Alvin: Pranaam guruji, I recently came across an article on the internet, which was not clear in my mind and raised some doubts. I hope you can clarify, please. Bahaut Dhanaywaad Guruji.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. The Almighty God has created the universe and has provided us with human body. He has donated to us universe along with all matters like air, food, gold, earth, crops etc., to survive. Simultaneously, He has given us eternal knowledge of the Vedas which teaches us as to how to handle our lives i.e., as to how to live a long, happy life. this is
our bad luck we have accepted the donation of Almighty God in the shape of every materialistic article of the universe but have now forgotten the knowledge of Vedas to be gained without which your question again arises that most of the people here in the world do not know how to handle their lives. I may tell you here that government as well as society and numbers of gurus are spreading their self-made preach etc., but you see, the corruption, tension, disease, problems, early death, insult of women, poverty, baseless war etc., are increasing day by day. Nobody thinks about its reason. Our ancient Rishis have written shastras totally based on Vedas that unpeaceful atmosphere is due to lack of knowledge of Vedas i.e., three educations of Vedas are –


There are three educations/preach about
(i) knowledge – science, etc. (Gyan) in Rigveda, At the time of every creation, knowledge of four Vedas emanates direct from God and is originated in the heart of four Rishis in non-sexual
creation. In the said process, first of all, the knowledge of Rigveda advents and originates in the heart of Rishi Agni. In this Veda though the description of every worldly matter right from straw to God has been mentioned but it speaks especially about matters concerning science of the world. God has described qualities/nature of all materialistic articles of the universe. Therefore, the entire mankind must get the benefit of eternal knowledge of Vedas by knowing about right from straw to Brahma i.e., God. The meaning of “Ric” is that wherein the qualities and nature of all matters have been described and the meaning of Veda is knowledge i.e., true knowledge. These words are used in making the pious word “Rigveda”.

(ii) In Yajurveda, the form of true, pious deeds have been preached. So, in the absence of listening of Yajurveda, we can’t know about real moral duties of students, married persons, vanprasthis and
sanyasis. Even the moral and social obligations of King, parents, children etc., can’t be known.

(iii) In Samveda there is preach about eternal true worship of God like Yajyen, name jaap, practice of ashtang yoga by following which an aspirant realises God/attains salvation.

(iv) Atharvaveda authenticates the above three Vedas’ preach. It also contains comprehensive knowledge of medical science.

So, Almighty God who is formless, creates, nurses, destroys and again creates universe. This process is eternal and everlasting. So, at the time of beginning of each non-sexual creation, the knowledge of above four Vedas emanates direct from God and is originated in the heart of
four Rishis. The knowledge is given by the God to the human-beings for their welfare/benefit because until the knowledge is given by somebody, no one can attain the knowledge. In the beginning of the creation, no preacher, guru, acharya, teacher is present there to teach. So, God gives the knowledge. ‘Life after death’ matter has also been clearly mentioned in Vedas.
for example – Rigveda mantra 10/135/1,2 states that souls take present birth to face the result of previous lives deeds-good and bad and the deeds which are done in present life will be borne/faced in future births. So, it is clear that ‘Rebirth’ is an eternal truth. But, again Vedas tell that after death nobody knows about his previous life/family. In this connection, I also paste my articles-

Why don’t we remember incidents of previous births?

In the present life, even we do not remember about the events of our childhood. We forget so many events which take place some years back. It is difficult to say that what vegetable, dal or fruit, we took in the dinner just 10-15 days ago. So, what to talk about the remembrance of past life? We can only say that it is all under the administration of Almighty God that we forget about previous lives’ events.

