Mohit: I am a science student. I have studied you VEDAS-1 & 2 and I felt very much satisfied after reading them.I has mailed u several times before this and your answers and replies have always satisfied me to a great extent. I has not so far performed yagenopavit sanaskar of mine and I am very much concerned about the same. Sometimes I feel very much disturbed and fed up with daily life and think running away from all this. I am also concerned about my future and career. At most times I feel luck is not also favouring me. I daily chant GAYTRI MANTRA and OM word in the morning for sometime. But many of times I loose my concentration while meditating. As you have stated in Vedas that doing all this without the guidance of a learned acharaya is wasting of time. So please help me and guide me personally. PLEASE REPLY.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. Yes, my son, Yajopaveet should be worn as early as possible. Try to do hawan even with Gayatri Mantra only. That will be a pious deed that shall take hardly fifteen minutes but will give you thousands of blessings of God when you will do hawan and study with full concentration then no question will arise about disturbing life. Try to keep your self always busy in pious deeds. You should go for a morning walk and do light exercise daily. Future and career is always in one’s own hand. Do daily worship of Gayatri mantra, take care of health and put full concentration in your studies and make yourself busy in pious deeds, these are all deeds to make your future bright, failing which life is ruined. Be brave and go ahead because “God helps Those Who help themselves”. Whenever, you will come here then necessary guidance will be given to you personally also. But through E-mail also, you have been gaining knowledge which is required to be followed. Again my blessings to you.

Rishi: Respected Swamiji, Thanks a heaps for your blessings. The lines are extremely powerful and inspiring. Can you give me the same in Sanskrit. I was thinking to have a Sanskrit line.
Swami Ram Swarup: Sanskrit lines will be sent in due course.

Kiran: Namaste yogacharya charna sparsh. If energy can neither be created nor destroyed only transformed.. What do think is being transformed to account for the constant increase in world population? Please clear through Veda philosophy.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Transformation means to change the form. For example- A paper is burnt then paper is not destroyed but gets turned into ashes. As regards increase in population, number of souls is constant and souls do not even change their forms but soul is invisible. So, when population is increasing, it means number of souls from other yonis (other species) decreasing i.e., from the bodies of other living beings, unseen bacteria, insects etc., souls are decreasing. We only calculate population of human-beings but cannot calculate population of other species. We can’t even observe all of them because their reduction in numbers does not effect us. Suppose, some bacteria from a drop of water, sky etc., decrease in number then who knows
about their reduction.