Keshav: I want to know about a haven for our pitr which we perform on opening of our new business.
Swami Ram Swarup: Havan is only performed in respect of those pitra who are alive. In Vedas, Pitra means those who take care of us and protect us. So, our parents and elders, learned acharya are our pitra. So, alive pitra are worshipped and served by performing Yajyen with ved mantras, in their presence. As regards opening of new business, Vedas tell that to start any pious deed like business, Almighty, formless God, who creates, nurses and destroys universe must be remembered first by performing havan with ved mantras. In such havan, presence of pitr will be a good deed, if they are present otherwise businessman can perform havan in their absence also because we have to obtain blessings of God in every matter.

Areeb: What is Shiv Lingam and is it true that it is the same stone in Mecca?
Swami Ram Swarup: As is clear from its name, shivling is a ling of Shiv. People have made their own paths of worship, amongst which they also worship shivling. However, the said worship is not mentioned in Vedas. So, learned of Vedas do not accept it, being unauthentic.