S: Pranam swamiji. I lost my only son few years ago.My husband is on dialysis since last year. I suffered hip ball fracture in this year. We had deep faith in God and service to anyone in need. Those whom we loved, cared and helped have left us alone. In this old age, how can we win over these things and how can our faith in God and good deeds be restored?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. I’m really sorry that your statement hurt my heart. My all prayers to God to bear the circumstances bravely by you.

My heartiest blessings are always with you, my daughter. As regards Almighty God, He is supreme judge and never does injustice for anyone. People in acute intolerable circumstances start loosing faith on God, which is actually due to illusion. I mean to say, due to not having Vedic eternal knowledge wherein eternal, everlasting, formless shape of God Who is Almighty and Who creates, nurses and destroys universe, has been briefed. In Vedas, the rules and regulations of the God to be adopted by human beings have also been preached. For example In Rigved mantra 10/135/1,2 God states that we’ve been blessed by human –body to face the result of our previous lives’ good and bad deeds (not present lives’ deeds), this process is called destiny. The previous lives’ deeds good and bad are faced in the form of happiness and sorrows respectively. So, when anybody else faces the result of his such deeds done by himself in the form of sorrows, he starts blaming the God, in the situation when the sorrows becomes intolerable. Because he is ignorant that God is giving him the result of his own bad deeds. However, as I told earlier that God gives justice, so in the next mantras God preaches that those who sit in the ship of learned acharya, who knows four Vedas and ashtang yog philosophy they become able to destroy the effect of their previous lives’ bad deeds and enjoy their peaceful life.

So the main problem nowadays is this that citizen of our India, which is land of Rishi-muni, tapasvis, learned of four Vedas and ashtang yog philosophy who realized God based on which who (rishi) did justice with citizens of India such citizens are now in the hands of those saints and worshippers who do not even know ABCD of Vedas and make people to follow their own instructions or man-made worship hence people now do not hesitate to blame God or become atheists. So, I’m sorry to say that please we all should never blame God in any circumstances. So, please be brave and continue your worship.
Again my blessings to you and your husband.

Pawan: Garud Puran.
Swami Ram Swarup: You are advised to contact any religious shop situated in Nai Sadak, New Delhi.