Rohan: Pranam Maharaj ji. Charansparsh, Hope you and every one in the family is in best of health, I pray to got every day for your speedy recovery and long life.
Please convey my warm regards to Guru Mataji as well.
Maharaj ji, Once you were telling us that every business is run to earn profit, that is the purpose of running the business,no wrongdoing(charging extra money) is to be commited while selling or offering services,
I wanted to ask how much profit is to be made out of a product or service a businessman offers. should it be 1% or 2% of the cost he incurred for eg if product has costed Rs 20 for making should he sell it for Rs 22 that is 1% profit…
What has god explained in Vedas? Charansparsh again maharj ji
Wishing every one warm regards in the family. Rohan
Swami Ram Swarup: The third kand sukta 15 of the Atharvaved threw light on business. The idea of the mantra is as follows- The businessman must also perform daily havan/agnihotra to get strength and power to go here and there smoothly and quickly and as many as more money gets in business, he should also do worship of God from ved mantras. Mantras further states that our purchases matter must give us pleasure. The benefit in the business should give us happiness/pleasure.

Oh! God, may my invested money in the business be increased a lot and I must always be away from every kind of gambling etc.

According to Manusmriti, the profit on the business must be taken 1.25%. This percentage applies on the goods which are sold in the shop bearing all the extra conveyance/incidental charges.

Sid: Pranam Guruji Guruji muje baithke aur hil-hil ke padne ki aadat hai-matlab ki jaise ke main kuch yad karta hoon to revise karte samay main aage piche hota hoon baithe baithe he…. Guruji is main koi harz to nahi hai na…
Dhanayad Guruji Aapke charnoon main mera pranam
Swami Ram Swarup: Beta mera tumhe ashirwad. Aap student ho, apna dhyan hard study par rakho aur achhi sehat banakar rakho . Matlab yeh hai ki student ko apni hard study aur sehat par hee dhyan dena chahiye. Vidyarthi subah uthkar sair kare, shauch aadi se nivrit haokar vyayaam kare, Ishwar ke naam aadi ka jaap karke apni padhai par dhayan de. Baaki apna baithkar or hill hill ke padhne se aapki padhai par koi fark nahi padega kyunki student ka kartavya hai ki subject ko padh-likhkar yaad kare aur agar aapko is prakaar yaad ho jaata hai toh yeh sab theek hai. Mera tumhe phir se ashirwad.