Gauraa: Its not a mere philosophy of mine……please answer………if a mother loves her own children not other because she suffered pain in giving them birth……in society parents ,not only they work according to the society….the so called intellectuals of our society dicide the definition of love, prestige, reputation,lust……if everything is society driven if the love of parents is also society driven….don’t you think everything ends within oneself, I am no one but just a puppet in the hands of society……if nothing is there ,cannot that be neglected…….what is the definition of true love according to our Vedas……if its all about selfless love don’t you think the love of our parents too can be challenged on this ground… doubts they love us a lot do everything possible for us………..why cannot they equally love other kids(our parents)….why love needs an object…why it is on physical grounds more…..sorry as the structure of our society puts me in doubt I asked you….what is our Veda’s take on selfless love….the love between a mother and her child, the love between a man and a women…….????? Is it possible to free our heart from any kind of ill will……..and just be freely having selfless love for everyone without any kind……expectation.
Swami Ram Swarup: The matter of similar love with own’s children and others, or such love between brothers, sisters, wife and husband depends whether the male or female person is a learned of Vedas and has control on his senses, perceptions and mind due to practice of Yog philosophy or has divine qualities based on his previous lives’ pious deeds. For example- Kaushalya loved all four sons equally i.e., Sri Ram, Laxman, Bharat and Sahtrughan. Yashodha did not give birth to Sri Krishna but loved him as he was her own son. Similar instance relates to the Panna dhai who got her own son killed and saved the prince. So, several instances/events are still unknown to public in this connection. So, as regards the parents about whom you have written, they may be lacking the knowledge of Vedas, so they are unable to do justice. We must know the fundamental law of universe that those who are learned of Vedas as told above, they only can shower the love on the public and can discharge their duties faithfully, otherwise problem. How everything or love can be society driven? Whereas universe has been created by Almighty God and He is the lord and controller of all of us. My son, one should not be a puppet but by following spiritual as well as worldly path one must be a learned person. Otherwise, we all will remain puppet of Almighty God i.e., He gives justice to award the result-good or bad of our previous lives’ deeds here in our present life. God never does injustice. Main problem of facing the sorrows, tensions, depression etc., has now arisen that nowadays public is ignorant of the eternal knowledge of Vedas which preaches that we must follow both spiritualism as well as worldly paths simultaneously. Vedic spiritual knowledge only unites the people and destroys the ill desires which becomes obstacles to discharge worldly duties honestly and faithfully. Nowadays, people are after the materialistic articles and have forgotten eternal Vedic path and hence problem. True love means the love with heart to heart, soul to soul and not based on mere physical charm. In this connection, there is a true story from Valmiki Ramayan as under-

Vedic knowledge was given by Sri Ram in Tulsikrit Ramayan to Tara when he killed Bali. Sri Ram saw that Tara, the wife of Bali was weeping bitterly over the dead body of her husband. Then Sri Ram preached that Oh! Tara, the body of a person is made of Agni, vayu, jal, akash, Prithivi – the five non-alive matters which surely get destroyed one day. “If you think that dead body of Bali is your husband then take the body to the palace” said Sri Ram. He further said, “Otherwise, the soul of Bali which was your real/actual husband, can never die. He has already left the body, so there seems to be no reason behind to weep over the dead body.”

But I would like to tell you, please that the above knowledge is gained/experienced after listening to Vedas, following the path of eternal religion and doing hard practice of Ashtang Yoga. Yet, you may try to get peace, please. My blessings are always with you and you may write E-mail for any doubt, as and when you like.

Second instance occurred when Arjun refused to take part in Mahabharat war but when Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj who was learned of Vedas and Ashtang Yog preached Arjun that He (Arjun) should love the soul of his grand-father- Bheeshma Pitamah and not his destructible human-body. Arjun in turn followed preach and took part in war and even killed his grandfather. Love based on soul to soul is not only away from selfishness but all kinds of dirts/desires. Love which creates differences is due to ignorance, illusion, reason of which is lack of Vedas’ knowledge.

Yes, when a person will follow eternal Vedic path under guidance of learned acharya then only he would be like Sri Ram, Mata Kaushalya, Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj, King Harishchandra who loved and served their public as their own children. Whereas in the present time, the politicians of the whole World are not learned of Vedas so they usually selfishly gather the goods/articles for the use of their family members only, use the best security for themselves and let the remaining public suffer.