Suvidha: महाराज जी आपको मेरा श्रृद्धा भाव से प्रणाम। महाराज जी मैं श्रीमद् भगवदगीता का अध्यन कर रही थी तो गीता में शलोक 1/15 में भीम को भयानक कर्म करने वाला कहा हैं। महाराज जी भीमसेन यदि कोई भी कर्म करते थे तो धर्म के मार्ग पर चलकर ही करते थे तो उनको भयानक कर्म करने वाला क्यूं कहा हैं जबकि भयानक कर्म तो कौरवों ने किए थे। और दूसरा प्रशन यह है महाराज जी के गीता शलोक 1/15 और 1/16 में पांचों पांडवों ने अलग अलग नाम के शंख बजाए हैं तो क्या इसकी कोई खास वजह यानी कोई रहस्य हैं या सभी ने यूहीं अलग अलग नाम के शंख बजाए?

प्रणाम महाराज जी।

Swami Ramswarup: Mera aapko ashirwad, beti. Beti Suvidha, Mahabharat mein bhayankar shabd ka arth likha hai jiska arth hai- Bhayankar karma karne wala. Bhayankar Karmon mein punnyawaan karma bhi aatey hain. Jaise- Sri Ram ne bhayankar roop dharann karke Ravanna aur Ravanna kee sampoorna sena ka naash karke bhayankar karma kiya parantu vastav mein weh punnyawaan karma tha. Aise hee Bheem dushton ko hee mrityu dand dekar sazaa dete they jo unka bhayankar karma hota tha, Parantu tha punnyawaan karma. Kyunki dushton ko nyaye anusaar sazaa dena bhayankar hota hua bhi punnyawaan karma hai. aaj bhi Nyayedheesh kisi ko mrityu dand dete hain toh weh punnyawaan karma hee hotey hain.

Shankh bhi sangeet ka maadhyam hai. Sangeet mein Sa Re Ga… Paa aadi 12 swar hotey hai. gayak bhi koi kisi swar se gataa hai koi kisi swar se. Issee tarah shankh bhi apni-apni ichchanusaar bhin-bhin swar se bajaye jaate hai. Ashirwad beti.

Anonymous: Pranam Guruji Aap ka health kaisa hai Guruji. Guruji I want to know how many 1. Puranas, Upanishad and Shatras are there.

2. Who had written them.

3. What knowledge does Puranas & Shastras give us.

4. How many Upanishads are there & should everyone know them all.

Please Guruji give your divine knowledge on all these subjects.


Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. I am fine and hope the same for you and your family.

1.) Beti, there are 18 puranns, six shastras and 108 Upnishads out of which only 11 Upnishads are accepted by learned Of Vedas. As regards Purann, those are against the Vedas and therefore are also not accepted by learned of Vedas.

2.) Six Shastras are written by Rishi-Munis which are accepted by all concerned. Eleven Upnishads are also written by Rishi-Munis which are also considered authentic. Puranns have not been written by Rishi-Munis.

3.) It is a lengthy matter which cannot be explained here but in short six Shastras give Vedic knowledge i.e., to perform daily Yajyen, agnihotra, listen to Vedas from a learned Acharya, always serve parents, Acharya and old persons. Always speak truth and sweetly, donate in Yajyen and other thousands of preach exists in Vedas, Upnishads and Shastras to be adopted in life.

Try to listen Vedas and Upnishad from learned guru at everyone’s level best. Listening of Vedas is an order by Almighty God to all human-beings. So, not to listen to Vedas is a direct sin.

MK: Dear Guruji, Are we allowed to take tea and coffee as per Vedas? In addition, any food items that aspirants should avoid if doing yogabhyas and meditation? Thank you!

Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you all, my daughter. After 25 years of age, tea and coffee only for two times a day can be consumed. However, if a person is High B.P. patient, he should never take coffee. Person who does yogabhyaas should only take vegetarian food. Avoid always junk food hundred percent.

Ved Mandir