Rashmi: Guru ji maharaaj pranaam, I have received thee books. Guruji maharaaj how is your health. We always pray to you for your good health. Guru ji maharaj could you pl tell us specific mantras in which we pray to god to control anger with meaning to include in Dainik haavan. Please explain the meaning of aum ye te shatam varun ye saharastram —- marudbhayah swarkebhayh idam na mam. Katyanan strotra 25,1,11 and aum aysach agne asyanabhishastipasch…… idam agney ayase idam na mam.
With regards Rashmi
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear daughter, my blessings to you all for a long, happy life. I am recovering. Every ved mantra from which the aahuti is offered in Yajyen is a great blessings to all human-beings and as I have been repeatedly writing in books and on website also that the pronunciation of ved mantra and its offering in Yajyen will be of no use until we also work hard according to the prayer to fulfill our desire. So, every mantra is the best mantra because it emanates direct from God.

However, you pay your full attention to the mantra-Vishwani dev…. Parasuva. Also learn meanings from Yajyen book and come over the anger etc., and try hard to control it by yourself daily. You must be assured that your prayer in above mantra will sure be accepted by Almighty God.

Secondly, all four Vedas preach that daily Yajyen/havan, name jaap of God and especially Ashtang Yog, prannayaam enable us to control the mind and intellect to wander in bad deeds/sensual vices.

1.)Om Ye tey shatam….- Oh! (Varun) acceptable God (Ye) whatever (Tey) your (Shatam) hundreds of and (Sahastram) thousands of (Yajiyaha) Yajyen and several deeds connected with universe (Mahaantah) big (Paasha) bounding/rules (Vitatah) are spread all over the universe (Tey Bhihi) from the same (Adya) Today (Savito) all the Acharya who inspires us for pious deeds (Utt) and (Vishnur) the Justice who knows the pious and impious deeds (Vishway marutah) they all our friends encourage us that do not worry (Swarkaahaa) the dignitaries who do daily austerity [Tapasvi] would (Munchantu) give us freedom from the bindings, deeds and will give us salvation.

2.) Om ayascha agney…- (Hey Agne) Oh! worshippable God, you are (Ayachha asya) alive matter and omnipresent. (Cha) and (anabhishasti pashaha) you protect us from praise worthy and non-worthy deeds.

Note- On getting praise, human can feel pride and in un-praise worthy situation, he can feel anger. So, Oh! God, protect us from the same.

(Satyam Itt) it is well known truth that (twam) you protect us from (ayascha asi) non-praise worthy and worst deeds. (Aya) being omnipresent, you (Vahasyaya) wears (maha) our (Yajyam) the most pious deed Yajyen (ayaha) being omnipresent. Kindly (dhehi) give (Naha) us (bheshajam) the treatment/medicine to give up the unpraiseworthy deeds. (Swaha) i.e., I am performing your Yajyen and offering aahutis.