Harish: Guru Ji Pranam, I had posted the below question with answer in a group of Swadeshi Trust and they are asking to translate the same in Hindi for further publication. Is Brahmins only entitled to do puja ? Why women are not entitled to chant all the Ved mantras ? We all are created by God so why is this difference? God has given knowledge of four Vedas to the souls which resides in human body. God has not given the knowledge to bodies. Soul realizes God and attains salvation and not bodies. Soul is unchangeable and immortal whereas bodies are changeable and are destroyed. So souls either in the body of man or woman is entitled to chant all the mantras, to listen preach and to worship God. Yajurveda mantra 31/11 says that caste is based on present deeds (karmas) and not by birth. The sense of Mantra is that if a son of shudra studies Vedas, controls senses/organs and mind, does practice of Ashtang yoga, then he will be considered Brahmin and a Brahmin who has no such qualities he will be treated as shudra etc., etc. There is no caste system in Vedas based on birth .

All Vedas like Yajurveda mantra 26/2 authorize all human including daughters and ladies to equally worship the God.

Vedas are for all human beings not for any caste, sect or religion.

Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Dear Harish according to Yajurved mantra 31/11 every human being is entitled to worship God although he is the Brahmin who knows vedas and God. Otherwise no process to declare anyone as Brahmin by birth. All human-beings word includes all women also. So, every body (all human beings includes all women) is equally entitled to worship God as mentioned by God Himself in Vedas. There is no difference as per eternal vedic philosophy however ignorantly the difference has been created by humans which is not accepted by learneds.

Knowledge of four vedas emanates directly from God for the well-being of all human-beings. But it is sad that nowadays those who are against vedas have spread illusion and falsehood stating that vedas are difficult and should not be adopted. We must bravely condemn the said views of ignorant human-beings and follow the vedic path under the learned vedic Acharya. You see, the knowledge of four vedas is meant for alive souls and not non-alive matter i.e., human body. Therefore it is equally applicable for men as well as women. Therefore everybody should follow Vedic path without any hesitation.

According to vedas there is no caste-system in vedas by birth. But it is based according to pious deeds, preached in vedas.

You may translate and send the matter to Swadesh Trust. My blessings to you.

Komal: Pujya guru ji mera apko sat sat pranam.

Guru ji mera question yah hai ki ek din maine kisi prashngat apni maa ki jhoothi kasam khaa li…phir maine uske doosre din hi maine apni maa ko bata diya ki maine us samay tumhari jhoothi kasam kha li thi.Maine maa se khud hi kaha ki jhoothi kasam khane kuchh hota nhi lekin vishvash toot jata hai. us din se mere dimag par esi nakaratmakta chha gyi hai mai chinta m rhata hu ki mujh pr esi galti ho kaise gyi.

Main maanta hu ki kuchh galati ho gyi mujhse lekin pata nhi yah baat mere dimag se nikalti hi nhi.

Mera aapse yah nivedan hai ki mujhe kya karna chahiye esi situation me.

Swami Ram Swarup: Ashirwad beti. Kasamein khanee nahi chahiye kyunki aisa kuchh updesh vedon mein nahi hai. In future, aap kabhee kasam na khayein yahee prayashchit hai aur aap nitya agnihotra karein aur kisi prakar kee chinta kabhee na karein.