Ajay Negi: 1. What is the difference between Vedas and Gods like Shiv, Brama and Vishnu? 2. What are your comments on sadhus, sadhvis& gurus involved in terrorist activities nowadays? How we can select original guru?

Ajay Negi: 1. What is the difference between Vedas and Gods like Shiv, Brama and Vishnu? 2. What are your comments on sadhus, sadhvis& gurus involved in terrorist activities nowadays? How we can select original guru?
Swami Ram Swarup: (i) If we see the difference between sun and light then we will see that light emits from sun so is the difference between God and Vedas. Vedas emanate from God. Vedas exist only due to the existence of Almighty God. Actually there is no difference between God and Vedas. Sun is known by his light, God is known by Vedas. However, I would like to say here that the comparison or example of any worldly matter cannot be given in the matter of God. That is God can’t be compared with any worldly matter, being supreme amongst all. So is the case of Vedas which can never be compared to any man made matter/knowledge etc. As regards Shiv, Brahma and Vishnu, I paste here my article on the subject.

Why so many Gods?

If there is no sun rise, naturally there will remain always darkness. So is the case of worship of multiple Gods. That is, due to non-study of Vedas from learned, spiritual master of Vedas, people have become ignorant and do not know the true preach of true Almighty God, Who is one, Was one and will remain always one. Neither anybody took birth nor will take birth, equivalent to the said God. He is almighty, omnipresent, omniscient, formless, creates, nurses and destroys the universe. So there is a great need of study of Vedas to overcome the present illusion. Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Mata Sita, ancient rishi-munis were all followers of God given knowledge of Vedas only. We have also to follow the same.

Names of God

In the Vedas there is only one God but has so many names according to his qualities. For example His name is OM which means the God is the saviour of all. His name is SURYA (sun) i.e., sun has light but sun takes light from God because God has the supreme and Divine light of His own. His name is Chandrma (moon). Moon gives peace, calm, cold and charming light so the name of God is also Chandrma (moon) because God gives peace, calm etc., to those who worship etc., etc. we all people do not worship thirty three Goddesses as briefed above. Shiva means Kalyan i.e., happiness, welfare, good fortune and benediction etc., i.e., He who does welfare to human beings, He is Shiva and He is only one Almighty God said above. Vishnu means He who is everywhere and He is only one Almighty God.

Rig-Veda mantra 1/164/46 says,” EKAM SADRUPA VIPRAH BAHUDHA VADANTI,” i.e., EKAM SATAM means truth is one i.e., God is one but VIPRAH = Rishis, Munis who were/are learned of Vedas, BAHUDHA VADANTI utter so many names of God mentioned in Vedas like AGNIM YAMAM MATRISHVANAM AAHUHU meaning-the name of God are Agni, Yam, Matrishva and AAHUHU means “says”. In Yajurveda mantra 32/1 the names of God stated are AGNI, ADITYA, VAAYU, CHANDRMA, SHUKRAM, BRAHM, AAPAH, and PRAJAPATIHI ETC, ETC, ETC. I would explain the meaning of above all the names of God in brief due to shortage of time and space.

AGNI= agrini i.e., at the top or who comes first or who was before the creation and according to the said qualities, here the meaning of Agni pertains to God i.e., God is eternal and therefore exists always before the creation etc. that is why Rigveda mantra 1/1/1 says AGNIM Eedey – in the said mantra the meaning of Agni is God according to the qualities and situation. Meaning of Eedey means desire. Therefore the meaning of Agnim Eedey is , “I am desirous of God. Similarly YAM means controller of universe, Matrishva means air i.e., like the air God gives life to human beings. Aditya means which can not be broken into pieces, Chandrma means like moon God gives calm/peace, Shukram means Almighty, Braham means the superior/the biggest/the greatest etc., in the universe, Aapah means omnipresent, Prajapatihi means one who nurses the universe. So all the said meanings have the qualities of God and hence the name of God in the Vedas, but these are always uttered by Rishis Munis, who are learned of Vedas, as mentioned in Rig-Veda mantra quoted above. Therefore only Rishis Munis who are learned of Vedas, utter or tell the holy name of God mentioned in Vedas and those who do not know Vedas can never utter the above holy names of God. But the said holy names, on the other hand, are even of surprising nature to them.

