Ashish: Swamiji Namaste, Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati ji ne Satyarth Prakash mei likha hai ki Ishwar ne Yeh shrushti prakruti ke parmanuo se banayi hai. Pratham Mahatatva, Phir Ahankaar, Phir Paanch sukshma bhoot, Paanch tanmantra, aur Phir sab sthul padartha. Krupaya iska English translation kijiye scientific words ke saath. Regards Ashish

Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Creation means combination of atoms and destruction is separation of the atoms. As preached by Patanjali Rishi in his Yog Shastra sutra 1/7, Vedas are our self-proof. So, if we pay our attention towards Rigved mantra 10/129/3 wherein it is preached that (Abhoo aaseet) that there was invisible, non-alive matter Prakriti named Abhoo from which non-alive universe was created. God (Tat Mahina) from the prakriti made Mahat Tatva i.e. intellect started the process of whole creation.

This matter is very well described by Kapil Muni in his Sankhya Shastra Sutra 1/26 that from prakriti, the first matter is made, which is called Mahat (intellect). From Mahat- Ahankar, from Ahankar, five Tanmatras and both organs i.e. organs of senses and perceptions, from five Tanmatras, five corporal bhoot (matter) are made, which are agni, vayu, jal, earth, prithvi. From five corporal matters, the whole universe and the body of living-beings is made.

I would advise you to please read my book- “Protect the Holy Cow, say Vedas” wherein the detail of creation is also mentioned. The cost of book is Rs.40/- but it will be sent to you free of cost because you are aspirant. Please send your full postal address, if you so desire.

Anonymous: Share some mantras that talk about removing laziness.

Swami Ram Swarup: In this connection, refer Yajurveda mantra 10/13, idea of which is that those people who give up laziness and always pursue hard work, they achieve the motto. Also refer Rigved mantra 1/7/4.

Anonymous: What are some harms of not following Brahmcharya?

Swami Ram Swarup: Dear son, Brahmacharya is the base to attain long life, happiness and to realize God. All Vedas preach that in the absence of maintaining Brahmacharya, nobody is able to attain long, ill free, happy life and will not attain salvation.

Nobody can compare God to anybody on the earth. Ill effects are that diseases, tensions, unhappiness and several problems will have to be borne and there would not remain any meaning of human life because in the absence of Brahmacharya, salvation cannot be attained which is main motto of human-life. I have written a book named- Brahmacharya-Dukh nivarak divya manni worth Rs.100/- excluding postal charges.

SK: Dhanyawaad maharaj ji.

Swami Ram Swarup: Mera aapko ashirwad, beti.