Hitesh: Q1 I want to ask about Sanyas even though I cant live without family. I want to ask that in Sanyaas is it necessary to leave family. If a guy take Sanyaas early without marriage, then who will take care of his parents.

Q2 Also his wife is too much attached to his husband or parents to their son then it would hurt them a lot and they might not live happy for rest of their life.

Q3 Cant Sanyaas be like I wake up early, serve the society through spiritual teaching and came back home, have dinner with family and be in the same room as wife provided I leave contact completely

Swami Ram Swarup: (1) Sanyaas is only taken by those who have attained the best stage of the world “ascetism”. Otherwise sanyaas becomes itself a sin. So, please continue with your family till your hard Vedic worship brings you at the above quoted stage of ascetism and parents permit you. So, both conditions are necessary to get sanyaas.

(2) Question of attachment of wife does not arise because to take sanyaas is a stage when the aspirant attains above quoted two stages and family permits him. At the said stage, sanyaas can be taken by anybody i.e., either by husband or wife or husband or son or daughter or mother or father etc. etc.

(3) A real sanyasi can live anywhere.