Anonymous: With your blessings me and my family went to a book exhibition and shared the Vedic literature with others. Two school principal visited and took all the 4 parts of vedas divine light for their schools. Indian express also covered our stall and took details about our books and yourself. We pray to you to give us more opportunity like this to spread the message of Vedas everywhere.
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you both my son. Really, you’ve discharged your responsibility happily and I’m proud of you. my blessings are always with you both and my love to your daughter.

Jaju: bhagvadgita vedanukul hai iska kya praman hai gita me ;yada yada hi dharmasya….is shlok ka kya matlab hai?kya is se parmeshwar ka avtar lena sidhha hota hota hai?kya gita me ishwar ke niwas sthan k bareme kuch likha hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: har ek satya ko sidh karne ke liye Sankhya shastra sutra 1/66 and Yog shastra sutra 1/7 mein bhi kaha hai ki kewal Ved hi pramann hain kyunki Ved Ishawr se utpann vanni hai. Yadi Ved vidya ko grahann karke jo koi bhi Bhagwad Geeta ko padega to payega kee Bhagwad Geeta vedon ke anukool hai. Ishwar kripa se Bhagwad Geeta par detailed vyakhya main twelve chapters ki ved pramann deikar kar chuka hun, aagey jaaree hai twelve chapters do bhagon mein print ho chuke hain. Yadi aapko shloka- Yada Yada He dharmasya ………ka detail mein sahi arth jananaa hai to Bhagwad Geeta ka Part–I aur us mein shloka Sankhya 4/7 pad lein. Phir bhi thoda sa arth neeche paste kar diya hai.



Meaning: – Oh! Arjun, belonging to clan of Bharatvanshis as and when harm is done to the religion or righteousness of the society and injustice, unrighteousness propagates all over, it is then that I create atma (take body). This is the meaning based only on wordings (literal meaning) but the secret of the shloka is –

Idea:- according to Rigveda mantra 10/129/7, God is the lord/master of Prakriti and souls. Yajurveda mantra 40/8 states God is pure and away from sins. Hence, no Yog maya or illusion can overpower God to force Him to take Avtar and then to suffer sorrows or enjoy happiness like ordinary human beings. Hence, God can never become soul and vice versa; say Vedas.

Yajurveda chapter 31, Atharvaveda kand 19, sukta 6, Samveda mantra 617 to 621 and Rigveda mantras 10/90/1-3 prove that prakriti comprising of three qualities viz Raj, Tam and Satva is non-alive whereas God and souls are alive matters. Moreover, the three matters – alive God, alive souls and non-alive prakriti are eternal.

The given shloka signifies that whenever there is downfall in pious deeds to be done according to vedas and increase in irreligious deeds /sins, which are against Vedas then the idea of the above shloka is this that Sri Krishna Maharaj prays to God that God gives him power to take birth to kill the culprits kauravas because fundamental law of Vedas clearly states that God never takes avtar.

N: I had ordered for a book but I haven’t received it. I am in a remote region.
Swami Ram Swarup: I’m sorry that the book has not yet been received by you. While checking, it was found that book was sent to you through courier. It may be possible that courier services are not available where you stay, however, the brahamcharya book has again been sent to you through postal services.