Mahendra: Hindi k jnm data kaun hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sanskrit bhasha se Hindi bhasha ka janam hua hai.

Meena: Why does man make mistakes knowing full well that he has has the next life to answer for it? Can one atone for ones gross mistakes in the short time left to him in this life life if he is repentant and how?
Swami Ram Swarup: Man only commits mistakes/sins when he actually does not know its bad effect and result to be borne. No doubt, usually people say that the result of bad deeds will have to be borne but it is mere saying not in action. So, when he becomes ready to do mistakes/sins he always forgets the said saying for example usually man knows only two things – first he will die if he takes poison. So, when any person tries to give him poison, either by enticing/bribing him by giving him some money etc., by force, in both cases, the person with full strength will try not to take poison because he really knows that he will die. Secondly, a person knows, that if he will be put in burning fire he will die so, in no case, he will be ready to enter the fire. However, a person, if makes contact with learned acharya of Vedas and Yoga Philosophy and thus listens to Vedas to follow then his senses and perceptions with intellect and mind will be controlled and he’ll be always away from committing any mistake , bad deeds or sins.

Anonymous: What is Alsi Ko Vidhya Kaha?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yeh ek shloka Vidur neeti mein hai:-
“Sukharthinaha Kuto vidya nasti vidyarthinaha sukham,
sukharthi va tyajed vidyaam vidyarthi va tyajet sukham.”
Sukh kee ichchha karne wale ko vidya kahaan? Vidya ke chahne wale ko sukh nahin. Sukh kee ichchha karne wale ko vidya tyag deinee chahiye tatha vidya ke ichchhuk ko sukh tyag deina chahiye.