Veer: How I can meet with god in my life?
Swami Ram Swarup: As told above one will have to study Vedas to follow its preach in life viz., to make contact with learned of Vedas, study of Vedas , to perform daily Yajyen with ved mantras, to do worship, praise and prayer of almighty God, daily both times name jaap of God, daily and hard practice of Ashtang yoga to attain Samadhi. He who follows the said path, he one day realizes God.

Pawan: Guru ji ko pranam m aap se madad lena chahta hu m last one year se dhyan karne ki koshish kar raha hu mujhe koi vishesh koi anubhuti nahi hui h sirf kuchh chijo ko chhod kar ek to dimak shant rahta h aor gussa kam ata h aor kuchh jhtke ka anbhav aor roz karne ka man karta h m kuchh age badna chahta hu aor pata karna chahta hu ki ye sab sahi disha ki aor h kya nahi
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Agar aapne dhyaan mein baithna kisi acharya se seekha hai to bahut achchhi baat hai, kyunki dhyan Ashtang Yog kee 7th manzil hai aur dhyaan mein baithney wale ko dhyan kee pehlee 6 manzil ka gyan hona zaroori hai. dhyan lagane wale ko rozana ved mantron se hawan karna bhi zaroori hai, tabhi labh hoga. Dimaag ka shant hona, gussa na aana, shareer mein jhatke lagna, yeh achchhee nishani hai. aap sadhna karte raho aur ved evam sath sath mein yog vidya ka bhi gyan kisi acharya se letey raho.

Suri: Pranam Swamiji, is Pranic healing mentioned in vedas, how does it work and is there any benefit of it to human being?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Healing of whole of body is based on heart palpitation and heart palpitation is based on supply of prann. There are 10 main pranns i.e., prann, apaan, vyan, udan, samaan, dhananjay, krikal, naag, koorma, devdutt. Therefore function of each vital air is different and maintains/heals the whole body.

When the soul enters into womb of mother then immediately functioning of pranns begins.
In rectum and organ of urine disposal, apaan acts.
In eyes, ears, mouth and nostrils, prann acts.
In the middle part of body, samaan exists. Its act is to extract the nutrients from the food and transport them in each part of body.
Vyan vayu flows in all the veins.
Udaan vayu flows from heart to brain.
Similarly, the respiratory system acts in whole of body by which the whole body is maintained, exists and heals.
Without respiratory system, the human body cannot survive.

Ajit Karav: Namaste Yogacharya ji aur Charan sparsha, could you please let me know how many assans one should do in the daily life…
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. I’ve written book named Patanjal Yog Darshan Part I and II. It enshrines complete commentary of all Yog Shastra sutras. I would advise you to please study book to get immense knowledge about Ashtang Yog asans.

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