Anonymous: As members of the modern age, we are all aware that love marriages have a higher probability of succeeding than arranged marriages these days.

There are a variety of reasons for this, including the fact that children do not want to spend their lives with their parents’ choices, or that they prefer to marry someone they already know. Whatever the reason behind people’s preference for love marriage, they are firmly committed to it..

But I can’t predict future whether it’s good or bad.. I’m getting Marry this year..I just wanted to know it will be happily ever after or not?

I’m I doing right or wrong?

I’ll be able to make everyone happy or not?

Swami Ram Swarup: Yet I will advise for arrange marriage beti.

Anonymous: Getting anger and frustration

Swam Ram Swarup: Beti krodh jeevan ko barbad kar deta hai. Yeh aap pakka irada karke ki main krodh nahin karungi aur jab krodh aaye to fauran thanda pani peena chahiye aisa abhyas karne aur roz ishwar ka naam jaap karne se  ek din krodh se chhutkara mil jata hai beti.  Sab parivar ko ashirwad.