One thing more, the holy names of God in the Vedas are according to the nature, knowledge and deeds (God creates, nurses, destroys and controls the universe etc.) of Almighty God. Therefore those names are eternal and countless. So I am not able to mention here infinite names of Almighty God being beyond imagination, beyond calculation and beyond description etc., and we have to worship the said Almighty God whose description is in four Vedas, whose study has mostly been made stopped by the present saints who were against the Vedas and speak only charming stories etc., and never tells about Vedas. Whereas the description of Vedas is in Geeta, Ramayana, six shastras, Upnishads and all ancient holy books. The reason why the present (most of them) saints do not quote Vedas is that they do not study the Vedas, do not do Yajyen and do not obey Ashtang Yoga Philosophy mentioned in Vedas which was too adopted by Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Mata Sita, King Harishchandra, king Dashrath and their subjects/ public etc. Therefore we must be aware of false prophets.

God is formless

Being formless there is no need of statue or temple of God according to Vedas. As a matter of fact, you, I or every human being, lives in a body. Body is separate, we are called souls. Vedas say soul has no form even. Then also we know each other. For example even if you have not seen the photograph of King Akbar then, you can know Akbar by means of the study of his qualities. So is the case with the God. If an aspirant really goes to his Guru and listens Vedas like Shri Ram, and ancient kings and their public then he will be able to know hundred percent about formless God. Then comes realization for which Vedas (especially Samveda) says that he who performs Yajna, does jaap (according to Vedas) and practises Ashtang Yoga Philosophy while remaining in family like Shri Ram etc., he sure realizes, being eternal law.

If we will meditate concentrating outside our body which is also against Vedas/Ashtang Yoga Philosophy, then our attention will always naturally remain outside i.e., attached with outer world i.e., decoration/music/dances etc. In that case subject matter of God will be over. It will be converted into spending fun, doing dances and singing attractive songs by ladies and gents, which is totally against Vedas. Thus the chapter of praising God, True Acharya, Rishi-Munis, performing Yajyen, practice of Ashtang Yoga, eternal knowledge of Vedas etc., will be over.

It is also baseless to say that study of Vedas and practice of yoga philosophy is difficult. It is self made story because Vedas are also called Shruti i.e., Vedas are to be listened first and not to be studied. So to listen to the Vedas, a learned Acharya is needed. The Acharya will explain the Ved mantras in the Yajna in your own language i.e., in English or Urdu etc., and for an aspirant to do asan, pranayaam, meditation etc., is also not difficult. It is all difficult for those human beings, including present false prophets, (who are against the Vedas), who are lazy, can’t awake early in the morning to listen Vedas and fail to do practice of yoga philosophy. Those people are always after money, materialistic articles and pomp and show etc.

Vedas are not written or spoken by God. This knowledge is emanated from God and is originated in the heart of four Rishis as stated above. God is Almighty i.e., He has all powers. So He needs no assistance to do universal deeds. In human body alive soul resides and soul is dependent, soul requires mouth to speak, eye to see, hand to write etc., etc. but not God. From His power God originates the knowledge of Vedas in the rishis without writing, or speaking etc. Vedas’ knowledge is divine. The fundamental of the Vedas is this that it was not written or spoken. The knowledge by the power of God was originated about one Arab 96 crore, 8 lakh and 53 000 years ago. Then first time the four rishis of unsexual creation started pronunciation of the mantras by the power of God. God wanted them to know word meanings and senses of the mantras and therefore the rishis knew all. Then first time the four rishis started pronunciation of the mantras. They taught the mantras to other ignorant people. Then another rishis were produced who knew the Vedas by heart by listening only. There was no paper, ink or pen there. The Vedas were being learnt by mouth to mouth and traditionally this process is yet in force. But mostly not by heart but taking help of the printed book. So printed books are not called Vedas but these are called samhita.

Samhita means the collection of Ved mantras. Therefore Present printed books cannot be considered as Vedas and will never be in future, but samhita. Kapil Muni throws light on this point in his Sankhya Shastra 5/48 that when a rishi does tapsya in the shape of Yajyen, study of Vedas, practice of Ashtang Yoga then the Ved mantras still (now also) originate in heart of the Rishi and the rishi pronounces the mantras. Those mantras are called Vedas, which emanate from God. So Vedas must first be listened (study) from alive Acharya (Guru who knows Vedas). Then only Samhita (books of Vedas) can help.