After death

Yajurveda mantra 3/55, says, “DEVAIYAH JANAH NAH PUNAH MANAH DADATU” i.e., by blessings (preach and true education of Vedas) may learned Acharya give us next birth of human being so that we may again be able to learn the truth of Vedas and to get salvation. So one must always adopt true path by which he gets rebirth of human being to continue the real spiritualism to get salvation etc., because Atharvaveda mantra 9/10/16 further says that human being who has done pious deeds and adopted true path they get pious human body in the next birth, otherwise soul

Soul according to its good or bad deeds(APANGETI) takes bodies of animals, birds, insects etc., and (PRANG) bodies of Rishis, Munis, i.e., (uuch Yoni) best bodies after leaving the present body. The soul (SWDHAYAA GRIBHITAH) duly attached with its own power of taking birth according to pious deeds and sins, enters other bodies (AMARTAYAH) though the soul is away from death, being immortal but after death of bodies, takes new bodies. These ideas of Vedas has very well been mentioned in Bhagwad Geeta shlok 2/20 wherein Yogeshwar Shri Krishna says (AJO NITYAH
is (AJAH NITAYAH SHASHWATOH) never takes birth and is eternal (NAHANYATE HANAYMANNE SHARIRE) in fact after death of body too soul is never dead being immortal. (TASHASHVANTA) this process of death and birth of bodies and souls is eternal.

(VISHUCHINA VYANTA) soul and bodies go far away to different directions [soul goes to Savita etc., {given below} according to Yajurveda chapter 39 and then takes birth and gets another body and five elements of body go to space and are mixed within air, fire etc., according to Yajurveda mantra 40/15] (ANYAM NICHIKYHU) many learned know about this fact (ANYAM NICHIKYHU) another who lack knowledge of Vedas, do not know the fact, i.e., we mostly know our body but not ourselves, i.e., soul. Death is sure i.e., the body will have to be cremated one day.

In Atharvaveda mantra 8/8/11 ‘Yamdut’ means = ‘YAM’ means God, and ‘dut’ means storm, cyclone, flood, earthquake, heavy rains, etc., etc., in mantra the air is Yam. So when a soul is to leave the body then by the power of God, sutratma air enters the body and takes the soul out of it then goes to
Savita, etc.

In 39th chapter of Yajurveda the process of this cremation is mentioned. This process is also called as “NARMEDH YAJYEN”, “PURUSH MEDH YAJYEN” and “DAH KARAM” and “ANTEYESHATI KARAM”. Atharvaveda mantra 10/8/26 says “YEH CHAKAR SAH JAJAR” means He (God) who makes the body, He destroys the same one day. Sense of Yajurveda mantra 39/5 is that when the soul leaves the body then the soul wanders in so many places, takes another body according to its previous deeds (karmas). Yajurveda mantra 39/6 says that the soul after leaving the body, on the first day goes to Savita (sun), second day agnihi (fire), third Vaayu (normal air), fourth Aditya, fifth chandrma (moon), sixth ritu (seasons), seventh marutah, eighth brihaspati (tiniest air), ninth mitrah (breathing), tenth varunah (udan air), eleventh indrah (electricity), twelfth Vishvedevah (in all divine qualities). Then, after wandering in sky, gets body according to previous deeds. So these twelve days are completed, then after 13 days the soul takes another body. Rigveda mandal 10 sukta 135 says that normally soul after getting body faces the result of its past lives’ deeds and under influence of illusion (duly attracted towards illusion) does sins and again gets birth to face the sins. The soul is immortal and always separate from body. When an aspirant meets with a learned Acharya and gets spiritual education, then the fourth mantra says that the soul gets salvation.

Why God Creates Man?

First of all we will have to understand that who am I ? The knowledge of Vedas and experiences of ancient and present learned acharya say that to know the same “I” the creation of human/living beings’ body is known. I have described this matter in detail on this web site and have also written Hindi/English books which conclude that “we/I” am not body. Body is created by God from three gunnas of prakriti. “we/I” reside within body and are called “souls”. Body is destructible but soul can never be destroyed. Body is non-alive but souls are alive. Souls i.e., we are not made by God. Secondly nobody has made God as well. Thirdly, nobody has made prakriti also. So due to lack of
knowledge of Vedas, some doubts arise, it does not matter. It is good that doubts like that of Arjuna, are placed before any learned acharya. God, as said in Rig-Veda mantra 10/129/7, may or may not create world including our human bodies, to make the soul to live in those bodies for the purpose of making soul face his good/bad karmas. In case God doesn’t create bodies then the soul will remain in SUSHUPT stage (i.e., in stage like/ sound sleep). Would it be good if any person sleeps for many thousand years and does nothing? However, it is not in anyone’s hand that God creates or does not create the universe. Secondly it is eternal law that the universe has been created, nursed destroyed and again created. This law is unchangeable. People may or may not raise doubt in not even God can change His eternal laws as is also said in Rig-Veda mantra 2/38/9.


