Harsh: Swamiji , jo meri ussey behas hui ,tatriya samhita ke baare mein ,woh main aapke saamne prakat kar raha hu sanvaad ke roop me..
he:Okay now lets get serious… you as usual deny another proof from because it didn’t suit you. You say that “Taittriya Samhita” is also fake and not accepted by “scholars”. Who are those scholars? The samhita you gave actually belongs to aarsh tradition of swami dayananda who is an advaitic proponent FYI.
me:Shakas of Ved
Vedas are the knowledge which emanates direct from God. It is also called Shruti because the knowledge was not given in the shape of books or by preach but the knowledge is originated by the power of God
he:You haven’t answered even a bit of my query… based on which scholarly consensus is Taittriya Samhita unauthentic. Just answer it or close the discussion.
me:shakha is different from vedas
he:Doesn’t answer my question… according to whom is it fraud. Apart from shakha what is the source for a vedic samhita?
he:and also what is the proof that yours is the correct samhita? Whatever… what is your claim of authenticity?
swamiji aap meri ismey help kar saktey hai dhanyawaad,charan sparsh swamiji..
Swami Ram Swarup: Samhita is not arsh tradition of Dayanandji but Pannini Muni has already written a sutra before about six thousand years ago “Sanhita Yaam” which is an authentic evidence as per Yog Shastra sutra 1/7. So, every Rishi-Muni gave the knowledge of ved mantras which is published in the shape of a book. His views that Taiteerya samhita is unauthentic are not acceptable to learned of Vedas. Anybody’s views have no value because Yog-Shastra sutra 1/7 states that Views must tally with Vedas or that of Rishi-Munis, who are Mantra-drishta and Yogis. Therefore, an ordinary person who has never listened to Vedas, never studied Shastras-Upnishads can never claim his views to be authentic. He must first study four Vedas, do daily Ashtang Yog practice and name-jaap of God under the guidance of learned acharya. Yes, shakha is different from Ved mantras. I have already told authenticity is based on mantra-drishta Rishi’s views/Yogi’s views and not ordinary person. This is mentioned in all six shastras and Vedas.

ओम्:Swami ji namaste.muje prameh rog h.ise mitane k liye me yogabhyas,yagya,sandhya aadi Kar raha hoo.abhi tak safal nahi ho paya Hu.me yeh jaanna chahta Hu Ki me safal to ho jaunga?. 2.muje doodh peena chahiye ya nahi?margdarshan kare….pranam.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaste. Aapko doodh peeney se koi nuksaan nahin hoga parantu regular medical advice letey raho.

Naresh: My brother has not got married. Please koi upay batao.
Swami Ram Swarup: Marriage is in the hand of Almighty God. However, God helps those who help themselves. You must also do daily hawan with Gayatri mantra both times. In the end of hawan, you must pray to God daily for His blessings for the same. It will be much better if you also, chant the Gayatri mantra in heart without speaking it, sitting on any asan, along with its meaning.