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Rahul: Namaskar Swami Ji , I have recently started reading Rig Veda/Yajur Veda/Geeta. I have a few doubts regarding Marriage institution in VEDAS. I need to know whether it is permissible to marry one’s cross cousin. What about second cousins from maternal side? I need the answers from VEDAS only as I don’t believe Smiritis (Manu Smiriti). In one instance in Mahabharata, Krishna himself facilitated this kind of marriage – Arjun and Subhadra. Please explain more from VEDAS. If you can give me some specific quotes or verses,that would be helpful. Thanks a lot.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaskarji. In Rigveda, it is mentioned that the marriage can be performed. I paste one of my answers-

The meaning of ‘gotra’ is a path, family line, genealogy and a learned acharya on whose name the path of vansh (gotra) has been made. For-example, there was “Bhardwaj rishi” on whose name Bhardwaj gotra stands etc. Rigveda mantra 10/85/21 states that marriage of boy and girl must not be performed within gotra.

According to Rigveda Mantra 10/85/21 marriage should always be solemnized with girl from different gotra.

Manusmriti Shloka 3/5 states that the girl who is away from the six generations of parents is only to be married.

Anonymous: Shrividhya aavasyakata
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas, there are three educations (vidya) i.e., Gyankand, karam kand and Upasana kand. All the said vidyas are required to be known to attain main aim of human life which is salvation. Isliye vidya kee avashyakta hai. Vidya ke bina manushya vishaya-vikaar, agyan/avidya mein phansa kar apna present janam aur agla janam bigad leita hai.

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