yes, justice and fundamental law of God are unchangeable and complete in all respects i.e., Why in Rigveda Mantra 1/90/9 God is called “Aryama” i.e., “Supreme Judge”. As far as Karmas are concerned, Vedas state that while discharging moral duties, everybody must continue listening Vedas, performing Yajyen, Name jaap, practice of Asan, pranayaam, meditation etc., to achieve the main target to be ascetic. Ascetic not only leaves the whole world according to Yog shastra sutra 1/15, 16 but also leaves all articles of the universe made by God. So it is not fair to state that we have to cope up with relationships etc. But this daring step is only taken by a real aspirant. And the description of the aspirant is also mentioned in Bhagwad Geeta shloka 6/44 JIGYASURAPI YOGESYA SHABDABRAHAMAATIVARTTE

Jigyasu means the aspirant.

Attachment is due to the three gunnas of prakriti by which our minds, bodies are made.Three gunnas contain attachment (kaam, krodh, madh, lobh, ahankaar etc.). So one has to exercise control on three gunnas which is mentioned clearly in four paad of Yog shastra by Patanjali Rishi. But it is bad luck that due to lack of preach of learned Acharya of Vedas and Yoga, mostly the people are unknown about the bad effect of the said three gunnas (three qualities of prakriti- Raj,
Tam, Satva) then how people can overcome the gunnas. Naturally, they will cooperate with illusion, in the shape of family, friends and society etc.

To be detached from Moh is not any easy task. It is related with Raag and Dwesh. These are illusion and whole illusion in Yog Shastra sutra 2/5 is called Avidya. The quality of Avidya is “to accept untrue as true etc.” So until and unless we are able to know illusion, untruth, truth, live-non-alive matters etc., how can we be away from Moh? And to know all about vidya etc., there is compulsion to make contact with learned Acharya of Vedas and Yoga Philosophy but unluckily, as you have told people attached with illusion/Moh and they have considered illusion/Moh, a source of merriment which is false. People are enjoying like any thing, the materialistic article of the world. How the people, who are completely plunged in illusion, can think that they in wrong path until a learned Acharya preaches? Then who has spare time to go and listen the Vedas from a learned Acharya of Vedas? So people will remain duly attached with illusion.

It is very astonishing, that in this period where Vedas are not being listened, Shri Krishna states in Geeta Shloka 2/29 that mere listening of Vedas will not serve the purpose until the preach of Vedas is adopted, in action, in life.

Yes, please. The sorrows are the result of our previous lives’ one deeds. Yes, we must face the sorrows happily being our own creation but Vedas too state that sorrows can be burnt in this human life by real worship of God. So luck is in our own hands.

No, please mostly raw deal mean the person has done the ill under the effect of illusion being ignorant. So, he will have to the face the result there of in the shape of sorrows one day.

Meaning of Karman Ki Gati Nayari” is not easy to understand, in the absence of preach of Vedas. Please refer to the article on Karmas.

Puja: Although I am not THAT GOOD but I promise that I will try my best to follow the golden rules mentioned in books and CDs very honestly. It might take me some time to live a Vedic life but I am sure I will someday be able to satisfy Almighty. I don’t think that I will attain moksha after this birth but I hope and pray that God is pleased enough to grant me a Vedic life (by giving me a family of pious people, people following Vedic rules IN MY NEXT BIRTH). I also hope that someday I will come to your ashram and learn everything from you.
Swami Ram Swarup: Books and cassettes have since been sent to you. In my opinion, you are a good girl. Why? Because you have a faith in God and Acharya. Vedic knowledge is meant for whole universe and you are also entitled for the same. However, struggle is there. To satisfy Almighty, one has to listen/study Vedas or the books based on Vedas. And has to do daily havan/Yajyen, being the preach of God in Vedas. So I would advise you my daughter, to do daily havan with Gayatri Mantra along with your mother. I am really sorry to listen about your late father but this happens under the control of God only and we have to accept. Moksh is right in this human life but as I told above, it requires struggle to contact with Acharya and learn the real path of worship. And God is pleased by adopting the said path of Vedas. God has said the same in the Vedas. My daughter you are always welcome to come here in the ashram with your mother. Even the expenditure
of journey even will be borne by ashram. So many people come here and are given the real fare etc., also. And even for all people who come from within India and abroad, boarding and lodging is free. So you are always welcome with mother here. Six ladies/girls and three children, four aged gents live permanently and in addition daily public from outside and local area, attends the preach and learn Vedas/Yoga Philosophy.

