Akash: Pranam Guruji. Guruji I have read your books and given alot of thought to them.But Guruji now I have become too conscious of every thing and look every thing in perspective ofright and wrong from the vedic perspective. I know that I require to gainmore of vedic knowledge and clear my doubts. But I am student and the next 2 years are very very crucial formy studies and career. But suddenly all my attention has diverted .Guruji I am more concerned about if the food I am gettin is fresh or not, is drinking tea ok, I am afraid to see T.Vas it may be a sin (to name a few), I already asked you about study while walking.In short Guruji when all my concentration should have been on my studies it is being diverted to such untimely questions. I want to proceed in the vedic studies too (though I am following major things like havan, naamsimran, gyatrijaap). But the small questions drag the happiness out of all my efforts.Please guide me so that for the next 2 years I could study well while I am able to keepsuch frivolous doubts and questions at bay.Aapkecharnoon main mera pranam.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. I appreciate your pious deeds to study vedic culture. May God give you long, happy life and success to your college studies and certainly everybody must be conscious for everything and decide what is true and untrue and good and bad; pious deeds and sins. Yes, you and everyone still require to gain more vedic knowledge to clarify doubts and it shall only be possible if doubts are put up to learned acharya and aspirant starts studying Vedas. However, according to present position, I advise you that you are student and should devote more and more time to your studies. Only do name jaap and hawan etc., in morning which will hardly take one hour and to be very frank, it is more important than worldly deeds and study. Thereafter, whole day and upto 11’O clock of night is with you to study college books etc. Vedas tell that every student should be a hardworking, must maintain brahmacharya and look after his health. So, every student must also do some asans, prannayam, morning walk and light exercises daily. Please study book written by me on Brahmacharya named – “Brahmacharya Dukh Nivarak Divya Manni” (in Hindi). The price of the book is worth Rs. 100/- excluding postal charges. The book will be send to you on your postal address, if you desire. Drinking tea is not O.K. but to take tea is not a sin even but try to leave the tea which is harmful to the body. But I think a cup of only morning tea will not be harmful. To see the T.V. is not a sin if a person sees in that daily news, science activities i.e., educative programs.

I’ve already advised you that only one hour must be spared for vedic spiritual path and thereafter you devote entire time for your college studies. In this way, God will also help you. My blessings are always with you to do hard study for next two years for the settlement of life.

Sri Vivek: Dhanyawath for answering my first set of questions. Nice at a glimpse. I have to go through it leisurely. Now my 2nd set of Questions….

1. A brief explain about Vyasa maharishi
2. A brief explain about Mahabharatha
3. Detailed explanation about KRISHNA
4. Detailed Explanation about Bhaghavad Geetha.

I am very, very poor.
I cannot afford money to buy the books.
I kindly request you to send me your publications and periodicals as VIDHYA DHANAM.

AS you deserve to be a donor, I humbly present before you that, I deserve VIDHYA DHANAM from YOU. Dhanyawath, My next set of questions after I get reply for my 2nd set of questions.
Yours Truly, With Love
Swami Ram Swarup: I have already replied to your question. Brief of the dignities asked by you is a lengthy matter, which cannot be described here. Yet, I will try to have the reply sent to you through postal services on receipt of your postal address.

We sell the books with no profit and no loss. We have to print more books, which require money. So, we are unable to send you free books. However, we are sending some CDs and Tamil Book, part I, free of cost. In addition, we may send you book on a rebate.

I have received the address and will try to send you the above reply.