There is only one God who is formless, creates, nurses and destroys the universe. He is Almighty and supreme, beyond description, beyond imagination and beyond calculation. He is omnipresent and omniscient. Divine qualities of Almighty God are described in eternal knowledge of Vedas. Vedas emanate direct from God. So all Hindus and others too believe in Vedas.

Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are the name of one said God. God has no wives please because He is Almighty and needs no assistance etc. No one is above God please. All religions tell to worship God.

(ii) As you know, “Man proposes God disposes”. Therefore, human beings do the deeds (good or bad) but the result is awarded by God. Sadhus, Sadhvis, Gurus however, are those who always do the pious deeds according to Vedas. You know, Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj has also stated in Bhagwad Geeta shloka 3/15 that all the moral duties/deeds originate from Vedas. Therefore Sadhus, sadhvis or Gurus always do their pious deeds as per Vedas. They are always soft spoken, do deeds for the benefit of mankind, they have controlled their five senses, perceptions and mind and always follow Vedas (the knowledge which emanates direct from God). Every duty devolved on them pertains to making the nation strong as mentioned in Atharvaveda mantra 19/43/1. They unite the people and do not divide.

They establish peace amongst people by destroying the ravages of hatred and also preach the king/leaders to destroy the bad elements, dacoits, thieves, militants etc., by all means using power. Then only the peace is established and the public is saved as is mentioned in Yajurveda mantra 11/14 stating the king must save the public and must be religious minded, Yajurveda mantra 11/15 states king’s army must be strong to kill the enemies, Yajurveda mantra 10/33 stating he must protect the noble from culprits. Samveda mantra 1409, the army of the king must protect the nation well. Samveda mantra 1872 states that those who are ours and are residing away from us want to kill us. King must punish them hard, etc.

However, my article about the difference between true and self proclaimed sadhus etc., is also pasted here. Sadhus, Sadhvis, Gurus always advise the king. For example- Guru Vasishth advised Dashrath, Sri Ram and many others advised the kings to make the nation strong and establish peace therein.

About Gurus

There is only one God who creates universe, nurses and destroys and again creates. Yajurveda mantra 31/7 and several other Ved mantras say that God has preached His worship in Vedas. But now a day’s most of the worships are against Vedas, as also said by Tulsidasji in his Ramayana couplet 99 (b). In the ancient times up to Mahabharat period too there were only Vedas to be adopted and worship in the form of prayer, Yajna and Ashtang yoga etc., was being practised. The ancient Rishis Munis used to give Vedas knowledge only. They lived in Gurukul in a very simple life holding unlimited knowledge of Vedas and yoga philosophy and by their Tapsya they used to give equal blessings to the world.

These Rishis Munis used to sit on one platform with whole hearted happiness. For example in Valmiki Ramayana when Rishi Vishwamitr went to King Dashrath to take Shri Ram to kill the demons to protect his holy Yajna. Then Dashrath immediately refused but Dashrath’s Guru Vashisth Muni interrupted, explained and gave order to king Dashrath to give Shri Ram to Rishi Vishwamitr. I am not giving the detailed story here. So what was the reason behind? The reason behind was only this, that Rishi Vishwamitr as well as Guru Vashisth both were philosophers of Vedas, Yajna and Yoga philosophy. So there was no friction within their hearts. A mother and father both, without any friction, love their newly born baby. So when all Rishis loved only one Almighty God, from whom Vedas are originated and again the Rishis loved Vedas, so no question of friction. The Rishis used to bless all people and even kings with the result everybody was happy at that time and everybody was rich with the blessings. Now it is reverse.

The so-called Gurus are rich and most of the people are poor. In Hinduism too there are so many Devtas and thus the different types of worship. Now whatever one Guru says another one criticizes because ways are different and in reality the religion has been made profession by most of the so-called Gurus at present. When target is not true and good then how the above story of donating Shri Ram can be repeated and how all Gurus can sit on one platform. When the target is profession and not services of people through Vedas then it is impossible that so called Gurus can sit on one platform. The so-called Gurus can say at their own that their target is one but on ground it seems not to be a true. All the so-called Gurus have made their own several ashrams to command etc.

God has made universe and blessed us human body to do pious deeds only. He has not made any heaven or hell. All have to face the result of their deeds good or bad here only, even by taking rebirth. God has not only made universe but has also given knowledge of four Vedas.