Rashmi Sahu: In this kalyug how to handle double edged razor type people who speaks sweetly to you but cut your throat from behind. Every where people are striving for their personal goal defence politics etc. Swami ji now see this reservations for Muslim. No body says the truth they produce thirteen children, keep there women uneducated, keep 4 4 wives. The cause is women is not given education. This country is surviving on those 10 % people who are good, hard working and true worshippers of God. People abuse brahmins but this culture of Vedas, yoga is survived b’cz of these very people Brahmin who, inspite of invasion from Ruthless Islamic Invaders and Britishers, has kept it alive. Please enlighten us how to survive
in this dark age of kaliyug which really depresses me.
Swami Ram Swarup:
Silence is better to deal with double edged razor type people. Must not take part with them in any debate etc. You know mostly the selfishness is all over, which is a sin. So one must be a religious minded and his daily worship like havan, meditation etc., will protect. Yes, the more children and wives must be prohibited by govt. But where there is politics based on votes, corruption etc., etc., then what gentleman can do. At this junction revolution is not possible. We must see justice from Almighty God only. And He listens the true prayer in Yajyen.

The translation of a Ved mantra is very exciting which was told by Abdul Rahim Khan Khama the rep., of king Akbar.

“Rahiman Chup Huea Bathia Dekh Dinnan Ke Pher” i.e., during the bad time one should keep silence. He must discharge his duties along with hard tapasya daily. Naturally the peace of mind will come.

mssarika: Please tell me how to do maa vaibhava lakshmi
Swami Ram Swarup: “Maa vaibhava lakshmi vratam” is not mentioned in Vedas please. One should always worship formless, immortal, omnipresent Almighty God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe.

B.V.S. Manian: Koti Koti Pranams in the lotus feet of His Holiness Sri Sri Swami
Ram Swarupji Maharaj. Swamiji, I am really excited with the sweet fragrance you have sent through your mail. Swamiji, Yes, material wealth, Kith Kin, happiness, welfare and
good feelings are just the cobweb of this loukik world. How gullible are human being that when this earth has passed more than 48 billion years of its existence and more than the same period, it is yet to exist. In the meantime the human being comes to the world only for a span of 100 years (average age of death). Even then, whatever he
possesses, he thinks it is permanent. Like we go to film and fight for the seat in the theater. After the film is over, we do not have any claim over the seat. Likewise, what it
is destined is not even the loin cloth while going to the pyre. I have also been moved by the Srimad Bhagwat Katha discourses by few saints. Now in my life, instead of concentrating on attaining wealth and consolidating my own enemies and enticing my
panch-Indriyas, as told in the discourse of Srimad Bhagwad, I am going to seek Sri Krishna only for a Guru, which Sri Krishna only can make available and also more Bhakthi and Bhakthi in all my lives to come. On my part, I do Sandhya Vandhan two times a day (being a Government servant, at least I can do both the times) and some
slokas. I will also chant Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare from next Eka Dasi Day. I will also spend some of my times in visiting holy places like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Badrinath, Kedarnath etc.
Swami Ram Swarup: Nobody can live upon without wealth/materialistic articles of the world. So the knowledge has been given in the Vedas to use the same to maintain family as well as to attain the main motto of human being i.e., salvation. The said sense has also been clarified in Yajurveda Mantra 40/1. Mantra says –
“Isha Vasyamidama” i.e., in the non-alive materialistic articles of the universe as well as in the alive souls God lives therein. So He looks every deeds of the person and therefore one must avoid sins. Secondly the mantra states “Ten Tayakten Bhunjitha Maa Gridhha Kasya Swiddhanam” i.e., use the wealth duly detached, never become greedy, because the wealth or the human body or any article of the materialistic world is not permanently made for us (souls). All the said materials have to be left one day. So no Ved mantra states that wealth is not required but only preaches that wealth or the family etc must be utilized duly detached from them, to realize God. That is the use of the same must be according to above quoted ved mantra. Family must be co-operative to help to continue worship and do pious deeds to realize God.

