Anonymous: Pranaam Guruji, Further to my e-mails below. I have since found out that in the past 2010, my wife and this person also had a virtual relationship and in 2012 were about to meet. Something happened and they did NOT meet physically. The question is I have forgiven her without knowing these facts and I am in two minds on what to do now? Also my wife did all this in the past, without any consideration for our two kids, marriage and our love together. All of this has stopped. She is stating that there is no further feelings for this person. she wants to move forward with our family life. What should I do? Forgive and forget or still go down the road of divorce? I find it very hard to get the betrayal out of my mind. Pranaam Guruji. Namaste.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

Actually, whatever happenings are going on, are all against Vedas and are heinous types of sins. People do not know that in future, they’ll have to repent and will have to face sorrows in return and the said punishment is given by Almighty God. Please advise your wife to be separate herself from the said sins.

You have forgiven her it is your greatness but this forgiveness will do nothing until you sweetly /calmly lovingly tell all the true stories to your wife and ask her to leave that path because God states in Vedas that the defaulter should know his crime.

Divorce is not a solution please. It affects the children for whole life. Forgiveness is best policy as told above. Again, my blessings to you.

Karan: Why all rishis and munis used to Kent hair and what is the importance of hair in our Life?
Swami Ram Swarup: Rishi-munis in ancient times, used to keep long hair (jatayein etc.,) because they lived usually in cave of a jungle where there was no facility of getting the hair cut by barbar. However, when Rishi-munis after long tapasya used to come down on the banks of river, where hair cutting facility exists, they got their hair cut. Hair protects our head.