True Saints

In Shatpath Brahmin Granth 3/7/3/10, written by Yask Muni it is said, “VIDWANS HI DEVAHA” i.e., he who is learned of Vedas, he is called Dev. Yajurveda mantra 40/3 says, “ASURYA NAAM TE LOKAHA ANDHEN TAMSA VRITAHA___”means on taking birth a child is called “Manushya” i.e., mankind. If he learns Vedas, does pious deeds and discharges his moral duties well, according to Vedas then he becomes Dev. Otherwise Asur i.e., devil (demon) , one who kills the pure voice of soul and does sins. In Van Parv of Mahabharat Yaksh asked question to Yudhisthar, “KAH NASTIKAH” i.e., who is called atheist? Yudhisthar answers, he who is against and insults Vedas he is atheist (Manusmriti 2/11 also refers). So there are two kinds of men/women according to Yajurveda mantra quoted above. One, “DEV” and second “DEVIL”. So our birth is to become Dev.

Rig-Veda mantra 10/181/1 says that in the beginning of the creation, God always originates the knowledge of four Vedas in the heart of four Rishis, then the said four Rishis spread it further and until now the eternal knowledge of Vedas is being received traditionally. The names of those four Rishis are — Agni, Vaayu, Aditya, Angira, as also mentioned in Rig Veda mantra 10/109/1 and Manusmriti shlok 1/23. This truth is also mentioned in Bhagwad Geeta wherein shlok 3/15 says that Vedas emanate from Almighty God and in shlok 13/4 Shri Krishna says that the knowledge of soul and body is very well mentioned in four Vedas and the Rishis have described the same by many methods. In Atharvaveda mantra 2/35/1& 4 it is preached that Rishis spread the knowledge of holy Yagya (Yajna) to the people to kill their sorrows and Rishis are those, “MANTRADRISHTA ITI RISHIHI” i.e., those who have studied Vedas and Ashtang Yog practice and then realized Almighty God and seen Ved mantras in their heart, they are called Rishis. So the knowledge of the Vedas, as per Rig-Veda mantras quoted above, is given by God Himself to the Rishis and it is eternal truth and cannot be changed that is why in Yog shastra sutra, Rishi Patanjali says, “SA ESH PURVESAHM API GURUHU”. So, next to God is Rishi.

God did not give the knowledge to the present saints. In Vedas, the name of the learned are mentioned as Rishis, Muni, Vipra, Dwij, Agni etc., and not saints. To be next to God it is necessary to have full knowledge of Vedas and Ashtang yoga, as per the rules quoted above.

To know that what is true and what is false, proof is required. Yog shastra in sutra 1/7 says about four proofs within which proof of Vedas to determine the truth is compulsory. However, it makes no difference that if a present saint has learnt four Vedas, done ashtang yoga practice mentioned in Vedas and realized Vedas and God, then he is also next to God. If one declares his name Rishi or Brahamchari and does not know Vedas and yoga philosophy, then he is liar and cheating the public because in Shanti Parv of Mahabharat also Bhisham Pitamaha says to Yudhisthar that there are two kinds of Braham (though God is one). First, “Shabad Braham” i.e., knowledge of four Vedas, second “Par Braham” the realization of formless God Who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. So he who does not know Braham even Shabad Braham – Vedas, then how can he write himself as brahamrishi? Naturally he is cheating the public because most of the public does not know about Vedas and the arrogant (the saints who are against Vedas) have spread false knowledge about Vedas, Yajna and yoga philosophy.

That is why, Manusmriti 2/168 says that the saint/Guru/Dwij who does not know Vedas but studies false books, he, in his present life goes downwards i.e., experiences sorrows, sufferings etc, etc., with his followers, i.e., their followers also go down and experience the said difficulties etc., but nowadays it is also spread that God takes examination of a worshipper but such type of examinations have not been mentioned in Vedas. And Ramayana also says about such false saints – VARAN DHARAM NAHIN ASHRAMCHARI, SHRUTI VIRODH RAT SAB NAR NARI. Tulsidasji says that at present men and women here have become against the eternal knowledge of Vedas. Again Tulsidasji says in Uttrakand DWIJ SHRUTI BECHAK BHOOP PRAJSAN, KAU NAHIN MAN NIGAM ANUSASAN, i.e., at present mostly the people do not accept the knowledge of Vedas, present saints Gurus have sold the Vedas i.e., they do not know the ABCD about the Vedas.

