Anupam: गुरुजी सादर प्रणाम।गुरुजी अथर्ववेद 20वे कांड,के 127 सूक्त के मंत्र संख्या 1 व 2 का अर्थ कृपया बता दीजिए व संदर्भ भी।इसमें ऊंट व ऊंटनी शब्द किस संदर्भ में आया है।मैंने एक संत का वीडियो इस संदर्भ में सुना तो कुछ अजीब लगा।कृपया स्पष्ट कर दीजिये।
Swami Ram Swarup: Blessings beti. Pehle mantra mein unth ka naam aur vishaye nahi liya gaya hai. Mantra ka bhaav hai ki uttam karma karne wala manushya sansaar mein sadaa badai paata hai aur Raja karma kushal veero aur supatron ko daan de.

Mantra 2 ka bhaav hai ki Raja beeson unth-unthaneeyon ko rath mein jot kar anek udham kare aur karave aur udyogi logo ko uchit paritoshik de.

A: Swami ji I have excess of dandruff which is also stick to my scalp. I also have pimples on my face .please tell me how can I remove my dandruff and pimples.. please swami ji please.
Swami Ram Swarup: In this connection, I can only advise to consult medical authorities, please. In addition, you may do the following-
Neem powder’s formula:
GYOL = 4gm
AZWAIN = 6gm
NEEM-leaves =25-30 leaves.

Make the powder of all above items and take one kadchi (i.e., kadchi used to prepare dal, vegetables etc.) and boil it in one and half litres of water for five minutes. Then let it be cool and afterwards sieve it. Now take half cup of this medicine and mix it with another half cup of fresh water. Take one cup of this medicine in the morning empty stomach. It must be continued for three months.

In addition, you can send your postal address to enable us to send a medicine for you.

Pritha: Guru ji namaskaar. I m a student. I have many questions about life I request u to please me regarding that. . I What is the purpose of our life on the earth?
Swami Ram Swarup: Namsakar beti. The main motto of human life is to follow the vedic path to realise God i.e., to attain salvation while discharging all moral duties towards family, self, society, nation and human-beings.

MC: Pranam Swamiji , aapka swaasth theek hai na Swamiji? Swamiji, nowadays almost everybody is ignorant of Vedas.I have read somewhere that a saintly man should never disclose his secrets to others.Regarding the present situation of the world,Is this statement right or wrong in the light of Vedas? Mein ye prashan isliye kar raha hu kyunki aajkal Vedic marg kisi ko malum nahi , aur log agar kahi Vedon ke baare mein sunn bhi lein to insult karnese piche nahi hatenge, mujhe bhut bhut dukh hota hain ye aajkal ki is situation ko dekh kr.Main apne aap ko sabhi se bachata rehta hoon, gharwalon se vhi, mujhe iss baat ka darr lga rehta hai ki ye log kahi mujhe paap krne par majboor na kar de.Mein Vedon ke baare mein kisi ko nahi bataata, isliye ki koi Vedon ka apmaan na kar de.Bure logon ke saath rehne se man buddhi ko bhut haani hoti hain.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Han! Beta main theek hun. You are right that after Mahabharat war the study of Vedas by human-being has almost finished. Hence, several types of problems, tensions, diseases. Tradition of blind faith, corruption and several other problems have arisen.

This is not correct — not to disclose vedic secrets to others. You are right beta. The tradition of blind faith against vedas has been spread by so-called saints that if somebody even listens about vedas, he never hesitate to insult vedas. In this connection, Mahabharat granth states-
Nastiko Ved Nindakaha
i.e., he who says against vedas or does any act against vedas, he is called atheist, does not matter if he worships God.

Han! Beta yeh vedic preach hai ki kusang se bacho aur sadaa vedic pravachan attend karo.
Mera tumhein phir se aashirwad.

Anil: Good/bad effects of long term use of Loincloth
Swami Ram Swarup: Better if we cover our whole body with cloth.