Deepak: Swamiji charan sparsh I want to thank you that as you have given me deeksha. I am feeling that yes I am progressing day by day. I want please keep bless me always like this. Swamiji sometimes we don’t understand that people around us are bad or good and we got cheated so what should we do for that situation as in life with me and I have seen with so many people they get harm with their own friends partners or relatives so what should we do in that case, how we keep our self save of them? Thanks swamiji
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. My blessings are with you. Please, continue your sadhna for your and family’s benefit. Yes, no doubt, due to lack of Vedas’ knowledge, most of the people have become cheaters etc., but one thing is there that if we are on the right path and with whole heart do daily tapasya like name jaap, agnihotra and study of holy books written by Rishis then Almighty God protects us. So, you continue your sadhna and everything will be O.k.

RKG: According to Hindu Vedas, by whom a boy/girl can marry? Actually I have confusion of bihar and maharashtra/AP pattern, in bihar hindu can not married in relatives such as maternal uncle daughter/son but in maharashtra/AP it is possible, where both are Hindu?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas, it is stated that the marriage of boy or girl cannot take place if their last six generations are of same gotra.

S Shah: Jeevan me dhan ki kami .Vyapaar me ghata
Swami Ram Swarup: I am sorry to listen to the condition. However, if we trust God then we should never worry about it. He sure gives us food to live upon. When He sure gives us food then only we should work hard to earn the money and worship Him daily. One day, He will sure support us.