Anonymous: I have done intercaste marriage with a boy from SC. Please tell me if his caste is applicable to me or no.
Swami Ram Swarup: When the marriage has been already performed then such questions do not seem to be feasible, please. You, go ahead to make your family life happy.

Anonymous: My family members has suffered injuries in a minor accident. With our prayers and your guidance they are stable and recovering. Charan Sparsh.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my son. My dear son, really I’m shocked to listen about the accident yet there is relief that they only suffered minor injuries. Convey my heartiest blessings to both to recover soon. Actually, I was out of station for seven days and could not see E-mail. Today, I saw your mail and felt sorry. Please, do not worry. Your family’s life is long. The accident has destroyed the result of past deeds safely due to your faith and worship of Almighty God.

K Guruprasad: Infinite Pranams Maharajji. Every one is fine with your divine blessings. On this Pournima day, we touch your lotus feet for your blessings. Can you please explain the meaning of the first mantra of Atharvaved and also Rigved Mantra 2/23/1 (Gananam Twa…). With crores of Pranams
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. The meaning of Atharvaveda mantra 1/1/1 is as under:-
Trishaptaha= three vachan i.e., ek vachan, Dwivachan and Bahuvachan
And seven vibhaktis of Sanskrit grammer becomes twenty one.
Vishwarupanni Bibhrataha=holding all the forms of matters of universe.
Pariyanti= moves everywhere.
Vachaspatihi=the lord of vachaha (divine voice of God i.e., four Vedas).
Tesham= of those above said twenty one words
Tanvaha = related to body.

Meaning-Oh! God, the knowledge of twenty-one words relating to Sanskrit grammer (three vachan and sevan vibhaktis) hold all the forms of matters of universe and are moving everywhere. May the knowledge of above said twenty one words and their power be given to me today by my spiritual acharya who is learned of Vedas. The meaning of two mantra asked by you is as under

In the mantra (Gannanam) means who is Supreme, amongst all the matters of universe, i.e., God and (Gannapatim) means he who is Supreme Lord of the matters of the universe i.e., God , (TWA) means you i.e., God, HAWAMAHEY means accept that is accept for worship. Idea of the mantra is one should always worship the God who is Supreme commander of the universe, who is omniscient and Almighty.

The misunderstanding can arise due to wording i.e., “PRIYANNAM PRIYAPATIM TVA HAWAMAHEY” where the meaning of pati is lord/master of universe. So, meaning will be Oh! God (PRIYANNAM) amongst the loved ones you are (PRIYAPATIM) the supreme, loving lord/master. So, we (HAWAMAHEY) accept (TVA) you. (NIDHINAM) in the education/knowledge and matters etc., and care taker thereof (NIDHIPATIM) is master os all the worldly matters so we (HAWAMAHEY) accept (TVAM) you for worship(VASO) Oh! omnipresent in all matters of world—God (MAMA) kindly become my judge (GARBHADHAM) the Prakriti in the shape of womb, from where the universe is generated (non-alive matter
is generated) i.e., in you (GARBHADHAM) the said Prakriti (AJANI) should be known by me.

Hence, idea of the mantra is that we must worship the Almighty God who creates, nurses and gives glory, who is lord of Prakriti and who holds all the seeds (i.e., matter from which universe is originated).