Sudheer: Respected sir, As you said there is no ghost or evil spirits, I would like to recall my experience and would like to understand your view on this. Few years back, My cousin brother died in road accident (21 year old) and I went to participate in all funeral activity in my native town near Mangalore as it’s my duty to do that. Due to office work , I back to Bangalore on the same day. This incident happened during my travel time. I got the Bangalore Bus around 8pm and exactly 8:30 pm I felt like somebody kissing me from start from my leg to my face. I immediately woke up and seen no one is there. And it again happened within 5 minutes. I was kind of afraid and shocked too. I started chanting Om namo narayanayand that incident not happened. I came to Bangalore around 6:00 am in next morning happily. It was the real incident and don’t say it’s my subconscious/conscious mind thought about it please.My question is that if there is no evil spirits/ghost, then what is this? If you say it is good spirit then how come it disappeared when I was started chanting Om Namo Narayanaya.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.
According to the Vedas especially 39th chapter of Yajurved, at the time of death the soul comes out of the body under control of special air named sutratma. The soul remains in space for 13 days in sushupt stage (i.e., like in comma). After 13 days under the administration of Almighty God the soul gets new body based on his previous lives’ deeds. So, no time is left free to become the soul a ghost etc. As regard your feelings I say, that you perform all the cremation ceremony etc., therefore the effect of death weepings, ceremonies and talking of family members and others etc., was made on your chitta. So the feeling of kissing etc., at that time is due to your chitta’s vritti which will remain always with you until it is destroyed by performing Holy Yajyen, name jaap etc. This chitta vritti is not a matter of you alone but it is applicable for all human beings. When you start chanting On Namo Narayanaya at this juncture you changed your chitta vritti and indulged your mind in the name of God. So, due to the change of situation the scene of kissing was gone away. You see, the fundamental laws of Vedas are unchangeable. When there is no mention about ghost in Vedas by the God, it means the matter of ghost does not exist in the universe.

Veeryavaan: Where in the vedas is it mentioned that we should leaveLokaishna vitteshana And putreshana? Answer on website. I have security issues that’s why won’t give you id. Quickly answer.
Swami Ram Swarup: Rigved mantra 10/18/1,2 states that there are two paths to be adopted-One pitriyaan marg where vitleshna and putreshana matter exist. In this way, he enters the family life and has several worldly desires like children, property etc.

Second path is Devyaan marg and true vedic worshipper by performing daily Yajyen, name jaap of God, hard practice of Ashtang Yog philosophy becomes ascetic and by attaining Dharammegh samdhi as mentioned in Yog Shastra sutra 4/29,30, 31 gets salvation.