Ajay Kumar: Swamiji pranam. I want to know that when we are son of God then why are not our qualities of God. For example God is anandswaroop such anand do not feel us when son goes to father. God is anandswaroop but we are not anand swaroop why? God is anandswaroop without any efforts but we are meet little happiness after more efforts. Thanks.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Almighty God nurses, protects and gives shelter. So, He is father of all human/living beings. But as stated in Rigveda mantra- “Up Naha Soonvey Griha, Su Mridika Bhavantu Naha.” i.e., Oh! Son of Vedvanni/God come near us to give us pleasure, happiness. So, we all are sons and daughters of Almighty God but real sons and daughters are those who concentrate on Vedic culture to follow it. So, our qualities to become real son of Almighty God start when we concentrate over Vedas and if we do not concentrate over Vedas and its preach so as to follow the same then we are like animals, as stated in Vedic culture.

So, God is Anandswarup and we are souls and our form is also pure, alive and that of learned etc. But we the souls have forgotten our said original shape due to our attraction towards Prakriti made unlimited matter.

Anonymous: My family member is behaving abnormally since yesterday. He is speaking rubbish and is constantly afraid of everybody around him.. please help me,how to control this. anyone who can counter this jaadu tona any vidhi for this please help.. his situation is worsening. please help its urgent.
Swami Ram Swarup: Jaadu-tona, Bhoot pret etc., are not true matters. Such matters are totally against the eternal knowledge of Vedas-Shastras. So, we should try to listen to Vedas or study Vedic literature which enables us to understand the truth. As in your brother’s case, no doubt, it is a sad situation and you should therefore deal with it in full patience. I would advise you to take your brother immediately to local government hospital or to M.B.B.S, M.D. doctor. He will guide you, properly, please. I pray to God for his early recovery.