Jawahar: What is the meaning of the name ‘ ASHWANTH’?
Swami Ram Swarup: “Aahwanth” the meaning of ashwin is “omnipresent” and meaning of “ashwath” is peepel tree.

K Guruprasad: Infinite pranams Maharajiji. I was doing my Havan today, the following questions suddenly came to my mind. Please request you to clarify
a). Why the knowledge of Vedas (one Veda to one rishi) was given to 4 rishis, why not all the 4 Vedas knowledge was given to only one rishi. I know the answer partially, may be its God’s Law and eternal and unchangeable, however wanted to get exact clarification for this from you.
b). After giving the knowledge of one veda to one rishi, i.e., 4 different Vedas to 4 different Rishis, what happened, did each Rishi got the knowledge of other 3 Vedas, for eg the Rishi who got the knowledge of Rig Veda from Ishwar, did he as well got the knowledge of other 3 Vedas?
Please request you forgive me, if my questions are wrong. Just very much interested to know the answers.
two more doubts, request you to clarify.
c). Growing Pet animals like Dog /cat in house, Is it allowed in Vedas?
d). We refer the Ved mantras, for eg, if Yajur Ved, with chapter numbers, or if its Rig Ved, Mandal/ Sukth etc., Before Vyas Muniji wrote Vedas in boj patra, were these reference numbers (chapters, mandals) existed?
With infinite pranams at your lotus feet.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you my son.
(a) Yes, your answer is correct that the process of giving one Vedas’ knowledge to one Rishi is eternal. Thereafter, a person serves the four Rishis and get the knowledge of all four Vedas and is called ‘Brahma’.
(b) This the four rishis were the philosophers of their respective Vedas and the person who serve them and attained the complete knowledge of all four Vedas, became Brahma because no more indication has been mentioned in the Rigveda about the gaining of knowledge etc., but based on the proof of estimation, it is clear that each Rishi got the knowledge of remaining three Vedas and got salvation because in the matter of salvation, the knowledge of four Vedas is necessary.
(c ) The mercy is to be showered to all the living beings and the animals who gave the milk to us are to be reared.
(d) Devtas, Rishis, all references exist in Vedas and the Rishi, based on his Samadhi power, locates and discloses them to the society for their benefit.

D: Guruji charan sparsh some one told me that we can not do havan with gaytri mantra till we have not worn janeu thread , and that we can not wear as with wearing that u have to follow so many rules so is it true? Second thing as I do havan daily with gaytri mantra, can I do ganesh mantra after doing havan, etc.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Yes, please. Everybody must wear janeyu as a tradition. So,. Wear the janeyu, please. To follow the rules, is the order of God which makes the future bright. The top most worship of Almighty God is to perform Yajyen, serve the elders. As regards ganesh mantra, it is not mentioned in Vedas, please.