Raavi: Sat sat naman guru ji, ager mein kuch daan dena chahun to mujhe ye pta kaise chlega ke jo daan meine kiya wo sahi disha mein hua ya phir uska kahin galt peryog to nahin hua kayee baar aisa kerne se pahle question aata hai phir dil nhi manta?
Swami Ramswarup: Daan ke vishey mein Parmeshwar ne vedon mein supatra or adhikaree ko daan dene ke liye kaha hai. Supatra or adhikari mukhyataha chaaron vedon ke gyata ko kaha hai athwa jahaan ved mantron se Yajyen ho raha hai vahaan Yajyen kee dakshina dena kartavya hai. Han! Aajkal kee bheeksha vritti dukhdayee hai aur ved virodhi sadhu-santo ko bhi daan dene kee manahee hai. Bheeksha maangna, baithkar khana ityadi kukarm, paap yukt hain.

HKM: Guruji, if somebody’s husband/wife come to know the mistake/sins committed in the previous relationship of him/her after few years of marriage, what should be done? Should the husband/wife who committed the sin confess or do not agree/telling lie for the mistake to save the current relationship? There are children also in the family. Should the other partner forgive for the mistake?
Is there any way to save the marriage and future of the children?
Swami Ramswarup: No doubt, that God punishes the sinner. However, if sinner repents and takes woe not to repeat the sin again in the whole life and also do daily havan, then the sin in the Yajyen is forgiven by God.

Secondly, forgiveness is also the best policy to gain pious effect. No doubt, if the wife/husband forgives each other from the core of soul then due to the effect of said pious deeds their love will be everlasting in family life and husband, wife and children will always remain happy and future becomes bright.

Ved Mandir