Vedas as well as Yoga Shastra Sutra 2/39 educate the people that they must be satisfied within their own hard earning and the material etc., must not be gathered unnecessarily. But must be taken according to the minimum requirement only. Here question arises that how such qualities can be obtained. In this connection learned Acharya states that listening of Vedas, daily Yajyen, name jaap of God, Ashtang yoga practice, to observe preaches of Vedas, in life, in action and to make continuous contact with learned Acharya of Vedas and Yoga philosophy, will sure serve the purpose. Otherwise mere listening of preach/pray to God will never serve the purpose.

To fulfill the prayers etc., self, hard tapsya is necessary. So people must be alert from the misleading speech of the false prophets who usually say that wealth, materialistic article or family are not needed or will do nothing. Where as they are enjoying like anything and gathering a lot, lot and lot of money, making buildings and are increasing their followers, from them they gather a lot of money but they preach that money will do nothing.

Yoga Shastra Sutra 4/32- states that the matters of the world for a ‘Yogi’ are helpful to realize God and for a ‘Bhogi’, the matters are helpful to attain hell i.e., sorrows etc. So worldly matters must be used according to Vedas/Shastras.

Earth has not passed forty-eight billions of years but one Arab ninety-six crore eight lakhs and about fifty-three years please.

In the film there is a director on whose order actor moves. But as regards human being Vedas, state that all human beings are free to do pious deeds or sins but result will be awarded by God. So all claims regarding any seat/illusion etc., in the present life, vide Rig-Veda Mantra 1/23/22, are to be carried along-with the person (soul) after death to face the result in the shape of sorrows, etc., in the next birth.

So while going to the pyre we leave all the materialistic matters here but not the effect
of our good and bad deeds.

I cannot comment more but to say that learned Acharya never recommends Shri Mad Bhagwad Katha, being against the eternal knowledge of the Vedas. Yogeshwer Shri Krishna Maharaja has left His pious body and He cannot teach now in person. It may be seen that his preaching are being told by present so many saints at their own, but not by Yogeshwer Shri Krishna Maharaja. Yog Shastra Sutra 1/24 states that the Guru of our ancient rishis of the unsexual creation was Almighty God and will ever remain. So the Vedic path was adopted by Shri Krishna and Ram too. All four Vedas now state that the preaching of the God in the shape of four Vedas traditionally is given by alive Rishis-munis, Acharya who knows Vedas and Ashtang Yoga philosophy.

Sandhya means havan from Ved mantra with full concentration. Second meaning of Sandhya is meditation. So if you are doing the same you are making your future bright.

One must think deeply that when Shri Ram and Yogeshwer Shri Krishna, the divine dignitaries of India were not born then whose name and what was the name of God before their pious birth, was being recited/remembered by the Rishis and the public. Naturally they were not reciting Shri Krishna or Shri Ram because the dignitaries were not born and were not known by public. At that time no present holy book, was written. Only eternal knowledge of Vedas was in force, wherein the best name of God is mentioned as , “OM” or Gayatri mantra which exists in three Vedas, was being considered, recited and adopted in life.

People used to perform holy Yajyen with Ved mantras as also stated in Valmiki Ramayana and other ancient holy Granths. We must remember Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Rishis- Munis always, for their golden pious deeds and teachings. We must celebrate their birthdays etc, but we must remember and recite the name of God “OM” or ‘Gayatri Mantra’ which has been preached by Almighty God Himself in Vedas and used to remember by all the ancient dignitaries like rishis, Munis, Shri Ram, Shri
Krishna etc.

Since you have sent your ideas to me, therefore, only I am teaching you about the eternal knowledge of Vedas. Otherwise you may go ahead to follow your own path whatever you have mentioned in your question please. All Vedas, Shastras preaches that one should try to realize the God within him, i.e., within the human body.