Again in Nirukta 7/3, it is said that he who studies complete knowledge of Vedas and holy books, puts the preachings thereof into action/conduct and there after preaches others, he is called a Rishi. It is a well-known fact that ancient Rishis used to live in a lonely place/jungle in Gurukuls/Ashram where the students used to get knowledge traditionally, the same process too was adopted by Shri Krishna, Sudama, Shri Ram and their public. It was the effect of Ved mantras on them and the effect of practising Ashtang yoga philosophy, that they used to lead simple way of life without any luxury etc. Whereas nowadays the current saints (against the Vedas) mostly live in bigger cities where way of earning is obtained. The Rishis used to bless the people according to Ved mantra to be the richest and having all comforts in the family etc., whereas now most of the present saints say that money will do nothing, family will do nothing, house will do nothing, cars and clothes will do nothing and they themselves take lot of money and enjoy luxuries.

The Rishis were free from illness/tension etc., Shwetashwaropnishad 2/12 and 13 says about this fact. So is it not clear that keeping the fact and proof of ved mantra and the said upnishad in mind, those are not rishi-muni etc., who are suffering from multi-farious diseases, tension etc., and too lack the knowledge of four Vedas and Ashtang yoga philosophy mentioned in Vedas.

Study of Mahabharat, holy granth and Valmiki Ramayan reveals that usually the ancient Rishis, who lived in gurukul or in jungle used to go to the kingdom on invitation only. (Valmiki Ramayan Bal Kand sarg 7 also refers). So it is not fair to send disciples door to door to collect money and to arrange maximum gathering/crowd. The Rishis like Vyas Muni etc., used to go mostly on foot and alone to anywhere (Mahabharat says) but now the present saints/Gurus go in a fleet of cars/groups with body guards etc., etc.

The Rishis themselves had simple living without luxury etc., but with their blessings they made people the richest whereas most of the present saints have become the richest with all luxury, gathering money/donation etc., from even poor people and public seems to be poor.

In Brihadarnayk Upnishad there is a debate (shastrarth) between Bal Brahamcharini Gargi and Rishi Yagvalkya. This debate was organized by King Janak. The winner of debate was to be given 500 cows, gold-plated on horns. When Rishi Yagvalkya ordered his disciples to take the cows then King Janak interrupted and requested the Rishi that these cows are meant for him who will win the debate with my supreme Acharya Gargi. King asked the Rishi whether he (Rishi) is Brahamrishi. Yagvalkya Rishi answered, O! King there was shortage of milk in my Gurukul to my students and that is why I wanted to take the cows. But if you want to ask something I am ready. There was a debate and Rishi won and got cows. This story tells that all Rishis used to ask for donation when they needed whereas present saints even having become multimillionaires through donation, ask for more money.

In Upnishad king Janshruti met with Rishi Rakya in lonely place sitting on sand under the shadow of Bullock cart. Whereas present saints meet people sitting on highly decorated and valuable throne. Rishi Jadbharat was sitting alone in a jungle on the earth. When he was asked to carry the palanquin (palki) putting one side on his shoulder, then he immediately became ready without any pride and walked on foot. Mostly now this cannot be repeated.

There are maximum examples of the ancient Rishis who were Tapsvi, lovers of truth, who are adorable.

Anonymous: If I do meditation and I see colours what is that? What should I do as I am seeing from 4 years colours in meditation?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you for a long, happy life. To see the colours while meditating is a good omen, you must always try to concentrate to go ahead. You must do asan, pranayam and meditation daily both times under guidance of an experienced acharya. However, I would also advise you to read my book in hindi named (PATANJAL YOG DARSHAN PART I AND II) comments in hindi written especially on the matter of Prannayam, Dharma and Dhyan. It will give you immense knowledge and method of concentration. If you desire, then the book will be sent to you on receipt of your postal address please. Price is Rs.131/- + Rs. 200/- excluding postal charges.

K D Gupta: “Udasino vayam noonam putradar grahadishu” Lord Krishna says to Rukmini that also is the gitagyan. So it was Hanumanji and not Arjuna who drank Gita’s milk? Please explain.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Whole Bheeshma parv of Mahabharat concludes that Yogeshwar Sri Krishna maharaj gave the knowledge of Bhagwad Geeta to Arjun, please. Mahabhrat granth is written by Vyas Munjis but there is difference in views about Bhagwad Puran. Learned of Vedas state that Bhagwad puran has not been written by Vyas Muniji.