The form of soul is also eternal and immortal. So soul never meets with death. It is only living being’s body which after leaving the soul, becomes dead and is cremated. So at this juncture the soul does not take living being’s body. Then it will remain unconsciously in the space. The soul will then ever remain in unconscious (coma-like) condition. Now, suppose a person remains in coma, it means he is not able to do anything and even will not be liked by anybody. So will be the case of soul who will be in a position like in coma and will be of no use. The self-made story which I have told above is actually not applicable for the soul because the creation is eternal and automatic.

God has no desire of creation etc., please. He is devoid of desires. As I have told above, the creation is eternal and automatic, however the creator is God. Automatically at an appropriate time, the minutest divine power of God acts in non-alive prakriti and creation starts. So one should be cleared that God even does not create the universe. He is mere efficient cause (in Hindi Nimit Karann) . and the prakriti is eminent cause (in Hindi Upadaan karann). So, actually the God is Nimit-Upadan Karann of creation.

In reality, the soul does not always remain in Sushupt (coma) stage but by doing pious deeds according to Vedas, soul experiences most divine merriment after attaining salvation following the path of Vedas. So, God bestows mercy on public and has blessed us with human body and eternal knowledge of Vedas to attain salvation.

So we are free to do good or bad deeds but result is awarded by God according to previous lives’ deeds. So souls take birth at his own, if the soul does purely pious deeds according to four Vedas why will he get rebirth? That is soul will not take birth. So creation is eternal and if could not be then we would have been like an idle stone thrown in dense jungle.

Yes, there is chance only in human life to make birth pious, extraordinary and long, happy and healthy by following Vedas. As regards mistakes, Vedas state about previous life and present lives’ deeds. It is bad luck of human being if they do not listen Vedas to know the mistake of previous human-lives. Our present birth is based on deeds of previous lives. Present and future happiness as well as birth also depends on present pious deeds based on Vedas.

So present life is golden chance to avoid sins in present life and to kill the oceans of sins and other deeds which is called “Sanchit” karma of previous lives. So it is our minds’ thought which forces us
to blame the God to say that He has created drama which is, if you do not mind, please, a sin.
God is not in our experience but is still required to be experienced. So, science tells that the matter which exists but is not known, is to be known for the benefit of ourselves. But, baseless and such matters which is not beneficial to us or for public that is not required to be known, then why to waste time. Everybody desires to get peace. So, to get peace which path is required to be followed needs to be known, keeping aside the dimension. Otherwise, one can spend his life without peace, duly indulged in illusion.

If a student is not able to understand and solve a maths problem or that of physics then should he cease to study or should he try, try, try again till he succeeds. If a person tries to understand a flower, pulling apart petal by petal then in the end, he would find that God was within the flower.
But only the aspirant would know the said knowledge, who desires to realise God. Based on the teachings of his acharya he would know that the Omnipresent God resides within the flower and similarly God resides with the aspirant and everyone. As regards a student of Botany, when he would know the entire structure of flower, it shall help him to create better varieties of flower and help society in turn. Not disregarding the fact, that will be known through such research that atmosphere is also be purified by flowers.

As regards understanding of materialistic world and spiritualism, I paste my article –

Only the dignitary who has studied four Vedas from a learned acharya, performs Yajyen, daily hawan, name jaap of God, does hard practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy and thus has realised God and has seen Ved mantras within his heart can know the reality/truth. The said fact is also said by Kapil Muni in Sankhya Shastra 1/66. Others can only put the question to such dignitaries to remove the misunderstandings and know the truth by virtue of the Shabda Brahma only, not realization. Shabda Brahma is the knowledge of Vedas only. One who sees the ved mantras within his heart after doing the above quoted practice of Ashtang Yoga etc., he is called Rishi. Everybody is not Rishi, says Atharvaveda mantra 4/30/3. It is our bad luck that at present we do not listen to Vedas and accept as Rishis such persons who are mostly against the Vedas and never spread Vedas knowledge. Because they have never studied Vedas, never done yajyen or hard practice of ashtang
Yoga. Naturally, they will be in the habit of adding self-made stories in their books or in other holy granths as has been added in Mahabharat epic etc.

