J P S: Saadar pranam. I am a such person who cannot speak easily to someone which is occuring/happening in my mind. For a long time I wanted to write to yourself but could not write. Suddenly one day in the morning at 0300 am when I sit for puja, I remembered yourself and started thinking about myself (my past life) and some udgar uttered in my mind and tongue. I thought that it should be written to yourself ot not. In the end I am writing to yourself. Even I could not write in the prose-way but it was uttered in this way – “Jo kabhi socha na tha, prabhu voh ho gaya. Apaki sharan me aakar. main loha se kanchan ho gaya. Apavitra kanchan hai ashuddha abhi, shuddha hone me apaki hi jarurat hai. Apake turiya tan ki bigadati sehat dekhkar, bande ki buri fazeehat hai.” Something may be right or wrong but udgar is udgar and put up in your honour. Please pardon me if there is something wrong. Kindly bless me.

Swami Ram Swarup: Dear son, J. P. S., your views are appreciated. It is result of your pious deeds of previous lives’ also that you’ve been at present following an eternal path of Vedas’ philosophy which automatically destroys the bad deeds and makes not only present life but future lives also bright.

So, continue your Vedic worship, my blessings are always with you. You already know that main motto of life is to follow Vedic path only.

Ranuka: Pranam Pithaji, Pithaji this is Ranuka from USA. With Ishwar and your blessings we all are doing fine.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, all, my daughter. May God give you all, long, happy life because you are following vedic path. Yes, my heartiest blessings are with your daughter to get suitable match at the earliest.