Anonymous: I don’t belong to brahmin family but i want to learn the vedas and the pooja vidhana mantra’s am very much interested but i dont see ay information and no one teaches
Swami Ram Swarup: All varnna are entitled to study Vedas, if the person is true aspirant. Caste-system has not been mentioned in Vedas and even Brahmin, Kshatriye, Vaishya, Shudra varnna are not decided by birth but by the concerned deeds.

Vishal: Namaste Guruji, As pious Kuran starts from name of God in which writer said I am starting the book with name of God who is most merciful. How veda starts. I am mean to say how first Mantra starts. & Which is first mantra is it from Rig,Yajur, Sam, Arth. Which is first mantra of Veda.Explain with meaning & who is addressing.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Vedas are eternal knowledge which emanate directly from God. Every first mantra of each of the four Vedas starts with the name of Almighty God. For example- First, the Rigveda was originated then Yajurveda, then Samveda and in the end, Atharvaveda was originated in the heart of four Rishis. So, first mantra of Rigveda states- agnim Eeday. Here, the meaning of agni is Almighty God. Eeddey means desire. The meaning will be, I desire for the name of Almighty God for His worship.

God is formless. So, does not pronounce. He, by His divine power originates the mantras in the heart of Agni Rishi and enabled Agni Rishi to know meaning and idea of the mantras. Then naturally, for the first time, Rigveda was chanted by Agni Rishi and so on.
The first mantra of Rigveda is as follows-

“Agnimeeday purohitam yajasya Devamritvijam Hotaram Ratnadhatamum.”

(Agnim) There are two types of agni- One is Almighty God and second is worldly fire (Corporal fire). From ‘Ag’ dhatu, Ag-Agrinni- Agni i.e., the power which is eternal; and everlasting and stands always first in the universe, is Almighty God. To know the meaning of Agni, one will have to study the Vedas under the guidance of a learned acharya. (Eeday) means desire (worship) praise God. (Purohitam) who takes care of universe. (Hotaram) the donor of (yajasya) who (God) enables us to make to contact with learned of Vedas to serve and respect them so as to gain wisdom in return (ritvijam) worshippable in all season. (ratndhaatmum) who holds all ratn i.e., gems and precious stones like gold, silver etc., (Devam) donor.

Meaning- We desire and worship the (agni) God who takes care of universe, is the donor of Yajyen and all other kings, is worshippable in all seasons, who holds all gems and precious stones (ratn).