Sri Vivek: Dear Swamiji, Namesthe. Yourself asked to pose the question in November, hence I post my question now. Can you explain in detail the Medical Science in Atharvana Veda ? Best Wishes, Truly.
Swami Ram Swarup: Atharvaved describes the several types of medicines pertaining to stomach etc., to maintain the human body free from all kinds of diseases. In this ved, the knowledge of Almighty God and His divine qualities are described. Therefore, it also pertains to spiritual matter.

Here, I shall try to explain a little bit knowledge of medical science from Atharvaved because the matter being lengthy, it is not possible to explain all the medical matter described in this ved. To gain the knowledge of Atharvaved or any Ved, first of all a devotee must give hundred percent respect and should serve the learned Acharya of Vedas and Yoga philosophy and he should maintain the Brahmacharya strictly. Thereafter only, he must may contact with the “Vachaspataye” i.e., the master of ved vanni to listen and follow the vedic preach stating “shrutam mai mai ev astu” (Atharvaved mantra 1/1/3 refers) i.e., the vedic knowledge listened from my most respected Acharya be remain in my intellect forever i.e., the vedic knowledge of my Acharya becomes my knowledge forever. The following are the some medical advices in Atharvaved –
1.) Use of “Shur” herb makes the proper health and also makes us tejasvi.
2.) Earth is our mother, so Oh! God, all the herbs generated by the earth may be useful for our human body and the same makes our mind and body strong and without any defects.
3.) We must nurse our body from cow milk and natural vegetations and herbs.
4.) The use of munjh herb protects us from several diseases and wounds.
(Atharvaved kand 1 sukta 2)
5.) Shur (munjh) herb is generated from the water of clouds which maintain the physical power in the human body continuously for hundred years and thus makes the body ill-free and gives long life.
6.) In the sunlight, the Shur (munjh) takes the breathing power which is inserted in the human body.
7.) Shur (munjh) herb takes the juice from moon in the night and generate within it the hundreds of power. So, those who use the “shur” they make their body ill-free and healthy.
8.) The use of “Shur” gets out the all harmful matters in the body and makes our body healthy.
9.) The use of Shur herb keeps away us from the urinal diseases.
10.) It’s use makes the urinal tube away from any kind of distortion.(Atharvaved kand 1 sukta 3)

As I told above the matter is most lengthy, so piecemeal reply is only possible. So, please on receipt of this e-mail, you may again ask your question after ten days interval. Then further, medical matter will be explained.