Manwar: Swami ji, Sat Sat Pranam! I am blessed to have association with your intelligence. I highly appreciate your deep knowledge. Swami ji, I read very carefully every
line stated by you; I encountered one question which you keep telling that Almighty has pronounced vedas to four rishis and first was Agni! My research with divine knowledge says At the time of Creation Almighty never produces 4 Rishi , therefore he can not bestowed Vedas to them. They of course came later through Brahma ji Mas putra. Now, either you research out as who was that who got the Vedas knowledge from Almighty first or I shall tell you later after your research? Hope it will be interesting subject to remove untruth or illusions! Respect fully yours Manwar
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Thanking you. First meaning of Brahma in Vedas is learned of four Vedas. Said meaning is still applicable for those who are learned of Vedas. Vedas tell that until Brahma presides over yajyen, Yajyen is not considered completed. That is why, when Pandavas made a new palace in Khandava van, then they organized yajyen which was presided over by Brahma. Again, when Pandavas won the war and Yudhisthir became the monarch, then they performed a Yajyen where Sri Krishna Maharaj objected that there is no Brahma in your yajyen, so it is incomplete. Then Draupadi went to Ashram of Supach Rishi and by her prayer, Supach Rishi accepted tittle of Brahma in her husband’s yajyen. So, meaning of Brahma, which is still applicable is learned of four Vedas, whereas according to Rigveda mantra 10/181/1,2 God
originated Vedas’ knowledge in heart of four Rishi and not Brahma. First, Rishi was Agni who was blessed with Rigveda, Second , Vayu with Yajurveda, Third Aditya with Samveda and fourth Angira with Atharvaveda.

A: Swamiji, one of my collegues and I were in love for the last 3 years. As our horoscopes didn’t match, parents opposed this marriage. Now his marriage is arranged with another girl, and we both know that we cant live without each other. Kindly tell me what I should do..
Swami Ram Swarup: In most of the cases, the couple do love based on physical charm,
which is a sin. After sometime, when physical charm starts decaying, naturally their love also starts fading. Secondly, if love between both of you had been true then efforts to do marriage could have been started from the boy’s side and not you alone. How he has become ready to marry another girl? So, I would advise you to leave the matter to save your life, my daughter. As regards horoscope etc., the same are unauthentic and false because such matters are not mentioned in Vedas.
So, learned never accept it.

Raman: I am from Chattishgarh. Please send me all Cds.
Swami Ram Swarup: Cds are being sent to you, please.