Monika: Namashkar Pandit ji.. It’s been long that I recite Shiv Tandav Strotam every morning, before stepping out of my home.. And leaving for work… As I have never noticed anything negative till yet.. But moreover I feel very positive and energetic after doing this… But recently I came to know from one person that the strotam should not be recited by the females, as it affects their solar system of the body… As the uchcharan of ‘Om’has very strong vibes that later affects the female in late pregnancy also that has strong effects on their progeny…kindly help me by providing me the information as this is something I have never heard about.
Swami Ram Swarup: Blessings beti. Actually to recite shiv tandav strotam by a lady makes no difference and therefore lady may pleasantly recite the same.

The truth is separate. You know, the truth is eternal and everlasting. Everything will be destroyed during the time of final destruction but truth prevails. So, God has blessed us with human body to follow the truth and not man-made path. Now, the people mostly do not know about eternal truth is Almighty God and the knowledge of Vedas which emanates directly from formless Almighty God in the beginning of every universe.

So, beti better you seek there learned Acharya of Vedas or join Arya Samaj mandir for some time to listen to vedas and know how to perform daily haven even with Gayatri mantra and how to recite name of God- Om, daily. All said views are eternal and everlasting being from vedas and not from any man-made book. Yet, you decide to go ahead as quoted by you in your question then you are also free to go ahead.