Anonymous: I wanted to ask in my shop few workers are always create problems for us. We keep raising salary still they keep doing problems. As I am spiritual person, I don’t want to take any wrong decision. Can you suggest what to do?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Sri Ram, Sri Krishna Maharaj, Yudhishthir, Arjun etc., were the most eminent figures in the world in the matter of religion but they destroyed the culprit. So religion never teaches to bear the injustice. I mean to say that you must first of all know that your stand is right, then try to explain the truth to your workers, if still they fail to understand the truth then action must be taken as deemed fit, keeping aside mercy.

K Guruprasad: In your pravachan (in website), you have mentioned while explaining the meaning of Atharvaveda Matra, Kand8, Sukt 9, Mantra 2 that jeevatmas who have liberated can witness the process of creation. Just a small confusion,
1. How can Jeevatma witness or see when they require Indriyam/body to do any activity like seeing, feeling etc..,
2.Also, pl clarify if the Jeevatma is liberated, they are liberated for ever or they are liberated only for this creation (means only till Mahapralay)
3.God creates the universe with Unsexual creation of 4 rishis and other people..The souls of these rishis are already liberated souls or any soul which are dear ones to God
4.I saw your Pravachan, in which you were mentioning that From Inside, there will be a sound which GOD gives to every one that “Mein Thuje Maardhunga” and you have explained that one need to hear this sound then only he will realise the correct path and come in line to practice vedas and other pious deeds very seriously. I was trying to hear this sound even in deep silence of night, even by shutting my ears to avoid external noice, I could hear the sound of my blood stream only. Can you please tell me how to hear this sound. The questions may be very silly, however I’m touching your feet to know the answers?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. Hope you have come back from china and your tour was successful.
(1) the liberated soul does not require the physical senses/perceptions or mind. He actually has suksham shareer i.e., suksham senses by which he witnesses everything. Otherwise, how will he enjoy the divine merriment of liberation.
(2) Time of liberation may be considered personally please.
(3) Souls of ancient four Rishis cannot be liberated souls, my son. Soul always gets next body of human beings/living beings to face the result of his previous lives’ deeds. However, the ancient four Rishis were the supreme Yogis of previous creation but could not get salvation and hence the birth.
(4) The fear of death is that warning/sound. Even, when we start meditation, at one stage, the aspirant also fears and then he goes ahead. Please continue your meditation and you may also feel the same.

Dr. Harish Arya: Actually I want to increase my height any ayurvedic tip?
Swami Ram Swarup: Tad asan, Bhujang asan and pashchimauttan asan may give you good result. In addition, you should wake up early in the morning for running which also gives good result.

Dr. Harish Arya: What is the strategy to decrease inclination towards immoral thoughts?
Swami Ram Swarup: One should always believe in God and then he must start listening/studying Vedas from an acharya. Then he must learn yoga philosophy to adopt name jaap of God daily and must perform daily Yajyen/havan.

Aneel: Name of all veda and what is in which Veda?
Swami Ram Swarup: 1. Rigveda (gyan kand)- states about knowledge of Prakriti/creation and all universal matters/science etc.
2. Yajurveda (karma kand)- tells about deeds, moral duties etc.
3. Samveda (Upasana kand) states about worship.
4. Atharvaveda especially tells about medical science and Brahma. However, main aim of all Vedas to tell about God and His realization.

Rohit: I want to ask a question that when I sit to chant my gurumantra, I get disturbed by bad thoughts. But at that time i think that man is a false thing so it shows false things. So these things can’t happen with me. My question is that will these negative thoughts will prove write if comes during japa? For example if during of chanting of mantra my man says that ABC.. person may /should get injured, will this happen in future?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Bad thoughts usually come while chanting the name of God initially but the thoughts will not be fulfilled please. One must consult an experienced acharya of Vedas to concentrate more and more to go ahead and to control the bad thoughts which are the result of sanskars on chitta based on previous/present lives’ deeds.

Ramesh: I want to know that once my japmala had been touched with an unclean thing. What should I do? I often do mala during railway journeys [on platforms]. Is it right or wrong?
Swami Ram Swarup: Your process can’t be told as wrong please and touching of mala makes no difference if it is cleaned again etc. However, learned acharya states that another real mala is moving within your body which must be known, please.