Pankaj: Who is the adhyatmik guru of Gandhiji?
Swami Ram Swarup: I think Gandhiji was devotee of all saints and had deep interest in jaap of holy name of God i.e., Ram naam. So, in my knowledge he had no spiritual master. But to know the reality, you are requested to approach the representative of Gandhi Niketan etc.

Shalini: How will be my future?
Swami Ram Swarup: Future is based on pious deeds, hard working towards a right path and God helps those who help themselves. It depends on your hard working and pious deeds. One should worship God daily to get His blessings in every matter. Good job, education, richness, happiness etc., is the result of previous life’s pious deeds and present life’s hard working, dedication, devotion, hardworking, honesty etc. And in this life one should always also do real worship of God to finish the obstacles if any which may be due to previous life’s bad deeds. So worship is always required along with hard working, devotion, dedication towards right path to get progress in the life.

Anonymous: Firstly, I thankful to you for giving me last time a wonderful answer, now this time I want to ask one more question from my side that for last 2,3 days I expect from my husband that he cares me a lot, but he didn’t care me. My expectation is broken day by day but my husband didn’t remember that, he cares only his parents but not me. In this situation what should I do? Please give me suggestion as soon as possible.
Swami Ram Swarup: At this juncture it is the duty of a learned lady to shower love on her husband and take care of him and his parents. Parents of husband become the parents of wife. So, it is also your duty to look after them. This pious action of yours shall increase love for you in your husband’s heart.