Rohan: Praman RishiVer, Hope you and everyone in the family is in best of health. Someone posted a note relating to Vedas saying that it has Joytish Vidya/Astrology in it to which I replied:All four Vedas do not talk about Astrology in them however the Gentlemen might do it as per his wish…. Then the gentlemen replied with the meanings of some mantras claiming the opposite. Charansparsh & warm regards Love, Rohan.
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest good wishes and blessings to you both, my son. Tell him Rohan, my son that only Samadhist yogi, who has also traditionally followed vedic culture, is empowered to explain the meaning of ved mantras. The meaning is not based on own accord and which suits to such person. For example

Yajurved mantra 1/1

“Eeshe Tvorjjei Tva Vayav Stha Devo Vaha Savita Prarpyatu Shreshthatmaay Karmanna Aapyaydhvmaghnya Indray Bhagam Prajawati Ranmiva Ayakshma Maa Vastein Eeshat Maghshanso Dhruva Asmin Gopatau Syaat Bahveeryajmaanasya Pashoonpahi.”

Yajurved mantra 1/1 i.e., 1st mantra of Yajurved where it is mentioned – “Shreshthatmay Karmanne”

So it does not mean that shreshth karma but its meaning is shreshth karma – Yajyen.

Somewhere Ashwamedh Yajyen is written. But its meaning is not horse, it means Rashtra (nation). Similarly, before the above quoted Atharvaved mantra, 10/8/4 the previous mantra10/8/3 hints that duly bound with prakriti gunna (Raj, Tam, Satva) all human-beings come in the cycle of birth and death.

Based on the said idea, the next mantra 4 states that (Ekam chakram) i.e., there is one wheel of a year (kaalchakra) made by God which has 12 months. That a year is like a wheel (kaalchakra) which has 12 waves i.e., 12 months (Trinni Nabhyani) this kaal chakra has winter, summer, rains, three seasons i.e., the three navels of the wheel (kaal chakra) [tat kaha u chiket] that wheel of time (kaal chakra) is known by hardly anyone. In all the wheel showing the time factor(kaal chakra) is really astonishing made by God. Secondly, the present palmistry does not exist in vedas, however Vedas tell about the science like whatever exists in the earth like gold, silver, iron etc. And what exists in space and in celestial bodies emitting light. But that is not palmistry that is science.

2.) Rohan beta, ask that man to write correct ved mantra, to write only 19th Kand and ten mantra will not serve the purpose.

Secondly, moon, sun, rahu, ketu are non-alive matters, therefore cannot give blessings etc.

3) If a person sits daily in the sun rays then he escapes himself from getting heart diseases. So, this is naturopathy and all medical science has been briefed by God in vedas for the benefit of human-beings. So that is medical issue and not astrology.

4) Request is made to parents, Acharya or God, who are alive matters and therefore request is not made before any non-alive matter like sun, moon etc. Mantra13 does not say whatever the man is saying. But the idea of mantra is that the learned must give the knowledge about God and the corporal fire so that the people may get benefit thereof. Atma is alive matter whereas sun is non-alive matter.

5). Rohan beta ask the person to quote correct reference he has only written only sukta 115 but mandal has not been written.

6) Present astrology does not exist in vedas and vedas already tell in all planets lives exist. So where lives exist, water will also exist. But it has no concern to any astrology.

7) The rays of moon have qualities that all the vegetation/greeneries become juicy from its rays but it has no concern with astrology. It is a matter of science.

Ud+Budhyasva is the Sanskrit pad (word). It is used for the man and woman advising them that they should gain the knowledge in best way. So, meaning of Ud+ bhudyasva is the best way to get knowledge. It has no concern with mercury.