If a person is provided with all material required to construct a building like cement, bricks, sand, iron, etc., but he is not provided with any labour or mason or engineer then how can the building be constructed automatically. The person in his E-mail is writing that God is mere hallucination, somebody should ask him that from where such views are coming in his mind and how the mind was fitted in his body to make the body function etc.

Vedas have vast and the deepest knowledge. For example Idea of the Yajurveda mantra 40/3 is that- God sure gives time to a person to make contact with learned acharya to get spiritual knowledge. But if he fails then his next birth falls in Asur Yoni. Asur Yoni means, he would not be able to know God. In the above mantra, God has preached that there are three yonis of a human body- man (human being), Asur and Dev. The first birth is taken in the Yoni of human-being. If the person does not worship God and enjoys only materialistic articles, he is provided with asur yoni. But he who worships God and gains knowledge of Vedas, he is said to be in Dev yoni. To free one self form one’s limitations is quite impossible unless a person controls his five senses, mind and intellect which is further impossible without knowing Vedas and practice of Ashtang Yoga. But you see, most of the atheists enjoy their lives by taking wine, luxuries etc. Even Ravanna did the same and ruined himself.

Sky means space and without space even the bodies of living beings cannot remain stable. Even the rain is brought down on earth from the sky and the sun and the moon, our life-saviours, are placed in sky. The true, spiritual master, who is learned of Vedas also i.e., Gurus, throws light on the true path and the disciple has to follow it with his hard efforts, concentration of mind, eagerness etc. There are several meanings of Yoga but the best meaning in the Vedas is to realise the God by following the path of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy. Otherwise, physical strength is attained by Ravanna, Duryodhan, king Kong, Dara Singh and other wrestlers without doing Yoga. So, Yoga Philosophy is not meant for gaining physical power only. If one centralize his views only on the matter that Yoga is for attaining physical fitness, then he is totally wrong because he has not studied Vedas and shastras under the guidance of true spiritual master. Further, for how long a human-body can survive by means of physical fitness. Naturally, it shall be deteriorated and destroyed one day.

Amit: SWAMIJI, Please tell me why hindus have been killed, their women raped, their wealth looted, their culture destroyed. If their religion is so strong why is India in such a bad state of affairs?
Swami Ram Swarup: No doubt, religion is strong but when eternal, strong and everlasting religion which emanates direct from God in the shape of four Vedas, has been forgotten due to false preach of the so-called gurus, pandits etc. Then just one path/point of destruction is left behind. You see, when sun sets then darkness spreads automatically and covers the area. Similarly, when preach of Vedas and pious act of doing daily yajyen, havan, name jaap of God, practice of ashtang yoga
under the guidance of learned acharya of Vedas and yoga is ignored, then the illusion automatically spreads and covers the people. Hence, man-made worship starts and God-made worship according to Vedas is ignored. So, nowadays, it is not a question of killing, raping, looting, destroying and religion etc., but problem is this that after Mahabharat war, we have left listening to Vedas and adopting them in life.

You see, if Prithivi Raj Chauhan had been a learned of Vedas’ philosophy like King Sri Ram, Dashrath, Sri Krishna Maharaj etc., then according to the law of the Vedas that the enemy, traitor and grave sinner should not be forgiven, should not be kept alive for more than one day i.e., should be killed on the spot or at least after one day. But, it is India’s bad luck that Prithivi Raj Chauhan, his contemporary kings and even administrators and politician of present times are not learned of Vedas. I mean to say, Prithivi Raj Chauhan committed the mistake of forgiving Mohammed Gauri and India became a slave. So, please try to listen/study Vedas and try to spread them all over India to make the nation strong. I would also advise you to read some of my books, if possible.